9 Best Vegan Hot Dogs Of 2023

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The fact that you have switched to a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you should give up on your favorite meat products.

Hot dogs are one of the foods that you may miss the most if you have adopted a plant-based diet. Luckily, there are vegan alternatives for popular meat products, including hot dogs, that are just as good as the real thing!

What are the best vegan hot dogs? The best vegan hot dogs contain an adequate amount of protein and are not made with lots of highly processed ingredients. Additionally, the sodium content of vegan hot dogs shouldn’t be higher than the sodium content of regular hot dogs. 

This article includes a list of the 9 best vegan hot dogs as well as a guide to help you choose the healthiest plant-based sausage. 

Vegan Hot Dogs – Buyer’s Guide

When buying vegan hot dogs, there are a few key things to consider if you want to buy the healthiest plant-based sausage. 

1. Protein Content

Meat sausages contain a good amount of protein. Manufacturers producing plant-based sausages use soy or pea protein, as well as wheat gluten to add up the protein content of vegan hot dogs. 

Whenever you are buying vegan hot dogs, check the protein content in each portion to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of it with your meal. 

2. Sodium Content 

One of the first things you should check before you buy plant-based hot dogs is their sodium content. 

High sodium content is a common problem for plant-based versions of meat products. Specialists recommend buying hot dogs that contain around 400 milligrams of sodium per serving. 

A slightly higher amount of sodium will work too, although we would recommend watching the rest of your diet for the day in order not to exceed the daily sodium intake. 

3. Ingredient List 

Reading the ingredient list of the hot dogs is always a good idea. If you see too many unfamiliar words, the hot dogs most likely contain a number of processed ingredients and artificial additives. 

And watch out for eggs. Many hot dogs are labeled as plant-based which may trick you into thinking that they are vegan. 

But if you check the ingredient list, you will notice that the sausages contain eggs or egg whites. This is not surprising, as eggs are a great binding agent and give the mixture strength and stability.

However, they don’t work for a vegan diet and should be avoided if you are looking for vegan option and not simply plant-based hot dogs.

4. Recommended Cooking Method 

Some vegan hot dogs come with cooking instructions and a recommended cooking method for the sausages.

If the brand recommends boiling the hot dogs but you prefer cooking them on a grill, you might need to look for another option. 

5. Allergens 

When buying vegan hot dogs, close attention should be paid to the allergens they may contain.

Two of the top allergens found in vegan hot dogs are soy and wheat. If you are allergic to any of these two ingredients, look for sausages that are made without them. 

Luckily, there are numerous options on the market and you can buy both soy-free and wheat-free hot dogs.

If you are allergic to any other ingredient that may be present in vegan hot dogs, read the ingredient list carefully to make sure eating them won’t cause you any health issues. 

9 Best Vegan Hot Dogs 

If you are thinking of giving up meat but are worried that you won’t find a good alternative for your favorite meat product, then this list of the 9 best vegan hot dogs is for you. 

RankProductKey Features
1. Lightlife Smart Dogs JumboOrganic vegan soybean hot dogs
2.Loma Linda Plant-Based Big FranksPre-cooked vegan canned sausages
3.Beyond Meat Hot Italian Plant-Based SausageGluten/soy free pea protein sausages
4.Moving Mountains Meat Substitute Hot DogsGluten and soy-free sunflower seed
5.The Very Good Butchers Plant Based HotdogsTwo types of plant-based sausages
6.Field Roast Vegan Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage Apple, maple syrup, nutmeg
7.Uptons Naturals UpdogPlant-based wheat gluten hot dogs
8.Tofurky Beer Brats Original SausageMade of tofu and wheat gluten
9.Simple Truth Plant-Based Meatless Kielbasa SausageVegan sausages made of wheat gluten

We have ranked and reviewed the best plant-based sausages on the market to help you choose high-quality plant-based protein for your vegan meals. 

1. Lightlife Smart Dogs Jumbo 

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If you are an avid hot dog fan, you will surely appreciate these jumbo size vegan hot dogs.

