9 Best Protein Powders For Juicing Of 2023

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There’s something so refreshing about a tall glass of fresh-pressed juice. Whether you make it at home or pick it up from your local juice bar, it’s a great way to add some more nutrients to your life.

However, most juices contain very little fiber, no protein, and no fat, which means they aren’t the best for satisfying your hunger. Luckily, you can add some protein powder to round it out and fill you up.

So, what are the best protein powders for juicing? First, you’ll want to choose your flavor and protein source, then make sure your powder fits with any dietary requirements, avoid products with oats or whole grains (as opposed to protein isolates), and consider the container size and shelf life.

Read on to learn what to look for when choosing the best protein powders to add to your fresh juice and the ones that make our best-of list!

How To Choose The Best Protein Powders For Juicing

When it comes to choosing the best protein powders to add to juices, there are some things to look out for.

Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the best protein powder for your budget, dietary requirements, and taste buds.

Choose Your Protein Powder Flavor

When you’re mixing your protein powder with juice, you’ll want to choose a flavor that complements the juice that you’re making or that you bought.

Typically, that means you won’t want to buy a protein powder that comes in a chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, or cocoa flavor.

Some great flavor options that would work well in a juice and not make an undrinkable concoction include:

  • Unflavored
  • Vanilla
  • Berry
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Pina Colada

Choose Your Protein Powder Source

There are so many types of protein powders available on the market now that suit a variety of dietary preferences, budgets, and flavor preferences.

If you don’t have any specific dietary preferences, it can be fun to change it up whenever you run out of your current container since different protein powders will have slightly different flavors and nutrient profiles.

Some of the most popular protein powders include:

  • Whey protein
  • Collagen
  • Pea Protein
  • Vegan protein blends (often from pea, hemp, goji berry, rice protein, etc.)
  • Egg protein powders
  • Beef or fish protein isolates

This list includes a variety of sources, and they’re all great, so it mostly will come down to budget and preference.

Dietary Requirements

If you are on a particular diet then it is important to buy the right snow cone syrup to suit your needs.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian: There are many great vegan and plant-based protein powder options available. Always check the packaging carefully, as some protein powders may contain ingredients that make them unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians, such as whey or eggs.
  • Sugar-Free Diet: If you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, you may be trying to avoid sugar. Look for unsweetened, low-carb protein powders since carbohydrates may be turned into sugar in the body, leading to elevated blood sugar levels.
  • Paleo: If you’re eating a paleo diet, you will generally want to avoid protein powders made from legumes such as pea protein and grains such as brown rice protein or that contain milk ingredients. Look for protein powders made from hemp, pumpkin seeds, beef isolate, collagen, egg whites, or fish isolates.

Avoid Products With Oats

Some protein powders or meal replacement powders include whole grains like oats in their blends. These mixtures can be great for heartier uses like in smoothies, baking, or stirred into oatmeal.

However, when it comes to stirring these protein powders into juice, they don’t tend to dissolve as well since grains like oats can stay a little gritty.

We’ve made sure our list below doesn’t include any protein powders with whole grains to avoid any grittiness in your juice.

Shelf Life And Container Size

Something else to consider when choosing your protein powder is how often you plan on using it.

If it’s something that you tend to rarely use as a quick meal on the go, then you might want to choose a protein powder that comes in a small container to prevent it from spoiling before you can use it.

On the other hand, if you love a daily hit of protein in your juice, then you can feel pretty safe buying a larger container.

Most regular-sized protein powders will have between 20-30 servings per container, which can typically be consumed within a month or two.

Since the shelf life on most protein powders is several months at least, you can get a larger size if you know you’ll be using it regularly within that time frame. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your expensive protein powder!

The 9 Best Protein Powders For Juicing

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best protein powders to add to juice, you can check out the choices below to find the one that best fits your dietary requirements, taste preference, and budget.

