5 Best Steak Knives Made In The USA Of 2023

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You will never know the importance of owning a steak knife until you buy one. But if you are someone who likes to buy American-made kitchen tools, you may have a hard time finding a well-made steak knife. 

What are the best steak knives made in the USA? When looking for the best steak knife, first consider the blade of the knife — the type, length, as well as the material it is made of. Then, make sure the handle of the knife is well-made. Also, check to see if the steak knife is truly made in the USA!

This article includes a buyer’s guide to steak knives and a list of the best steak knives made in the USA. We have also included a couple more American-made tools you can buy if you love cooking and eating steaks. 

What Is A Steak Knife And Why Do You Need One?

Steak knives are sharp table knives with blades that are usually 4-6 inches long and have a pointed tip. 

If you need to have only a couple of types of knives, one of them should be a steak knife. While the name implies that these knives are good only for steaks, they’re actually really versatile!

These sharp knives are used while eating steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, and other large meaty foods that are hard to cut with a regular dinner knife. 

Here are a few reasons why it is worth investing in a couple of steak knives:

  • Steak knives work well not only for meat, but also for meat substitutes. Even if you are vegan and eat plant-based burgers, you will make good use of a steak knife. 
  • Steak knives retain their sharp edge longer. Unlike some table knives that get dull after a few uses, steak knives remain sharp as they are designed to handle more difficult tasks. 
  • Steak knives are quite affordable. Versatile kitchen knives can be on the expensive side. Steak knives, however, often come in a pack of few and at reasonable prices. 

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know that buying a steak knife is certainly worth it, how do you find the best American-made steak knives for everyday use and special occasions?

Here are a few things we recommend you consider before buying a steak knife. 

The Blade 

The most important part about a steak knife is the blade. There are a few considerations to make regarding the blade of a steak knife. 

Serrated Vs Straight Edge

When buying a steak knife, one of the major considerations is the blade type. You should choose between a serrated and a straight blade.

But what are the differences between serrated and non-serrated steak knife blades, and which ones are better?

Serrated steak knives are good for people who don’t like to hone and sharpen their knives often.

Serrated blades do stay sharper for a long time. However, when it’s time to sharpen them, you’ll probably find it’s more difficult than sharpening a straight blade.

If you don’t sharpen a serrated blade when needed, it may start to tear the steak instead of cutting through it seamlessly. 

Steak knife blades with a straight edge don’t stay sharp as long as serrated blades do, but they are a lot easier to hone and sharpen.

Steak knives with a straight edge are also easier to clean.  


The most common blade materials for steak knives, including the ones made in the USA, are stainless steel and high-carbon steel. 

The chromium content in stainless steel is higher than in high-carbon steel — this makes stainless steel less susceptible to rust. This is a great feature for a steak knife as steaks are usually marinated in acidic solutions. 

On the flip side, high-carbon steel is more durable and stays sharp longer than stainless steel. 

So, whether you should get a stainless steel or a high-carbon steel steak knife is a matter of personal preference. 


Steak knife blades are usually 4-6 inches long. The most functional length of a steak knife blade is 4-4 ½ inches long. This blade length would be convenient for all family members and work well for all dishes. 

But if you like eating big steaks, you should certainly go with larger blades. 

The Handle 

Once you have decided on the blade, the next important thing to look into is the handle of the steak knife. Make sure the handle has an ergonomic design and would be comfortable to hold.

It should also be securely attached to the blade. It is best when the blade is attached to the handle with multiple rivets. 

Construction And Durability 

As you may need to apply some force on the knife when trying to cut through meaty food, it is important to buy a steak knife with durable construction. 

If you are planning to buy a steak knife for long-term use, make sure that it is well-made and the blade is attached to the handle very securely

It is good to read the reviews to learn about how the knife feels, if it’s flimsy or not, if it has fallen apart after a few uses or not, and so on.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance rules are pretty much the same for all knives, including steak knives.

While some knife brands may claim their steak knives to be dishwasher-safe, we recommend you always wash your knives by hand with soap and water

If you want the maintenance of your steak knife to be as simple as possible, avoid buying a steak knife with a wooden handle.

Knives with wooden handles shouldn’t be soaked in water. You should keep the handle of a wooden steak knife as dry as possible to prevent water damage. 

Oiling is another maintenance step for wooden-handled knives as it prevents cracks and protects the handle against humidity. 

No matter what steak knife you choose to buy, wash them immediately after each use and dry them thoroughly before your store them away. 

Sharpening the blades is an important knife maintenance step. As noted above, straight blades are easier to sharpen than serrated ones. So, keep this in mind too. 


Steak knives are not as pricey as some other knives you need to have in your collection, such as chef’s knives, bread knives, etc. 

Additionally, steak knives usually come in a pack of four or more. This makes them even more affordable

And still, steak knives come at different price points. Buy from a brand that fits your budget but make sure to read the customer reviews to learn about the quality of the knives. 

As a rule, steak knives that come in a set of many and at a very affordable price don’t have a very long life span. You can invest in four good steak knives or buy budget-friendly sets every once in a while. The choice is yours.


Lastly, if your goal is to find a good American steak knife, make sure to check if the knives are truly made in the USA or not.