They taste like traditional hot dogs but without the harmful fat and cholesterol.

Made of soy protein, a serving of Lightlife Smart Dogs has 50 calories and 7 grams of protein. The sodium content is relatively low – 260 mg per link. These hot dogs also contain calcium, iron, and potassium. 

These vegan hot dogs by Lightlife cook very quickly. As the chances of overcooking them are high, we recommend you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are cooking the Smart Dogs on a grill, make sure to coat it with oil. Grill the hot dogs for 7 minutes. Boiling Lighlife Smart Dogs takes even shorter – 2 minutes in the hot water and the sausages are cooked through.

Microwave the hot dogs on High along with a 1/2 cup of warm water for 60 seconds if you are short of time. 

As Lightlife vegan hot dogs contain soy and wheat, they shouldn’t be consumed by people allergic to these foods. 

2. Loma Linda Plant-Based Big Franks 

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Loma Linda Big Franks vegan sausages are canned, which makes them shelf-stable and very easy to use. 

The plant-based sausages you will find inside the can are flavorful and healthier than your typical meat sausages.

These vegan hot dogs are healthy with only 1 gram of fat and 11 grams of protein in each sausage link. 

Loma Linda Big Franks sausages are made with textured vegetable protein, including soy protein and wheat gluten, onion, and other ingredients for improved texture and flavor.

These sausages are a great alternative for beef, pork, and turkey hot dogs. You can cook them in many different ways, including boiling, broiling, and grilling. 

3. Beyond Meat Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage 

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If you are craving hot Italian sausages but think that those can be made of real meat only, the Beyond Meat Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage is here to save the day. 

These vegan sausages are 100% plant-based. The most exciting thing about these sausages is that they don’t contain gluten or soy.

The Beyond Meat vegan sausages are made of pea protein along with other ingredients, including rice and fava bean proteins. 

A serving of these hot Italian sausages contains 190 calories and 16 grams of protein. There is no sugar and cholesterol in these sausages. 

The recommended cooking methods for these sausages are grilling or frying in the pan or on the griddle. So, if you like boiled or microwaved sausages, skip these. 

4. Moving Mountains Meat Substitute Hot Dogs 

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Do you want to surprise your guests with vegan hot dogs that look exactly like regular hot dogs?

Then these Moving Mountains meat substitute hot dogs are your best bet. 

These are 100% plant-based sausages. Sunflower seeds are the main ingredient used to create these protein-packed meat substitutes.

The sausages are then naturally smoked for extra aroma and the authentic smoky flavor meat hot dogs have. 

Being free of soy and gluten, one Moving Mountain hot dog contains 80 calories, 4 grams of protein, and only 300 mg of sodium. 

5. The Very Good Butchers Plant-Based Hot Dogs

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If you are not new to vegan meats and you know you like them no matter what form they come in, then this plant-based meat selection is something you should give a try. 

The Very Good Butchers vegan meat selection includes carefully crafted plant based meats.

The set includes two types of plant-based sausages along with other vegan meats.

The Very British Bangers and Smokin’ Bangers are two types of vegan sausages that you can use for your favorite hot dog recipes. 

The Very British Bangers contain apples, leeks, and a combination of spices and herbs. The Smokin’ Bangers, on the other hand, are made of veggies, beans, barley, and moderately hot ancho chili. 

Both sausages contain 190 calories per serving and 27 grams of protein. As the Very Good Butchers sausages are made with wheat gluten, you shouldn’t eat them if you have gluten intolerance. The sausages may also contain soy. 

With this said, the brand aims at producing minimally processed vegan meats and uses as many whole-food ingredients as possible to make the sausages not only delicious but healthy too. 

6. Field Roast Vegan Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage 

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Field Roast Vegan Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages are a great option if you are looking for vegan sausages with an out-of-the-box flavor.

Made of wheat gluten, the unique flavor of these sausages comes from the apples, maple syrup, and nutmeg used in the mix. 

