11 Best Shabu Shabu Pots Of 2023

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If you haven’t tried shabu shabu yet, then you’re definitely missing out! This popular Japanese dish is perfect for a communal dinner, and many of us have been enjoying shabu shabu in our favorite oriental restaurants.

And now, with some great shabu shabu pots on the market, you can recreate this delightful meal at home!

But how do you choose the right shabu shabu pot for your dining experience?  The best shabu shabu pots will maintain the perfect temperature for your shabu shabu to cook in the simmering broth. It should be wide and shallow and have excellent heat retention. Some shabu shabu pots have their own heat source, and others can be used for different types of cooking. 

In the mood for knocking up something new and exciting for your next dinner party? Read on to learn what makes the best shabu shabu pot, and we’ll reveal our top 11 best shabu shabu pots to help you choose!

What Is Shabu Shabu?

Shabu shabu is a hot dish, popular in Japanese cooking. It is a one-pot dish which is best described as a light and fresh soup, packed full of meat and vegetables.

The name shabu shabu comes from the sound the ingredients make as they are stirred in the pot. The closest translation for shabu shabu is “swish swish”!

The fascinating thing about shabu shabu is that it is cooked at the dinner table. It is a slow and enjoyable process, forcing us to take our time and enjoy every mouthful in our often too-busy lives.

This is perfect for a social gathering, or even when we just want to slow down and take the time to make the most of our dining experience.

The shabu shabu pot is placed in front of the diners, filled with hot broth. The raw ingredients are placed into the broth, where they cook quickly.

The meat and vegetables in shabu shabu are very thinly sliced and become tender and delicious when cooked in the rich, velvety broth.

Shabu shabu is now widely available in Japanese restaurants, and if you haven’t already tried it then we think you definitely should!

We guarantee that you’ll be hooked on this delightful dining experience, and be rushing out to buy your own shabu shabu pot the next day.

How Is Shabu Shabu Eaten?

The fun thing about shabu shabu is that you get to make your meal yourself, whilst enjoying the company of your friends at the dinner table.

So no more chef stuck in the kitchen while everyone else relaxes. With shabu shabu, we all get to help make dinner!

This method also gives you ultimate control over how your food is cooked. Like your meat rare and your vegetables crunchy? No problem, you’re in charge so cook it for as long as you like!

You also get to choose exactly which ingredients you have in your dinner. No more fishing out vegetables that you are not keen on—simply add only the ones you like to your shabu shabu pot!

To cook shabu shabu, you will first need a base broth in your pot. The traditional broth is normally made up of water, kombu seaweed, and cooking sake.

This broth should be gently simmering in the pot, which is placed on the dinner table.

You will also need ingredients to add to the shabu shabu pot. This would normally be a selection of meat and vegetables. These are all sliced very thinly, allowing them to cook in the hot broth in around two minutes.

The final part of a shabu shabu meal is dipping sauces and side dishes, such as sesame sauce and finely sliced scallions.

Once cooked, the meat and vegetables are removed from the broth and served to your diners. The dipping sauces and side dishes are used to allow people to flavor their meal as they wish.

Shabu shabu is also sometimes served with white rice. Alternatively, you can add ramen noodles to the broth to cook with your meat and vegetables.

Now, one thing which people often overlook is that you need a way to keep your broth at the perfect cooking temperature.

For this, you can use a portable hob, such as a gas burner or hot plate. The other option is to use your kitchen cooker, but then you will need all of your dinner guests in there with you to cook their shabu shabu!

What Are Shabu Shabu Pots?

If you’re a confident chef, you might be wondering why a shabu shabu pot is necessary. After all, can’t you just boil up some broth in your normal saucepans?

A shabu shabu pan is a traditional wide, shallow cooking pan, designed to simmer gently and retain heat well. This gives you the perfect cooking temperature for your thinly sliced ingredients.

The shallow depth of the broth makes it easy to pick out your cooked shabu shabu with chopsticks or a ladle when it is time to serve.

How To Choose The Best Shabu Shabu Pots

Cooking shabu shabu might sound simple, but there is a knack for getting the best results from this delightful cooking technique.

Your broth needs to be maintained at the perfect temperature to quickly cook your meat and vegetables, without them turning mushy or staying raw for hours.

To do this, you need a good-quality shabu shabu pot. But how do you choose the right one?

Let’s find out!


It might sound obvious, but you need to buy the right size shabu shabu pot to suit you and your needs! Shabu shabu pots come in many shapes and sizes, and which one you choose depends on how you plan on using it.

You might be tempted to go for the largest pot possible, but this isn’t always the best.

Think about how you will use your shabu shabu pot. Yes, it is fun to cook for a big group of friends, but what if you want to use it for a smaller intimate dinner party too?

