12 Best Reign Flavors – Every Flavor Ranked

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Energy drinks have certainly taken over the world with their exhilarating and refreshing taste along with certain benefits too. Out of these drinks, Reign is one of the most famous energy drinks available today. 

Reign energy drinks offer a wide range of flavors from which you can easily choose depending on your taste and preferences. Today, there are over 16 Reign flavors available today, including some Reign Inferno flavors as well. 

So, which is the best Reign flavor? The best Reign flavor offers an excellent and refreshing taste. It should also have a moderate sweetness that doesn’t overpower the original taste of the drink. It should offer enough energy to get you through your tasks easily. 

If you’re confused about which Reign flavor to go for, then we have ranked all the best flavors according to us. Keep in mind that the rankings may differ depending on your preferences as well. To know more, read on!

What Is Reign And Why Is It So Popular? 

Reign Total Body Fuel is a type of sugar-free energy drink available all over the US today. The Monster Beverage Corporation first introduced this drink in 2019.

After that, it has certainly become a hit amongst all the energy drink lovers! 

Today, Reign Total Body Fuel is available in so many stores and has become very popular due to the following reasons: 

Variety Of Unique Flavors

One of the reasons why Reign is so popular is because of its amazing and unique flavors. For instance, there are 16 flavors available today. You can get something as basic as the orange flavor and as unique as the Jalapeño Strawberry flavor!

These flavors have their own special taste and fizz, unlike any other energy drink that you would find in the stores. 


You will find plenty of drinks and sodas that contain a good deal of sugar. It goes without saying that this much sugar is not the most healthy thing to consume. 

Because of this, many people have decided to switch over to Reign energy drinks. These drinks are totally sugar-free!

Low Calories 

Even though the Reign company suggests that their energy drinks are calorie-free, it is not entirely the truth. 

Reign energy drinks contain about 10 calories which are extremely less compared to the calorie content in many other fatty drinks today. This could be because Reign energy drinks have no sugar in them. 


Reign energy drinks aren’t as cheap as other energy drinks. But you can still get a carton for an affordable price easily! 

So, many people simply buy Reign energy drinks in bulk to save up on the cost and get their daily dose of energy. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing Any Reign Flavor

As we mentioned above, you can find over 16 flavors of Reign today! This is bound to make any person confused regarding which flavor to go for. 

Well, you can easily make that out by keeping in mind these things: 

Fruit Or Ingredients 

Every Reign flavor has a certain fruity taste to it. So, you can easily find out which one to buy depending on your favorite fruit flavor. 

For example, if you simply love the taste of orange and mango, you can opt for Orange Dreamsicle or Mang-O-Matic. If you don’t like the general taste of strawberry, avoid going for Strawberry Sublime.


There is no added sweetness in Reign drinks. Yet, some flavors might have more sweetness than others. 

So, if you like the sweet taste, you can opt for sweeter flavors like Strawberry Sublime or Mang-O-Matic. Contrarily, if you like sour taste, consider opting for flavors like Lemon HDZ or Sour Apple!

Energy Requirements 

Lastly, you can get two varieties in Reign energy drinks – Total Body Fuel and Inferno.

The Inferno line of Reign energy drinks is known to contain additional ingredients which makes it ‘thermogenic’ and helps in the reduction of body calories. 

Keeping these things in mind let’s take a look at the 12 best reign flavors ranked accordingly!

12 Best Reign Flavors You Should Try Out 

We have made a list of the 12 best Reign flavors to help you save some time. These flavors are ranked on their overall flavor, fizz, and popularity. Bear in mind that the rankings may differ based on your preferences as well. 

