11 Best Spaghetti Containers of 2023

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Storing spaghetti can be tricky – but not if you have the right equipment!

What are the best spaghetti containers? The best spaghetti containers come in either vertical or horizontal orientation. For small sizes, we recommend going with a vertical plastic container with a lid. You can also go with horizontal or stacked containers with divided portions for all types of pasta!

Read below to learn more about the types of spaghetti containers, what to look out for, and our recommendations! 

Spaghetti Container Basics

You might be tempted to keep pasta in the same plastic or paper packaging they were sold in – but that would only cause the pasta to lose its quality over time! 

Storing spaghetti is challenging because unlike other forms of pasta, they are highly susceptible to breakage.

This is why we highly recommend that you invest in an inexpensive and long-term storage solution that you can use for not just spaghetti, but any type of pasta.

Most spaghetti storage containers are designed to maintain the shape of the pasta and also to prolong their shelf life by keeping air out of the container. 

But with so many types of containers, which one should you choose? 

Check out our buyer’s guide below to find out!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Spaghetti Containers

To make this guide easier to understand, we will cover three important features that we think are essential to any good spaghetti container:

  1. Storage Orientation and Lid Design 
  2. Size of Container
  3. Stacked Vs Solo Containers

Storage Orientation and Lid Design

This may not seem like a big deal, but getting the right orientation will not only make it more convenient for you to access the pasta, but it will also save a lot of space depending on your cabinet size and available storage space.

For most people, a vertical container with a mandatory airtight seal is the best option since it has the least surface area and provides an easy way to access the pasta whenever you want it. 

This orientation works great for thicker spaghetti, especially if you don’t store it in bulk. To access the pasta, all you need is to tilt the container or pull out the spaghetti using your fingers. 

However, there are pros and cons to each type of orientation. The con of vertical spaghetti containers is that they don’t work well when stored in bulk.

Taking out precise measurements of pasta can become a bit troubling in this orientation because you will need to carefully pull out a few strands of spaghetti at a time while making sure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

The other option is to go with a horizontal container. These containers might take up more space, but they are by far the easiest to access. 

Just remove the top lid and take out the spaghetti in batches from the middle. This way you don’t end up breaking any strands and it is extremely easy to refill the container too!

You can also choose between glass and plastic containers – but we recommend going with plastic containers if you want a simple and durable solution.

In short, if you don’t have enough space and don’t store pasta in bulk, then we recommend going with the vertical container – but if you have the cabinet space and want a quick and easy spaghetti container, then we highly recommend that you go with the horizontal container. 

Size of Container

Most spaghetti containers vary from 2 to 3 liters in capacity and the size can also play a huge role in accessibility.

In the case of vertical containers, a bigger size means that you will easily be able to fit your hand inside the cylindrical design of the container. 

If you get a smaller container, then you will probably have trouble getting the right amount of spaghetti out – much like the struggles with a can of Pringles.

For horizontal containers, you can go with a storage box with a shallow design. These types of containers have a smaller footprint but can store up to 2-3 liters

You can also find some tall containers that are designed to have a smaller footprint but with a larger opening on the top. These containers can fit not spaghetti but any pasta shape with ease. 

Remember: a larger opening means that you can easily access the pasta without having to contort your hand into the container, like in the case of most cylindrical spaghetti containers. 

Stacked Vs Solo Containers

Want to store multiple types of pasta? Then your best bet is to go with a stacked storage container. 

A stacked design will allow you to conveniently and neatly store spaghetti and other types of pasta without using additional storage space.

Sure, these containers might be a bit taller, but they are a far better option compared to individual containers!

Solo containers are great for people who don’t have a lot of pasta to store. They are also ideal because they are available in far more shapes and sizes than stacked containers. So, if you only cook pasta for yourself or your partner, then you should invest in a single airtight container. 

You should also keep an eye out for additional design features such as measuring molds. 

These molds are an ingenious way to measure out single or double portions of pasta without any guesswork. 

Just line up the pasta vertically according to the size of the mold and you should be able to quickly get an accurate portion of spaghetti without any hassle!

Look under the lid for circular indents and check the product information to be sure.

11 Best Spaghetti Containers 

Now that you know everything there about spaghetti containers, here are some of our recommendations.

We have picked these recommendations according to your buyer’s guide above – so you can any one type of container without worrying about its utility or quality! 

ProductBest Feature
1.OXO Good Grips POP ContainerStandalone spaghetti container with an airtight lid. Best for personal use. 
2.Airtight Spaghetti ContainersPack of 2 transparent and high-quality plastic containers with a convenient airtight lid.
3.Stackable Spaghetti & Noodle ContainerPerfect for bulk storage. Pack of stackable horizontal containers. Great for pasta lovers!     
4.Tall Airtight Spaghetti Storage ContainersCompact and shallow vertical container with high capacity and an airtight seal.   
5. Clear Spaghetti Pasta ContainerSimple and convenient. A Great tall spaghetti container for personal use!     
6. Set of 3 Pcs Clear Plastic Spaghetti JarElegant spaghetti containers. Comes in a tall design and an airtight lid.      
7.Oggi Cylindrical Spaghetti Storage ContainerHeavy-duty airtight plastic container. Great for storing 1-2 packs of spaghetti.       
8.Pack of Tall Spaghetti Storage Container with LidPack of 2 multi-purpose cylindrical containers. Excellent for all types of pasta. Comes with an easy-access lid. 
9.LocknLock Easy Essentials Airtight Rectangular ContainerA tried and tested brand with high-quality standards. The perfect vertical spaghetti container for personal use.
10.YUPHOO Spaghetti ContainerPack of two glass cylindrical storage containers with a rounded, easy-access lid.
11.Easy Stackable Spaghetti ContainerThe best horizontal spaghetti container. Very convenient and accessible. 