Some American cutlery brands manufacture their knives in China, Germany, Japan, and elsewhere

The Best Steak Knives Made In The USA

If you need a steak knife and want it to be American-made, here are the best steak knives made in the USA. We have ranked and reviewed them to help you make a choice. 

RankProduct Key Features 
1.Rada Cutlery Utility Steak Knives 4-3/4-inch straight stainless steel blades, a set of 6 knives 
2.Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knife Set 5-inch high carbon steel serrated blades, a set of 4 knives
3.Rada Cutlery Brushed Aluminum Steak Knives4-7/8-inch straight high carbon stainless steel blades, a set of 4 knives
4.Alfi All-Purpose Knives 4-inch serrated stainless steel blades, a set of 12 knives 
5.Rada Cutlery Serrated Steak Knife 3-7/8-inch high carbon stainless steel serrated blade, brushed aluminum handle

1. Rada Cutlery Utility Steak Knives 

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Rada Cutlery is one of the few American cutlery brands that produces its knives in the USA.

If you are looking for steak knives made in the USA, these ones are your best bet. 

This set of steak knives by Rada Cutlery includes 6 knives with straight blades.

The blade length is 4 ¾ inches while the overall length of the knives is 8 ½ inches. 

The blade material is stainless steel, which is great for knives you will be using on a daily basis. The handle material is stainless steel resin. This material is both slip-resistant and dishwasher-safe

While it is best to not wash these knives in the dishwasher, know that the handles won’t suffer if you do it. Additionally, the handles are thick enough for you to hold the knives comfortably. 

2. Tramontina Porterhouse Steak Knife Set 

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Tramontina Powerhouse steak knives are top-quality knives assembled in the USA.

While the components of these knives are made in Brazil, they are assembled in the USA. 

Tramontina Powerhouse steak knives come in a set of four. They have high-carbon steel serrated blades and well-made hardwood handles. The blades are attached to the wooden handle with three rivets

The blade length is 5 inches. Tramontina Porterhouse steak knives come with both pointed and rounded tips. 

3. Rada Cutlery Brushed Aluminum Steak Knives

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This is another great steak knife set by Rada Cutlery that’s made in the USA.

The blades of the knives are straight. They are made of high-carbon stainless steel and are 4 7/8 inches long

The silver handles are made of brushed aluminum. They have a round shape to help provide a good grip on the knife. 

The set includes four steak knives, which is the perfect number for small families. These sleek-looking knives come in a box and would make a great gift for a steak lover.  

4. Alfi All-Purpose Knives 

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If you often have guests over and serve steaks to multiple people at a time, then this set is the best option for you. 

You get 12 serrated all-purpose knives that work well for cutting steaks.

Customers state that while these all-purpose knives are light and relatively small, they cut through steaks even better than knives specifically designed for steaks. 

These Alfi steak knives are made in the USA. They come with black and colorful handles.

While the black ones look sleek and will work for any occasion, the colorful ones are certainly more fun! You can choose the pack that suits your preferences. 

5. Rada Cutlery Serrated Steak Knife 

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If you need only one steak knife, then this one by Rada Cutlery might be the best option for you.

Just like the Rada Cutlery sets we have talked about above, this one is made in the USA too. 

The total length of this knife is 7 3/4 inches. The serrated blade is 3 7/8 inches long and made of high-carbon stainless steel.

The brushed aluminum handle has a satin finish and makes the knife look very sleek. It also has a round shape and is comfortable to hold. 

Bonus: USA-Made Cooking And Serving Tools For Steak

If you are a steak lover, owning a good steak knife is not enough. You also need a good pan to cook the steak in and other tools to serve it in the best way possible! 

We have picked three American-made steak cooking and serving essentials you should look into if steaks are something you cook often. 

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet

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You will not need any steak tools if you are not able to cook steaks properly. And to do this, you need a good pan!

Cast iron skillets are the best pans to cook steaks in — this is because cast iron heats evenly and retains heat well too.

As you put your steak into pre-heated cast iron, an amazing golden-brown crust forms on the outside of the steak. The inside of the steak, however, remains juicy and cooks to perfection. 

This Lodge cast iron skillet is the perfect “Made in the USA” pan you should buy for your steaks.

This kitchen must-have comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. The brand doesn’t use any synthetic materials for the coating and the surface is almost fully non-stick. 

2. John Boos Block Cutting Board 

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A well-cooked steak can be served on any plate.

However, serving steaks on a wooden board is so much more convenient and impressive. 

This John Boos Block cutting board is double-sided. It is not only good for chopping food, but also great for serving steaks!

One side of this wooden board is flat while the other has an integrated juice groove. It also has a hanging hole for convenient storage

John Boos boards are made in the USA from sustainably sourced maple wood. You can choose from the multiple sizes these boards come in. 

3. Dexter Russel All-Purpose Fork 

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If you already own a good steak knife, you can now consider buying a carving fork for steaks.

These forks are used to hold the steak in place while you are cutting it. You can use it during the preparation process of the meat too!

This Dexter Russel fork is a high-quality tool made in the USA. It is 10 ½ inches long, with top-quality stainless steel prongs.

The handle material is walnut wood. It is securely attached to the working end of the fork with two rivets. 

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