1.Orange DreamsicleTangy and very sweet
2.Razzle BerrySlightly sour with mild sweetness
3.Melon ManiaVery sweet with a slight medicinal taste
4.Lilikoi LycheeSweet taste
5.Sour AppleSweet, sour, and slightly acidic
6.Lemon HDZSweet with mild sweetness, tarter taste
7.Peach FizzMildly sweet 
8.Mang-O-MaticMildly sweet with a bitter aftertaste
9.Red DragonVery sweet 
10.Strawberry SublimeMildly sweet and tropical
11.Carnival CandyVery mild cotton-candy flavor and sweetness
12.Jalapeno StrawberrySweet, slightly tangy, and spicy

1. Orange Dreamsicle

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There’s nothing like a delicious and refreshing orange popsicle on a scorching summer afternoon or evening! Yet, the number of calories and sugar may make you step back. 

But, don’t despair because, with the Orange Dreamsicle Reign flavor, you won’t be missing those popsicles anymore. 

The Orange Dreamsicle is definitely the best Reign flavor in our opinion. It consists of an orange flavor profile, along with some added vanilla.

This makes it the best flavor for all those summer evenings spent lounging around with your friends and family. 

The best part is that despite its striking similarities to orange popsicles, this drink doesn’t contain any extra sugar or calories. It even provides extra energy. 

However, you may not want to go for this flavor if you don’t like anything too sweet or ice-cream-like. 

2. Razzle Berry

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Do you remember the amazing taste of the raspberry Jolly Ranchers? Razzle Berry should be your next go-to Reign flavor!

Moreover, if you’re not a fan of orange, the Razzle Berry consists of a raspberry flavor. This flavor comes in a beautiful blue color and has a unique taste

The raspberry flavor adds more sourness to the drink. So, if you don’t want anything that is too sweet or too sour, then Razzle Berry is just the perfect flavor to opt for! 

Now, it may seem like there’s added sugar in Razzle Berry but surprisingly, there is none. So, you get one of the best-flavored energy drinks today without any added sugars. 

3. Melon Mania 

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Other than refreshing oranges, it is certainly melons that remind all of us about the summer days.

So, if you have spent your time eating melons and liking everything with melon in it, then you would love Melon Mania!

Melon Mania has a dominating taste of melon juice that makes it beyond energizing and invigorating

Again, it doesn’t feel like this flavor has absolutely no sugar in it as there’s a very noticeable sweet flavor. 

The only complaint we have found here is that this drink may taste way too sweet to some people. So, you should avoid it if you’re not really into too sweet energy drinks. It may also have a slightly medicinal smell and aftertaste. 

4. Lilikoi Lychee 

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Reign is known to bring out unique fruit flavors – one of them is Lilikoi Lychee.

This flavor is rarely seen in any US-based beverages as it is more dominant in Asian countries. So, if you get a chance to try this, we definitely recommend it!

Lilikoi Lychee comes with a fascinating blend of Lilikoi (or passionfruit) and lychee. It’s a type of exotic fruit flavor that does justice to the original sweet and refreshing taste of lychee. 

The aftertaste has a slight taste of Lilikoi which makes the overall experience very pleasant. 

As this flavor is slightly new, it may not sit well with your taste buds, especially if you have never tried lychee or Lilikoi before. It may also taste slightly chemical-like. 

5. Sour Apple 

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As the name suggests, the Sour Apple Reign flavor is for those wanting a sweet with a slightly sour energy drink. 

In fact, many people who love sour energy drinks have come to love the Sour Apple flavor by Reign. 

The Sour Apple flavor slightly resembles the green apple flavor of Jolly Ranchers but with way less sugar and calories!

When you first taste this drink, you would come across a very noticeable sour taste of apples. Yet, with every sip, the taste may become slightly sweet.

This flavor may have a slightly acidic undertone and is quite strong. 

6. Lemon HDZ

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If you’re one of those, ‘When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!’ people, then you would love the Lemon HDZ Reign flavor. 

The Lemon HDZ flavor has a sweet, sour, and tarter taste to it. So, you are definitely getting a combination of flavors in this one drink itself.

Moreover, the refreshing taste of lemon is worth trying at least once.

Keep in mind that if you’re expecting this drink to taste extremely sour, then it may not be your type. Lemon HDZ has a mild and unnoticeable sour taste to it rather than an obvious one. 

