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11 Best Tomato Dicers of 2023 – With Buyer’s Guide

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Chopping tomatoes for salsa, sauces, or salads can be quite a task, and there really is no need to spend so much time and effort chopping tomatoes when you could use a handy tomato dicer to do the work for you!

Which are the best tomato dicers to use?

The best tomato dicer to use would help to easily, and nearly effortlessly, dice tomatoes to your desired size and shape. The blades should be sharp enough to make easy work of the tomatoes, but they should dice them cleanly and evenly, and not mush them together.

A good tomato dicer will be an absolute help in the kitchen, and you would wonder why you hadn’t thought to buy one earlier! To help you make the move to easier tomato dicing, take a read through the below guide on how to choose the right tomato dicer, and the best 11 on the market right now!

How to Choose the Best Tomato Dicers

You need to spend the time choosing a tomato dicer that will help you easily chop and dice tomatoes, and which will last for some time in your kitchen too. To do this, there are some factors to keep in mind when picking one out.

Type of Tomato Dicer

There are some different types of tomato dicers to choose from, and the one which is best for you would depend on how often you need to dice tomatoes, how many you usually dice at a time, and how you prefer to do so.

  • Manual Dicer – The most common type of food dicer is manual. These are straightforward and simple to use and are usually much more affordable than the other option.

You will need to do a little bit of labor using manual dicer, whether it is pumping the handle up and down to rotate the blade to chop tomatoes, or moving the slicer down to chop a tomato in one go, but they are definitely easier and quicker to use compared to chopping the tomatoes by hand.

Manual dicers are also usually compact compared to electric ones, making them a good option if you do not have much space in your kitchen.

  • Electric – Electric tomato or food dicers are pretty much mini food processors, which make easy work of chopping down tomatoes, without you having to do much work at all. They do take up a small amount of counter space, and you will need a power source for the chopper.

Electric food choppers are much smaller than food processors but work much the same. They usually only have a single blade, to chop tomatoes and food rather than blend them. They can also be used to make salad dressings and other emulsified sauces.

The problem with using electric choppers is that they can end up turning the tomatoes to mush if you leave them in the blender for too long.

Ease of Use

You would be buying a tomato dicer to make meal prep in the kitchen easier, so it is definitely worth your while to choose a tomato dicer that is easy to use, and which dices tomatoes quickly and efficiently.

Manual food choppers do take a little more effort, as you usually need to make sure that the tomato is first cut small enough to fit into the manual chopper, and then you will have to manually work the dicer. However, this is still easier than chopping tomatoes by hand.

Electric food choppers are much easier to use, although you might sometimes need to cut the tomatoes to size before placing them into the processor bowl, but you can then press a button and allow the chopper to do the work for you.

Whichever one you choose, make sure it is easy and simple to use, and you won’t be causing yourself more work than necessary.

Size of The Dicer

You will find tomato dicers with a large capacity, and those that are smaller in size. Some choppers can hold up to 6 cups of diced tomatoes, whereas others only a cup. You will need to decide on this according to how much food you usually prepare at a time at home.

tomato dicers

For larger families, batch cooking, and meal prep, larger tomato dicers would be better, so you can dice more tomatoes in one go. If you are just cooking for yourself or a small family, then a smaller manual dicer might be a better option.

You don’t want to buy a dicer that is too small, and you have to work in batches, but you also do not want to purchase one which is too large and takes up more space than necessary.

Smaller tomato dicers are also great to keep handy to use to chop garlic, ginger, and other herbs. Larger dicers are great to use for onions, celery, carrots, peppers, and more, so keep this in mind too.

Blade Type

The blade type of the tomato dicer is important, as it determines how the tomato will be diced. When it comes to what the blade is made from, stainless steel is always the best option, as it remains sharp, rust-free, and durable for a long time.

The type of blade will also depend on the tomato dicer you are choosing. A processor-like chopper will have a rotating blade, whereas a push-down slicer will have grid-like blades. Whatever the blades, stainless steel is a must.


Lastly, consider if you would use the tomato dicer for other purposes in the kitchen. As mentioned above, smaller dicers can be used for garlic, ginger, and other herbs and nuts, and larger dicers can be used for carrots, celery, onion, peppers, and more.

Think about what you usually end up spending the most time chopping, and what you would prefer to have the dicer do for you. Some tomato dicers also come with added attachments, which could help perform other tasks in the kitchen too!

The 11 Best Tomato Dicers

Keeping everything in mind that you need when picking out the best tomato dicer for you, take a look through our below recommendations for the best options out there!

