Can You Eat Wax Paper?

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While wax paper is not meant to be eaten, things happen. It’s easy to not realize you have a piece of wax paper stuck to a piece of food.

Or maybe you tried really hard to pull off all of the wax paper but some ripped and just won’t come off of that frozen food you want to snack on. 

So, can you eat wax paper? The good news is that wax paper is not toxic to ingest. While you shouldn’t just sit down and eat a roll of wax paper, if you accidentally eat a small piece, it’s probably not going to hurt you.

In this guide, we will walk you through the question can you eat wax paper.

We’ve given you the basics here, but we’re going to dive in and dig a little deeper on the topic so you have a full understanding about wax paper and what happens if you eat it. 

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about eating wax paper and more. 

Can You Eat Wax Paper? The Fully Story

Our guess is that very few people are looking to eat wax paper for a snack, but sometimes when you accidentally get a chunk of wax paper in your mouth with your food, we can see how it might cause some concern. 

In general, wax paper is really not meant to be eaten. It’s not an ingredient and it’s not a food item. It’s really not even a digestible product, so it will just pass right through your system.

The exception that could cause an issue is if you eat a very large amount that couldn’t pass through your system and creates a blockage. This is an unlikely scenario, but we felt it was important to mention.

Here’s the thing – if you eat a piece of wax paper that’s maybe stuck to that brownie you’re eating; it’s not going to hurt you. While your body doesn’t digest it, it shouldn’t get stuck in your digestive tract and it shouldn’t cause any illnesses for you either. 

You could potentially have to take more action if you were to consume a really large piece of wax paper.

The concern here is not that it will be harmful to you health-wise but more that the edges could cause cuts or lacerations in your internal systems or cause digestive problems from being too large to pass. 

Let’s break it down a little bit more. 

How Safe Is Wax Paper? 

Wax paper is safe enough that you can feel confident using it in your kitchen and with food.

It’s a common kitchen tool that we pair with food on a regular basis. It does have to meet certain qualifications in order to be considered safe to be used in contact with your food. 

Typically, you don’t use wax paper while you’re cooking or baking, unless you’re using low temperatures. It can burn or catch fire if it is in high heat for an extended period, so it’s not usually the go-to for cooking, but that doesn’t its many other uses.

Wax paper does have a wax coating, which means it has a low melting point. After all, candles are made from wax too right? This is the only place in the kitchen that wax paper may not be super safe. 

Wax paper could melt or cause smoke and may even catch fire so just keep it out of the oven. However, other than that, you can use it for just about anything with your food. 

Here are some common safe uses for wax paper:

  • Layering foods for storage
  • Line shelves in your refrigerator
  • Prep foods for freezing
  • Making candy or cookies and setting them to cool
  • Homemade kitchen funnel
  • Use over ice cream to keep it fresh
  • Top dishes in the microwave and reduce mess
  • Coat cutting boards
  • Roll out dough
  • Packaging sweet treats

As you can see, wax paper can help out with a lot of things and it is perfectly safe to do so. You do want to avoid using it in high heat or in the oven. Apart from that, wax paper is perfectly safe for just about any use you need. 

Is Wax Paper Toxic? 

One of the bigger concerns about having eaten a piece of wax paper is that it could be toxic.

The good news is that wax paper is safe for use with food and therefore is not toxic. While it’s not designed to be eaten, it is not toxic if you do eat some. 

You may notice wax paper in your mouth and spit it out – or you might not realize you ate it until you’ve already swallowed. But you can rest assured that generally wax paper is not toxic so you don’t have to worry! 

Wax paper is made using food-safe paraffin wax. It’s tissue paper that is triple waxed and coated. Remember that the coating is food-safe. Knowing that it’s coated with paraffin wax should reassure you a little bit. 

The other thing to note is that there is also organic wax paper. This is made with natural materials so it also will not be toxic or unsafe should you get a bit of wax paper. 

Are There Risks To Eating Wax Paper? 

If you accidentally snagged a small chunk of wax paper in something you ate and didn’t realize it, you don’t have to worry. This wax paper is probably going to just pass right through you without any harm or issues. 

Wax paper does not get digested so it will just be eliminated and shouldn’t harm your digestive system. 

The potential risk of eating wax paper comes if you were to eat a large portion or piece of wax paper as opposed to a small piece.

It’s unclear just how large it will need to be to potentially cause a problem, as people’s bodies work differently, but it would have to be a considerable amount to cause an issue. 

If you happen to eat a very large amount of wax paper, it might be a good idea to make contact with your doctor to make sure that it doesn’t get stuck in your system or perhaps cause a tear or cut in your internal systems as well. 

Will Wax Paper Be Toxic If Cooked With Or Burned? 

Wax paper should not be toxic even when you cook with it or burn it by mistake. In general, wax paper is not toxic.

It does burn or melt easily but it will not be toxic in those cases. It is much better not to use it in circumstances that may lead to burning or melting, but if you do so, you should be ok. 

The bigger worry if you were to burn or melt wax paper would be how that may affect your food. Burning the paper or melting it could lead to things melding with your food.

Burning wax paper is going to cause smoke and melting wax paper could potentially melt wax into your food. 

Related Questions

Check out some of the related questions below for a bit more information that could be useful to you. 

What Happens If You Bake With Wax Paper?

Baking usually happens at a pretty low temperature, so it hopefully will not cause a fire.

However, you might have some issues with the wax paper melting into your food. Remember it is made with wax and that wax can melt at high temperatures so this will be the biggest concern. 

Can You Cook With Wax Paper? 

You can let things set on wax paper after cooking but it is typically not recommended that you cook with wax paper.

It is not heat-resistant so you have to be mindful of this facet. Parchment paper is a much better alternative when it comes to cooking with heat. 

Can You Eat Off Of Wax Paper? 

Yes, you can. Obviously, you don’t want to eat the wax paper itself, if you can avoid it, but you can use it as a surface. 

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