The best thing about this method is that food can be cooked in small batches, so a large pot is not always necessary.

Think about your storage as well—do you have somewhere to keep a large shabu shabu pot in your kitchen? It can be all too easy to go a bit over the top on new cooking gadgets, but make sure you have room for it first!

Type Of Shabu Shabu Pot

Shabu shabu pots, like most types of cookware, come in many different materials. These all have their advantages and disadvantages. The most common materials for shabu shabu pots are ceramic, cast iron, steel, and aluminum.

Ceramic & Cast Iron Shabu Shabu Pots

Ceramic and cast iron shabu shabu pots are very robust and durable. They take a long time to heat up, but they retain heat well and will keep your broth at the perfect temperature for longer.

This means you can be a bit more relaxed about the heat source on your table, as just a low heat such as a food warmer should be sufficient to keep your broth hot.

Ceramic and cast iron are both easy to clean and care for. Cast iron can become rusty, so make sure you season your pan regularly to avoid this.

These options are also very heavy, so take care when moving a pan full of hot broth.

Steel & Aluminium Shabu Shabu Pots

Steel and aluminum are both lightweight and easy to handle. However, they do not retain heat well, and you will need to keep the pot over a heat source to maintain the temperature of the broth.

The joy of steel and aluminum pans is that they are often dishwasher safe and are very hardwearing.

Electric Shabu Shabu Pots

Want to take the guesswork out of cooking shabu shabu? Then an electric pot might be the way to go! These have their own heat source and will keep your broth at the perfect temperature to cook your ingredients to perfection.

Electric shabu shabu pots come with a range of different cooking surfaces, including ceramic, stainless steel, and cast aluminum.

Ease Of Cleaning

So, you’ve enjoyed a delicious shabu shabu feast with your family and friends. But nothing ruins that warm, full-tummy feeling quite like spending hours soaking baked-on food off your precious cookware!

Ideally, the surface of your shabu shabu pot should just rinse and wipe clean in seconds. Some shabu shabu pots are suitable for washing in the dishwasher, while others are hand-wash only


Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget which can do many things? There is no point taking up valuable cupboard space with multiple pots which only do one job each.

Luckily, some shabu shabu pots also double up as a cooking pot for stews, casseroles, sautéing, and even deep-frying.

So, if you are tight on space in your kitchen, it makes sense to opt for a multifunctional cooking pot that can do more than one job.

The 11 Best Shabu Shabu Pots

From a traditional Japanese shabu shabu pot to a multifunction tabletop cooker, the key to making the best shabu shabu is using a wide shallow pot that maintains a consistent temperature. 

Here are our top picks for the 11 best shabu shabu pots!

RankProductBest Feature
1.Traditional Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With ChimneyBest overall shabu shabu pots
2.Electric Multi-Cooker Shabu Shabu Hot Pot5 different temperature settings
3.JXXM Nonstick Ying Yang Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with DividerNon-stick granite coating
4.Aroma Housewares Dual-Sided Shabu Shabu Hot PotDishwasher safe
5.Cookin IH Ceramic Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With DividerCompatible with electric, gas, halogen, and induction stovetops
6. BW Smart Lifting Electric Hot Pot Shabu Shabu Cooker And SteamerGreat for cooking dim sum and steamed vegetables
7.Jinxiao Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With 3 DividersStainless steel build
8.Soup N Grill V2 Electric Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With GrillLage tabletop-style pot
9.Chinese Two Flavor Hot Pot Shabu Shabu Cooker With DividerThick cast aluminum body
10.Stariver Multi-Functional Electric Mini PotConvenient miniature cooker
11.Japanese Hana Mishima Donabe Ceramic Earthenware Clay Pot For Shabu ShabuBeautiful earthenware pot

1. Traditional Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With Chimney

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If you are looking for a truly authentic Japanese shabu shabu experience, then this is the pot for you.

Many Japanese restaurants use pots like this to serve up shabu shabu, and you can easily recreate this dining experience at home.

Made with stainless steel, this shabu shabu pot works on gas and electric stoves. The perfect way to cook with it is using a portable gas burner or electric hob on your tabletop.

This isn’t the biggest shabu shabu pot but would comfortably cook enough for four people at once. And if you’re still hungry after this, simply cook up some more whilst sitting at the table!

2. Electric Multi-Cooker Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

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Now, we’re huge fans of any pot which can do more than one thing, and this elegant multifunctional shabu shabu pot ticks all the right boxes!

With its own heat source, this electric multi-cooker will help you to create the perfect tabletop dining experience.

The cast aluminum cooking pot has 5 different temperature settings, so you can slow cook, steam, boil, shallow fry, deep fry, and of course cook your shabu shabu!