1. OXO Good Grips POP Container 

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Oxo has been a prominent brand name in the storage space – and they have truly outdone themselves with this convenient spaghetti container. 

Designed with a push-button airtight seal, this container can easily fit in 2 regular packs of spaghetti and still have leftover space to easily take out the pasta without breaking them into pieces!

It’s designed with food-safe and high-quality plastics that will keep the pasta safe from environmental factors. The lid is also designed with two layers, which makes it extremely easy to clean.

If you have been looking for a safe investment, then we highly recommend that you check out this rectangular (and tall) spaghetti container!

2. Airtight Spaghetti Containers 

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Got a lot of pasta? Then we have the perfect solution for you. 

This set of vertical airtight containers is perfect for storing not just spaghetti, but any type of pasta! 

Made from durable and high-quality plastics, these containers are designed to keep your pasta fresh for longer.

They are also designed to have a smaller footprint so that they take up less storage in your cabinet. 

With an easy-access airtight lid, getting pasta in and out of the container is easy and convenient.

The containers also come with labeling stickers that make it easier for you to mark the date of storage and the type of pasta in each container! 

3. Stackable Spaghetti & Noodle Container 

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These are perhaps one of the best horizontal storage spaghetti containers in the market.

Not only do you get a set of high-quality stackable containers, but the lid of these containers is also designed with a measuring mold.

You can use the mold to conveniently measure out equal and precise portions of pasta without having to deal with leftovers. 

Each container is designed to be an exact match, this means that they can neatly stack over each other without awkwardly tilting.

They are 4 inches wide and 11 inches long, making them an excellent space-saving storage solution. 

4. Tall Airtight Spaghetti Storage Containers 

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If you have a lot of spaghetti then this pasta container is going to be a great long-term investment. 

The container has a tapered shape which means that you get a wide opening at the top and a narrow bottom with a smaller footprint than other similar storage boxes. 

With its tall design, you can easily fill up to 2.5 liters of pasta!

The container also comes with an air-proof lid that is specifically designed to increase the shelf life of your food. 

Highly recommended for anyone who regularly cooks and stores raw pasta! 

5. Clear Spaghetti Pasta Container 

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Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. 

These clear spaghetti containers (pack of 2) have a simple cylindrical design with a small footprint. Store up to 1-2 packs of pasta in each container! 

We highly recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a cheap and effective storage solution for all their pasta needs. 

The top lid is specifically designed to come off easily thanks to its rim-shaped design. Just gently nudge the lid off from the side and enjoy fresh pasta!

6. Set of 3 Pcs Clear Plastic Spaghetti Jar 

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An elegant storage solution for anyone who loves to keep colorful pasta at home. 

The best thing about these storage containers is that they are intentionally designed to fit the décor of any modern kitchen.

Since they are completely transparent, you can show off the bright yellow color of your spaghetti and use them as a decoration piece too! 

7. Oggi Cylindrical Spaghetti Storage Container 

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Looking for a heavy-duty storage solution with a more thorough lid design? Then check out this cylindrical clear spaghetti container that is guaranteed to keep your pasta fresh for longer.

Thanks to its sleek design, this container will not take up any space in your kitchen cabinet and can be conveniently put away without worrying about rechecking the seal. 

The clamp-on design offers peace of mind and provides arguably better protection from air and moisture – and since it’s made from high-quality acrylic, you can bet that it’s way tougher than other spaghetti containers too. 

8. Pack of Tall Spaghetti Storage Container with Lid 

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Tired of using inaccessible and inconvenient storage containers?

This pack of 2 cylindrical containers is designed to be tough, secure, and highly accessible.

They come with an easy-access lid with an “easy-pour” function. Just lift the top seal and tilt the container to get a precise measurement of pasta. 

These containers are built with care and are free of any chemicals or other toxic materials that may leak into the food!

9. LocknLock Easy Essentials Airtight Rectangular Container 

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LocknLock is a name that you can trust!

Just like their other products, this tall and rectangular spaghetti container is built using the same design philosophy that has helped the brand reach top-tier status in the storage world. 

With an airtight and easy-access lid, you can easily store spaghetti or virtually any type of pasta without worrying about its shelf-life over time.  

The containers are made using high-quality materials and are free of any toxic substances that may leak into the food, even if the container is subjected to heat. 

It’s an easy and highly convenient solution for anyone who wants to invest in a long-term solution for all their pasta needs!

10. YUPHOO Spaghetti Container 

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Ditch plastic and opt for this cleverly designed glass spaghetti container. 

Why clever? Well, this container comes with an ingeniously designed lid with an easy-access system that helps you take out equal portions of spaghetti. 

The body is designed with high-quality borosilicate glass that is tough and free of any harmful chemicals.

We think that this is the perfect long-term storage solution for anyone who doesn’t want to use a plastic container for food. 

It has a tall design and an airtight seal that will keep your spaghetti or virtually any other type of pasta fresh for longer! 

11. Easy Stackable Spaghetti Container 

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The reason why this set of two horizontal containers is one of our top picks is that they are extremely easy to access and they can also neatly stack on top of each other without taking up any space.

If you are someone who regularly cooks pasta and hates having to take out the container and waste time taking out the right portion of spaghetti every time then we highly recommend that you take a look at this container design.

It can lay flat in your drawer and all you have to do is to remove the top airtight lid and grab as much pasta as your need for your recipe!

It’s highly convenient and a must-have for people who want a quick and easy storage solution for spaghetti or other types of pasta.  

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