The Best Turkey Gravy to Buy in 2023

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Gravy is just one of those things that brings a lot of flavor to the table. At its most basic form, you will need a couple of things to make it.

Namely, the sauce can be made with some stock, meat drippings, and some seasonings. If done right, it can make even the driest and most boring pieces of meat delectable. 

There are lots of ways for you to make gravy from scratch. However, like with everything else homemade, they can become complicated and time-consuming.

If you are not particularly savvy in the kitchen, then you might feel intimidated approaching this. That said, sometimes, you need something more convenient but still gets the job done. 

So what’s the best turkey gravy you can buy? The best turkey gravies to buy have a strong turkey flavor that comes through without being overpowered by spices. It should have the characteristic rich color and medium-thick texture of home-made turkey gravy. Versatile options that can be used in broths and other items are also a good idea.

Remember, everything doesn’t have to be overly complex. That is why we have come up with this list. These are the best turkey gravy to buy when you find yourself in a pinch.

These gravy products will provide you with a simple and convenient solution without sacrificing that luscious and succulent sensations you would get from the homemade gravy. Be sure to check them out and see for yourself!

Best Turkey Gravy Checklist

We especially love gravy because of all the flavors it can bring to the dish. However, more often than not, we are left wanting with store brands.

This is because gravy is too often treated as an afterthought, as opposed to a crucial part of the meal. Blasphemy, we say! The fact that it is the last thing to be prepared also doesn’t do it any favors, either.

So here’s what to look for when picking out a turkey gravy:

1. Flavor: It should go without saying that you want your turkey gravy to have the flavor profile of its namesake. This means that for it to be good, it must taste like real roasted turkey – not like a savory, generic ‘meat’ flavor.

While notes of vegetables and herbs are appreciated, they should only serve a secondary role. You want these notes to complement the flavors of turkey instead of drowning it out.

2. Texture: In terms of the gravy’s texture, the last thing you want is a goopy gravy. The same thing can be said about overly thin gravy that resembles broth more than anything else. Instead, you want it a smooth, rich texture. 

3. Color: Gravy needs to be dark and luscious. If your gravy is too pale then you might have a problem.

4. Versatility: Versatility is another thing that we take into account when we looked at these different brands.

It should go without saying that they must be able to stand on their own and still be great gravies. However, they should also leave some room for customization should you want to do that.

There is nothing worse than mediocre turkey gravy. It’s is a disgrace and a great waste because gravy should be a rich and unctuous culinary celebration.

That’s why we wanted to establish a baseline for what makes a great gravy. Be sure to remember the criteria presented here as we take a look at the different turkey gravy brands in the market today.

Best Turkey Gravy to Buy

Regardless of the season, you should always be ready to whip something up quickly and without much trouble.

Needless to say, you want these to be notably delicious and filled to the brim with hearty flavors. The following products let you do just that with unparalleled convenience and ease:

RankProductKey Features
1.McCormick Turkey Gravy MixDry, 0.87 oz
2.Pioneer Brand Roasted Turkey GravyDry, 0.88 oz (24pk)
3.Knorr Roasted Turkey Gravy MixLiquid, 12oz (8)
4.Happy Belly Turkey GravyDry, 1.2 oz (12)
5.Better Than Gravy Turkey Flavored MixDry, 1 oz

You can check out these store-bought gravies in more detail to be sure they’re perfect for you. But we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with any of them!

1. McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix

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First, we have the McCormick Turkey Gravy Mix. We are in love with its savory goodness, its rich texture, and its convenient ‘recipe’.

It simmers up to a rich gravy almost instantly. No dinner disasters here!

It is also worth noting that this turkey gravy mix contains no artificial flavor or added MSG, a fact that health buffs will certainly be happy with.

Of course, this is by no means perfect. This turkey gravy can turn watery over time. While this is easily remedied by reheating the mixture, it is still a bit disappointing. 