The cooking pot is removable after use for easy cleaning, and the whole unit will store away easily after use. Mind you, we’d keep this dish out all the time, as it really is something you would use every day!

3. JXXM Nonstick Ying Yang Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with Divider

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This shabu shabu pot is so elegant, you’ll want to use it every day!

Made with a durable non-stick granite coating, this large pot is big enough to comfortably cook for up to 10 people at once.

We love the stylish wood-effect handles on this pan and the elegant divider which means you can cook 2 different types of shabu shabu at the same time.

This pan is designed to be used over a heat source and can be used on all types of cookers including gas burners and induction stovetops. It is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean after use.

4. Aroma Housewares Dual-Sided Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

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This clever electric shabu shabu pot has a divider in the middle, enabling you to create two different broth recipes.

Perfect if one of you likes spicy food and the other prefers something more subtle!

With 3 different heat settings, this pot will keep your broth at the optimum temperature throughout your meal.

It is large enough to cook for at least 4 people in one sitting, and the pot will stay warm enough to add more ingredients if needed.

The durable and lightweight cooking pot is made from stainless steel, and is removable for easy cleaning. It can be quickly washed in warm soapy water and is also dishwasher safe.

5. Cookin IH Ceramic Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With Divider

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If you’ve ever cooked with ceramic, you’ll know what impressive heat retention properties it has.

The last thing you want to happen with your shabu shabu is for the broth to stop simmering when you add your ingredients.

This ceramic pot will certainly ensure that doesn’t happen!

Compatible with electric, gas, halogen, and induction stovetops, this shabu shabu pot has a central divider so you can cook 2 different meals at once.

It is easy to clean and versatile enough to be used for cooking many other hot dishes.

6. BW Smart Lifting Electric Hot Pot Shabu Shabu Cooker And Steamer

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This is a nifty little multifunctional pot with its own integrated heat source.

As well as maintaining the perfect conditions for cooking shabu shabu, you can also use this cooker as a steamer to cook rice and noodles.

It is also great for cooking dim sum and steamed vegetables.

One thing we love about this system is the integrated steaming basket, which will be perfect for lifting out your cooked shabu shabu. No more fishing about in the broth for that elusive piece of succulent meat!

7. Jinxiao Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With 3 Dividers

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If cooking one or two meals at once isn’t enough for you, why go for three!

This would be great for a small dinner party, where each guest could pick which broth they prefer to cook their shabu shabu.

This pot will feed up to 6 people at one sitting, and is suitable for all types of stovetops. It is made from stainless steel, so is light and durable with fast heat conduction.

8. Soup N Grill V2 Electric Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With Grill

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Now, this is the shabu shabu pot for anyone really serious about tabletop cooking!

This pot is so versatile that you may never cook in your kitchen again.

The Soup N Grill V2 Electric Tabletop Cooker has a central shabu shabu pot with a divider, perfect for creating two different types of broth.

On either side of the shabu shabu pot are 2 grill plates, which can be used for charring vegetables and meats.

It is large enough to cook a feast for 2-4 people, or a light dinner for up to 8.

Pair with some lightly steamed rice and you’ve got a Japanese feast that will tantalize everyone’s tastebuds as you cook it in front of them. This really is communal dining at its best!

The only problem with this system is that the shabu shabu pot is not removable. However, the non-stick coating will wipe clean easily after use.

9. Chinese Two Flavor Hot Pot Shabu Shabu Cooker With Divider

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This pot may say it is Chinese but it would be perfect for cooking Japanese shabu shabu.

It has a thick cast aluminum body, designed to heat up rapidly ready for use.

It is suitable for use on all types of stovetops, as well as solid fuel cookers.

With easy-grip ergonomic handles and a glass lid for convenient viewing, this pot would be a great piece of multi-use cookware.

We like the idea of cooking the shabu shabu on one side and some noodles on the other – the ultimate one-pot cooking!

10. Stariver Multi-Functional Electric Mini Pot

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Just because you are cooking for one or two doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the treats in life!

This handy little mini multicooker is the perfect size to whip up a batch of shabu shabu for you and your best friend or even a decadent dinner for one.

The Stariver Multi-Functional Electric Mini Pot has a range of different heat settings, from food warming through to boiling.

This gives you many ways of using this versatile pot, from serving a warm soup or casserole to cooking delicious shabu shabu, dumplings, eggs, and even pasta.

11. Japanese Hana Mishima Donabe Ceramic Earthenware Clay Pot For Shabu Shabu

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This pot is so beautiful we’re not sure we would dare cook in it!

This stunning earthenware pot is a very traditional style of Japanese pot and would make an incredible centerpiece for any dinner party table.

Whilst we love this pot, it does have very specific instructions for use, so may not be suitable for everyday cooking. But it really would be a wonderful way to cook for your friends at your next get-together!

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