RankProductKey Features
1.Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Three chopping options, easy to use, draining basket, non-slip base.
2.RTMAXCO Vegetable Chopper Nine interchangeable blades, stainless steel blades, easy to use.
3.Ruk Vegetable Chopper Eleven interchangeable blades, large and small dicing, large container.
4.Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Chopper Commercial chopper, ideal for large amounts of tomatoes, and stainless steel frames.
5.Geedel Food Chopper Small chopper, push down on handle to chop, stainless steel blade.
6.Mueller Strongest-And-Heaviest Duty 2 Speed Pull Chopper Pull-cord blade rotator, compact size, 5 cup capacity.
7.Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Electric processor, two speed options, stainless steel blades.
8.The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard Push down to dice tomatoes, dishwasher-safe components.
9.Brieftons Quickpush Food Chopper Three quality blades included, all dishwasher safe, uniform dicing.
10.Joyami Electric Food Processor Electric processor, two bowls included, slow and fast speeds.
11.Mini Portable Veggie Chopper Portable mini chopper, battery operated, small size.

1. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

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Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper is one of the handiest tools you can keep in the kitchen, and it does an amazing job at dicing tomatoes quickly!

It features three interchangeable blades that allow you to dice, julienne, and slice vegetables with ease. The built-in chop lid lets you dice and chop food directly into the BPA-free collection tray, which measures 50 ounces.

The vegetable chopper has a catch-all container that ensures there is no mess, and all of your tomatoes are caught in one place. A non-slip base also makes chopping easier and safer, and to top it off, all parts of the dicer are dishwasher-safe in the top rack!

A bonus drain basket is included with the catch-all container, which is great to drain all the excess juice and liquid from diced tomatoes, which you might not want to use in your food.

Giving you three different ways to dice and chop tomatoes and other vegetables, and being durable and easy to use, this is definitely one of the better options!

2. RTMAXCO Vegetable Chopper

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RTMAXCO Vegetable Chopper

This is an all-in-one vegetable slicer that has 9 interchangeable blades to prepare just about everything you might need in the kitchen.

There are 3 blades for chopping, measuring large, medium, and fine, which are great to use to dice tomatoes. There are 2 blades for slicing, either flat or julienne, 2 blades for grating, medium and fine, 2 spiralizer blades for ribbon and spiral, and 3-in-1 peelers for everything else.

The vegetable chopper is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. All parts are BPA-free, and the blades are made with sharp, durable stainless steel. 

The chopper comes included with a range of accessories, including a glove and a handle so your hands are always protected and kept away from the blades. With a simple press down of the handle, tomatoes are diced easily. Alternatively, you can slice them back and forth over the mandoline slicer.

It really is an all-in-one tool that does a great job of dicing tomatoes, and so much more!

3. Ruk Vegetable Chopper

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Ruk Vegetable Chopper

The Ruk Vegetable Chopper will have tomatoes diced and ready to use in next to no time, and the sharp chopper blades make quick work of tomatoes. You can use the interchangeable blades to dice the tomatoes small or large, suiting whatever it is that you are cooking.

The chopper comes included with 11 interchangeable blades, so it can be used for so much in your kitchen. It also includes a blade organizer, a lemon squeezer, an egg separator, and a slicer for various foods.

All of the diced tomatoes, and other food you chop or dice, are caught in the 1.5l large food container, which keeps your chopping boards free from mess. The container is also made from ABS plastic, which is strong and durable, lasting for a long time in your kitchen.

There is a hand protector included as well, to keep your fingers safe and protected from knicks and cuts.

Achieve so much with this vegetable chopper, but also know that it will perform time and time again dicing tomatoes quickly and efficiently too!

4. Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Chopper

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Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Chopper

This might not be ideal for all kitchens, but if you find yourself needing to dice a large amount of tomatoes at once, whether for catering, meal prep, or whatever, then the Happybuy Commercial Vegetable Chopper might be what you need.

A stainless steel assembly means that the chopper is durable and long-lasting, as well as reliable time and time again. It dices tomatoes and other vegetables to ¼-inch cubes, ideal for many different needs.

You simply need to place the tomatoes on the blade, and then pull down the pusher block to dice the tomatoes evenly. The blades are designed to be efficient and to meet the demand for large amounts of tomatoes, fruit, and vegetables.

The stable base keeps you safe while dicing tomatoes, and keeps the stand in place so there is less chance of injury and mess.

This is the better option for kitchens involving catering and large meal prep, rather than for small meal preparations.

5. Geedel Food Chopper

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Geedel Food Chopper

The Geedel Food Chopper is a handy little tool that will reduce your meal prep time significantly. The chopper is equipped with a 430 stainless steel blade which makes for faster chopping and dicing, cutting tomatoes and other food items down to size quickly.

There is zero risk of injury with the chopper, as you simply need to place the tomatoes into the chopping container, place the lid with the blade on, and slap down the handle to get dicing.

You can then easily assemble the chopper for speedy cleanup, whether it be under running water in the sink or in the dishwasher, it is safe either way.