A serving of these sausages, which is two links, has 110 calories and 11 grams of protein. These sausages contain 0 grams of saturated fat and cholesterol, and 400 mg of sodium which is okay for both vegan and non-vegan sausages. 

When cooking these sausages, make sure you don’t overcook them. All you need to do is to brown them in the pan or break them up to use in burritos or scrambles. 

7. Upton’s Naturals Updog 

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Uptons Naturals Updog vegan hot dogs are another option for people who are not allergic to soy or gluten.

These hot dogs are made of vital wheat gluten and contain 20 grams of protein per serving. One link of these sausages contains 170 calories and a relatively higher amount of sodium – 710 milligrams. 

To create a unique flavor for their vegan hot dogs, the manufacturer uses a range of spices, including paprika and ground mustard, konjac, celery seeds, and a few other additives for better flavor and texture. 

Boiling is the only cooking method the manufacturer recommends you skip with these hot dogs. It is best to cook them on the stovetop or grill for 6-8 minutes. Steaming for 8-10 minutes will work too.

If you need to cook the hot dogs even quicker, microwave them for 25 seconds. 

8. Tofurky Beer Brats Original Sausage 

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If you are not after an alternative that tastes exactly like a meat hot dog, then these Tofurky sausages may work for you. 

As tofu is a good source of protein, it is not surprising that a serving of this sausage contains 30 grams of protein and 280 calories. They also contain potassium, calcium, iron, and a small amount of vitamin A. 

As for the cooking methods, you may cook Tofurky sausages in the microwave. However, cooking them in the pan or on the grill is a better idea if you want the vegan sausages to look exceptionally appetizing with some color and char to them. 

Serve these sausages in regular hot dog buns topped with your favorite toppings. If anything, some ketchup and mustard will do. 

9. Simple Truth Plant-Based Meatless Kielbasa Sausage 

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The Simple Truth brand by Kroger is another line to look into if you are eating vegan but don’t want to miss your favorite meat products.

Even if you don’t like regular hot dogs, you still need to try these vegan sausages as they are a great way to put together a quick lunch or dinner. 

The Simple Truth meatless sausages are made of wheat gluten. As a serving size, 1 sausage contains 250 calories and 27 grams of protein. These plant-based sausages are a great option for a relatively healthy and filling meal. 

A serving of Simple Truth vegan sausages contains 12 grams of fat, including very little saturated fat, as well as 7 grams of carbs, some iron, and calcium.

The sodium content is 500 mg per serving. While this is not critically high, we recommend keeping the sodium low for the rest of your meals in order not to exceed your daily sodium intake. 

Related Questions

Are Vegan Hot Dogs Healthy? 

Healthy is a relative term for vegan hot dogs. It all depends on the ingredient list and the nutrients it contains.

Additionally, some vegan sausages use ingredients as processed as regular hot dogs, which makes them no better than their meat counterparts. 

Vegan hot dogs are the healthiest if their sodium content is not overly high and the manufacturer uses as few processed ingredients as possible. 

If you are not eating vegan but love hot dogs and would like to find a healthier alternative for them, you’ll want to consider buying plant-based sausages with a clean ingredient list.

Veggie dogs are usually lower in calories and don’t contain cholesterol, hormones, or saturated fats.

But if you have no diet restrictions and are choosing between veggie dogs packed with artificial additives and all-natural meat sausages, the second may be a healthier pick. 

Whether you are eating vegan sausages or regular meat sausages, consume them in moderation and go with brands that produce the least processed versions of this product. 

How Do You Eat Vegan Hot Dogs? 

When it comes to cooking and eating vegan hot dogs, everything is pretty much the same as with regular hot dogs. 

You can either boil or grill vegan hot dogs. Cooking them on a skillet, in the oven, and air fryer works well too. 

Get some hot dog buns, come up with some creative toppings and enjoy. If you are short of time, serve your plant-based hot dogs with the traditional toppings.

These include ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, mustard, chopped onions, sauerkraut, etc. 

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