5 Best Wok Rings Of 2023

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Cooking with the wok is a great way to make fried rice or stir fry and several other types of dishes as well.

If you don’t have a wok in your kitchen, you probably should consider purchasing one. If you do have a wok, then you know that the rounded bottom of the pan doesn’t always work with your stove. 

It’s an awkward shape and most stoves aren’t built to accommodate a rounded shape like this. While you can always make it work, your wok is unstable when you’re cooking rather than steady like a typical pot or pan would be. 

This is where a wok ring comes in. These rings are designed to support the wok in a way that burners simply cannot.

So what is the best wok ring? The best wok ring should be able to withstand high heats on your stovetop and provide adequate support for your wok while you are cooking. Wok rings should be able to fit the size of the wok or adjustable enough to fit a variety of sizes.

In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the market to bring you the very best wok rings. We’ve sorted through the options to determine which ones are truly the best and we are excited to share our options here with you! 

Keep reading to learn all about the 5 best wok rings!

How to Choose a Wok Ring?

Choosing a wok ring isn’t overly complicated but there are some things you may want to consider in the process. Don’t worry, you don’t have to try to figure it out on your own!

We’ve put together a quick buyer’s guide to give you some tips for choosing your new wok ring. 

Type of Ring

There are several different types of wok rings on the market. Here are a few of the most common types:

  • Gas stove wok ring
  • Cast iron wok ring
  • Steel wok ring
  • Wire wok ring

Woks can be made from cast iron materials, stainless steel, and some carbon steel.

The ring you need doesn’t necessarily have to match the material of your wok, although there are some that would need to. Steel wok rings will concentrate a heat source, which could be good or bad for your wok and your food, so be warned.

Be sure you choose a ring that is compatible with your wok and be aware of whether one ring will or will not work for it as well. Also, make sure to find a wok spatula that’ll work well with the wok surface.

Ring Size

Some wok rings are designed for specific wok sizes. It may seem silly but woks can come in different sizes and you will want to be sure that the wok ring you purchase will accommodate the size of the wok you are working with. 

For example, wire rings are not very accommodating to other sizes. They are primarily designed for a specific size of wok and you will just want to make sure the sizes match up.

The nice thing is, these rings can be used for serving and not just cooking, so you will get plenty of use out of them.


Another great thing to consider is the versatility of the ring you purchase. You may want to consider whether you can use the ring to serve from the wok or whether you can use it on various cooking surfaces. 

Some users have used their wok rings to grill and that’s pretty awesome.

If you know you will just use your wok ring on the stove, that’s totally find but you may want to consider whether or not your ring could be versatile for other uses as well. 

The 5 Best Wok Rings

Whether you want to keep it simple with a wire ring or you want a ring that you know will be perfect for your gas stove, we have got you covered! We’ve chosen several different options to give you a variety of choices here in our reviews.

RankProductKey Features
1.Rluii Wire Wok RingStainless Steel
2.K&H Gas Cooktop Wok Support RingCast iron
3.Ycanware Wok Ring for All WoksSteel
4.Utheer Wok Ring for Gas StovesCast Iron
5.Sunrise Kitchen Wok RingPlated Steel

Below, you will find the 5 best wok rings in more detail. Enjoy! 

1. Rluii Stainless Steel Wire Wok Ring

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Our first option is a wire ring that is simple and serves its purpose. This wire ring is made with high-quality stainless steel.

It can be used with gas stoves and is simple yet effective. The ring will hold your wok steady and secure and it is reversible so you can use whichever side fits your wok the best. 

You can use this ring for cooking or serving purposes and it is totally safe to use. It’s durable and versatile and may even hold other pots and pans for serving purposes if you need it too. This ring has two tiers and is even nice to look at. 

The height of the wok ring is about 2.2 inches. The bottom diameter is 7.67 inches and the top diameter measures 8.66 inches. This gives you a versatile sizing base that can cover a lot of needs and multiple pan sizes. 


  • Versatile ring
  • Can be used upside down as well
  • Handles several pot sizes
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Works for gas stoves and serving


  • The material is lightweight, which means it may not hold up to heavy-duty use.

2. K&H Gas Cooktop Wok Support Ring

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Our next wok ring is a heavy-duty cast iron wok ring. You really can’t go wrong with these, particularly if you have a cast iron wok.

Cast iron is heavy and you need something that is suitably heavy in nature to support it. 

This particular wok is made to certain dimensions so you will want to be sure that your wok will fit the dimensions.

It has inside and outside ring holding capabilities The inside ring diameter is 6.3 inches and the outside ring diameter is 7.1 inches. This gives you a little bit of versatility for sizing purposes. 

If you have a K&H wok, these should fit for sure but they can fit other woks that fall into the appropriate measurements as well. The design should fit any gas grate on a stove and it even has pronged feet so it provides a stable surface. 


  • Heavy-duty cast iron material
  • Versatile for sizing purposes
  • Grips gas burner grate tops
  • Very sturdy and will securely hold your wok
  • Simple and effective solution


  • Not as solid as some cast iron materials.
  • It may not fit all stove grates but can typically be made to work.

3. Ycanware Wok Ring for All Woks

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This particular wok ring is what is often referred to as a gas stove wok ring. Although there are other styles that work for a gas stove, we will retain the name of the style to keep from being confusing.

This is a traditional-style ring and really what most people familiar with wok rings expect to see when they search for them.

It is a thick and sturdy steel material. According to the description, it can hold any size of wok. It can also be reversed if you have an extra-large wok. 

This wok ring is innovative and versatile and will provide a stable and sturdy surface for your wok cooking needs. It has a lot of support with the design structure and it’s made so it won’t slide around either. 


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Built to be versatile for many sizes
  • Perfect for gas cook tops
  • Traditional-style of ring
  • Comes in a 2-pack


  • The material feels flimsy to the touch.
  • Some of the edges may be sharp.

4. Utheer Cast Iron Wok Ring for Gas Stoves

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Here is another cast iron wok ring that is stable and sturdy. It is a ring that is compatible with a large number of stove tops by design but it may work for others as well.

This is made with heavy matte cast iron so it is made to be strong and durable. It will last you for years to come!

You get one ring with a single 9-inch diameter. The bases that are attached allow you to be able to use the ring for smaller woks as well and still be supported. 

The ring for sure meets some Bosch, Frigidaire, and Samsung ranges. It is heavy-duty and will hold any type of wok in a sturdy and stable way.

It attaches directly to the grates and the open design allows all of the heat from the burner to appropriately flow to the pan. 


  • Heavy matte cast iron materials
  • Designed to fit a wide range of stove models
  • Even heat distribution per design
  • Easy to use with a simple build


  • May be limited to certain ranges.

5. Sunrise Kitchen Plated Steel Wok Ring

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Our final option is another traditional-style ring that is large and compatible with some of the largest wok sizes out there.

This simple ring is 10 inches in diameter on the wide side, which gives you a wider range of usage options. 

It’s large and it’s heavy-duty and it is perfect for gas stoves. The other side of the ring is 8 inches. This is made with quality materials and it reliably sturdy. It is also highly-rated across the board. 


  • High-quality materials
  • Large size to fit large woks
  • Sturdy and durable


  • May start to rust after several uses and washes.

Can You Use a Wok Ring on an Electric Stovetop?

Because of the way that heat distributes on an electric stovetop, we recommend just cooking on your wok and not using a ring.

Using the ring is risky. It could scratch your stovetop and it might prevent the heat from really cooking the food like it should. 

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