Use this one handy tool for tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs, ginger, nuts and so many more ingredients in the kitchen which you would usually spend time chopping and dicing!

This is a great option for smaller kitchens, where you will only need to dice a small amount of tomato at a time.

6. Mueller Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty 2 Speed Pull Chopper

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Mueller Strongest-And-Heaviest Duty 2 Speed Pull Chopper

The Mueller 2 Speed Pull Chopper features extremely sharp stainless steel blades which quickly cut through tomatoes, dicing them with ease. You simply need to pull at the cord, which rotates the ultra-sharp blades to cut whatever is in the container.

You can choose between low speed, which gives a coarse cut, or high speed, for a fine cut, depending on what it is you are chopping, and especially how you would like your tomatoes diced.

The chopper is small and compact and is really simple to clean as well. It has a fairly large capacity of 5 cups, but this is really the only part that takes up space.

Tomatoes will be diced to your preference with a few simple pulls of the cord!

7. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

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Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor is the perfect little tool to have in the kitchen, and it really comes in handy when dicing down tomatoes quickly and with no effort.

You can chop or grind down food at the touch of a button, saving you any manual work. There are two powerful processing options to choose from, depending on what you are wanting to chop.

The work bowl is 24 ounces, which is ideal for most home cooks. All the removable parts, including the bowl and the blade, are dishwasher safe, which saves you so much time washing up in the kitchen.

The stainless steel blade has both sharp and blunt edges, perfectly dicing and chopping foods down. Included with the processor is a spatula, to scrape food off the sides.

The touchpad controls are easy to use and understand, and make using the processor so simple.

8. The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

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The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Vidalia Chop Wizard offers up a safe, easy, and fast way to dice tomatoes in your kitchen, saving you chopping and dicing them by hand and making a mess.

The dicer chops down tomatoes in one swift motion, by simply pushing down the handle of the chopper, pushing the tomatoes through the blades and into the container below. As the diced tomato is caught in the container, it prevents messes and spills on your kitchen counter.

All parts of the Chop Wizard are dishwasher safe, keeping your time free for cooking instead of cleaning!

9. Brieftons Quickpush Food Chopper

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Brieftons Quickpush Food Chopper

There are three blades included with the Brieftons Quickpush Food Chopper, a 12mm dicing blade, a 23mm dicing blade, and a 6mm slicing blade.  Both dicing blades are perfect for dicing tomatoes according to what you are cooking.

Tomatoes will be diced into a uniform shape, and caught in the container below for mess-free dicing. The blade surface is increased to allow for more dicing at a time, getting the job done quicker. The container has a large capacity of 2.6 quarts too.

The chopper can be easily disassembled for simple cleaning, and all the parts can be cleaned in the top shelf of the dishwasher too. A cleaning comb is included to clean between the blades and the pusher teeth, keeping the chopper in the best condition possible.

10. Joyami Electric Food Processor

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Joyami Electric Food Processor

The Joyami Electric Food Processor is powerful, compact, and really versatile too. There are two different speed settings to choose from, allowing you to evenly dice tomatoes, and even blend up sauces, meat, and other ingredients.

It is a multi-functional blender that is powered by a 400w motor. There are two different bowls included with the processor, one is a glass bowl and the other is a stainless steel bowl, so you can keep different ingredients separate during processing.

A blade case is included to keep the blade sharp and to keep you protected, while the blender is not in use. There is also a non-slip base to keep the processor secure during blending.

With two different modes, you can choose between fast or slow, depending on your needs. By choosing slow, and switching the processor on for a few seconds, you can easily dice tomatoes!

11. Mini Portable Veggie Chopper

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Mini Portable Veggie Chopper

This Mini Portable Veggie Chopper is smaller than most of the other dicers on the list, but it is ideal if you only need to dice up tomatoes for yourself, for a side portion of salsa, or for using when out camping!

While small, it makes easy work of dicing tomatoes, onion, garlic, and other small foods. A simple push of the button sets the blades rotating, chopping whatever is in the bowl.

The blades are S-shaped and made from stainless steel, remaining sharp and durable for a very long time. The bowl is BPA-free and safe and can hold up to 250ml.

This mini chopper takes up a very small space in the kitchen, and is wonderfully portable too, as it is battery-powered and doesn’t need an external power source to work!

Related Questions

What Knife Is Best to Dice Tomatoes?

If you want to dice tomatoes by hand, then use a sharp serrated knife. The serrated edge helps to cut through the tomato skin easily. You can use a chef’s knife, but make sure it is very sharp, otherwise, it will not cut through the tomato skin.

Can You Dice Tomatoes the Night Before?

You can dice tomatoes the night before, but it is best to not do so as they might become soggy, lose their flavor and become too watery. Do not leave them for longer than a day before using as they just will not be as tasty and fresh.

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