Lemon HDZ has a slightly metallic and sharp taste which isn’t suitable for every palate.  

7. Peach Fizz

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Peach Fizz is one of the subtle flavors in the entire Reign collection. So, it works the best if you don’t want anything that tastes too sweet, sour, or even acidic. 

This flavor has a very similar taste to that of peach-flavored gummies. If you loved those, then you would love this one too. 

The good thing about Peach Fizz is that there’s no sickly sweet taste that is found in many peach beverages. Instead, it is on the milder side. 

However, you may taste a very syrupy flavor if Peach Fizz isn’t chilled properly. So, you always need to make sure that you drink it after chilling it in the fridge!

8. Mang-O-Matic

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The Mang-O-Matic Reign flavor works perfectly for those craving a tropical drink. It has an exciting mango flavor if you’re a complete mango-lover. 

There’s no strong carbonated taste that could ruin your experience. Moreover, the sweetness is also on the mild side if you don’t like your energy drinks too sweet. 

But, if you’re looking for an authentic mango taste here, then this flavor might be disappointing for you. 

The added sucralose makes the taste more artificial than real. There’s also a bitter aftertaste which many people don’t like in this flavored drink. 

9. Red Dragon

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Let’s step away from the usual flavors and dive into the Reign Inferno flavors. Red Dragon certainly packs a punch with its unique and energizing flavor. 

The Red Dragon flavor consists of a fruit punch flavor with an added flavor of dragon fruit. Now, this flavor is definitely one of the most unique ones and unlike any other fruity flavor. 

We highly recommend this flavor if you’re looking for something that tastes like fruit punch mixed with soda!

Again, this flavor may slightly be on the sweeter side if you’re not into sweet beverages. 

10. Strawberry Sublime 

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Strawberry Sublime isn’t just a strawberry drink. It has some other added flavors of guava and lime too which makes the overall taste quite pleasant. 

This flavor isn’t very sweet as you would expect it to be due to the presence of strawberries. The flavors of guava and lime balance the sweetness and make this flavor good!

This flavor is certainly not the best as the strawberry taste doesn’t taste very natural. Instead, the taste is slightly more on the tropical side. 

Overall, it does taste quite decent as long as you’re not looking for an authentic strawberry flavor.

11. Carnival Candy

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The basic taste of cotton candy is enough to remind us all of the amazing carnival days. And well, the Carnival Candy flavor is an ode to those days. 

The Carnival Candy flavor has a dominating taste of cotton candy with the right amount of sweetness. The taste isn’t overpowering either and feels mild on the tongue. 

Yet, the Carnival Candy would have tasted better if the taste of cotton candy was more noticeable.

Instead, it simply tastes like a plain sugary drink after the first sip. Moreover, as the taste here is very mild, the fizz may seem very strong. 

12. Jalapeño Strawberry

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Jalapeño Strawberry may sound like a very weird combination but Reign energy drink definitely does justice to it. 

This drink has an earthy taste with a very noticeable taste of strawberry. Still, this drink has a mild sweetness instead of being sickly sweet.

You may even feel the slight tanginess of jalapeños at the end of the sip! 

The reason why we have ranked this drink lowest is that there’s no refreshing spiciness as you’d expect in a  Jalapeño Strawberry drink. Overall, it is not as good as the other flavors of Reign. 

Apart from the above-mentioned flavors, you can also get other less famous or delicious flavors from Reign. These include – True Blu, Cherry Limeade, and Watermelon Warlord.

Final Thoughts 

Reign energy drinks are one of a kind with their unique flavors and no-sugar rule. Another great thing is that they are very energizing due to the presence of extra caffeine. 

So, you can opt for any flavor as per your preferences. But if we have to suggest, we’d surely go ahead with Orange Dreamsicle, Razzle Berry, Melon Mania, and Lilikoi Lychee.

The other flavors are exciting in their own different ways as well and who knows you might end up liking them more than we do!

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