Minor gripes aside, this gravy mix is unbelievably convenient to use. You can have it ready in as quickly as five minutes. It is the perfect companion for a bowl of mashed potatoes. You can also enhance your chowder recipes with it.

2. Pioneer Brand Roasted Turkey Gravy 

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Pioneer Brand Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix is the next one on our list.

At first glance, you will notice its appearance is reminiscent of the traditional gravy sauces that we all saw during the holidays.

That’s always a good sign!

Just as you would hope, this gravy has a nice and savory taste that reminds you of grilled turkey along with subtle undertones of different spices and herbs to round it out.

Its thick and rich consistency steals the show. Moreover, it gives you all the flavors you are looking for. More adept tasters may even detect a bit of celery on its flavor profile along with the dominant tastes of turkey broth and drippings.

Using this gravy is a fairly straightforward affair, a bit of butter and water are everything you need to cook this. However, if there is one caveat, some might find it a bit too salty.

That said, you should feel free to play around with it make it your own. If that is the case, then carefully thin it down with a bit of stock or some chicken broth. 

3. Knorr Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix

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The Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix from Knorr is another great product that you can purchase should you need something to cook in a hurry.

By all accounts, it looks and tastes like a traditional turkey-based gravy that can be served as the perfect companion to your roasted bird. 

In terms of flavor, we found its aromatic and savory taste quite delightful. The gravy mix gives you a delicious experience in the truest sense of the word.

Another thing we noticed is that it is incredibly hearty, something most store-bought gravies fail at. Fortunately, this is not the case with Knorr’s gravy mix.

To prepare, all you need is some warm water. Add it to the Turkey Gravy Mix and let it simmer for a while until you have a thick mixture. The whole process only takes around 7 minutes and a pack is good for at least 1 and 1/4 cups of gravy. 

Of course, there is still some room to play around with your recipe and make it truly your own. That’s the real secret to store-bought items; they’re the perfect base for a little personalization – giving you unique, but easy meals every time.

For instance, using turkey stock instead of water is always a great idea if you want to make it even richer. You can even put in a splash of white wine or even a white wine sauce to enhance the flavors.

4. Happy Belly Turkey Gravy

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This Happy Belly turkey flavored gravy mix is a great option as well.

A lot of people are really into this particular mix; some people are even calling it one of the best-tasting country gravy mixes around!

Of course, like with everything else on this list, we believe that this is a great-tasting gravy. Its use of natural flavors makes it stand out.

We found that it works particularly well with turkey and chicken though it is also great with other meats. Of course, complementing it with your favorite spices wouldn’t hurt either. It’s truly a versatile option.

If you’re really worried, adding a bit of herbs like thyme and sage could make everything else pop. Of course, we think this gravy is plenty great on its own, anyway.

5. Better Than Gravy Turkey-Flavored Mix

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Living up to its name, the Better Than Gravy Turkey-Flavored Mix from Superior Touch gives you more than you bargained for. It is such a savory treat that we simply found it irresistible.

We found that adding a bit of broth, instead of just using plain water will do wonders to increase the gravy’s flavor. You can also put in some spices to help deepen the tastes. 

It’s incredibly easy to whip up and makes your job as home chef that much easier. However, there is a chance of an inconsistent and lumpy texture, which you may have to correct by thickening and stirring well.

Turkey vs. Brown Gravy

Don’t be confused when we say turkey gravy. Although it’s a classic brown-colored gravy of its own, turkey gravy is not brown gravy.

This is a crucial difference to understand.

Turkey gravy gets its flavor from the fat extracted from turkey drippings (hence the name). It doesn’t contain any other meat flavors.

Meanwhile, brown gravy gets its flavors from a combination of different meats including beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. It also uses thickeners in the form of a roux or cornstarch which causes it to turn into a darker shade of brown.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best turkey gravies you can get your hands on.

Remember, while it is always better to make everything yourself, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a helping hand from time to time. Try these gravy mixes and make things easier for yourself!

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