If you’re looking for a way to turn your juice into a full meal replacement or just generally increase your protein intake, adding protein powder to your juice is a great idea.

These protein powders will not only blend up well in a juice, you can also add them to smoothies; baked goods like muffins, cakes, cookies, or loaves; pancakes; and your morning oatmeal.

Having a high-quality, easily blendable protein on hand is a super-easy way to add a little extra nutrition to your meals and snacks. Just scoop, stir, and enjoy!

Here are our top picks of the 9 best protein powders for juicing. They include plant-based options, whey protein, collagen, and more so you will be able to choose your favorite from the bunch or mix and match to change it up.

RankProductKey Features
1Collagen Peptides Powder SupplementQuick dissolve, unflavored, mixes easily into juice, contains 11 g protein/serving, paleo-friendly, no sugar.
2Collagen Powder Protein with ProbioticsPaleo, dissolves easily, unflavored, blend of collagen sources, 9g protein per 10g serving, contains vitamin C
3Egg White Protein PowderUnflavored, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, no sugar, contains 13g protein/serving, dissolves easily.
4Equip Foods Prime ProteinBeef isolate protein, strawberry or vanilla flavor, dissolves well in liquids, contains 20 g protein/serving.
5Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein PowderWhey protein, low carb, 25 g protein/serving, dissolves well, lemon or vanilla flavor.
6Sunwarrior - Warrior BlendPlant-based (pea, hemp, goji), berry flavor, contains MCTs for healthy fats, 16g protein/serving, dissolves well.
7Anthony's Premium Pea ProteinPlant-based pea protein, vegan friendly, dissolves well, no sugar, unflavored, 8g protein per 10g powder.
8Garden of Life Vegan Protein PowderLightly sweetened/unflavored, plant-based & vegan, 20g protein/serving, easily digestible.
9Ora Organic Vegan Protein PowderPlant-based protein blend, vegan, organic, 21g protein/serving, easily dissolves, unflavored or vanilla.

1. Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Protein Powder Supplement

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This protein powder makes a great addition to a juice because it has no flavor, dissolves super easily into liquids, and contains a great amount of protein per scoop.

Collagen is also the most abundant type of protein in the body.

We need lots of collagen to build healthy hair, skin, and nails, so adding this protein powder to your juice will really up the nutrient density.

It’s made from beef bones, so it is not vegan or vegetarian friendly, but it is great for people on paleo diets.

It also doesn’t contain any sugar or carbohydrates, which makes it a great choice for diabetics or those who are eating a low or no sugar diet.

2. Collagen Powder Protein with Probiotics by Ancient Nutrition

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We wanted to include another collagen protein powder option on the list because it dissolves so easily into liquids and has one of the mildest flavors of all the protein powders on this list.

This version contains a blend of collagen from different sources such as beef, chicken, fish, and eggshell membrane, so you get a nice variety in every scoop.

It also contains probiotics to support digestive health. It has no sugar or carbohydrates, so it’s safe for diabetics. And it’s a great option for people following a paleo diet since it doesn’t contain any legumes or grains.

3. Equip Foods Prime Protein – Grass-Fed Isolate Beef Protein Powder

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This Equip Foods protein powder is an interesting one because it is made from grass-fed beef protein isolate.

Beef protein is packed with the collagen, gelatin, and micro-nutrients your body needs for muscle repair and overall health.

It also contains 20g of protein per serving and absolutely no added sugar, making it great for diabetics or people on low-sugar eating plans. It’s also a good choice for people on a paleo diet since it is sugar, grain, and legume-free.

This protein powder comes in a vanilla or strawberry flavor, so it will change up the flavor of your juice a little when you add it in. We would suggest the strawberry since it complements the flavors of most juices really well.

4. It’s Just – Egg White Protein Powder

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This egg white protein powder is great for people on a paleo diet or who are avoiding whey proteins.

It’s unflavored and dissolves well into liquids, which makes it perfect for stirring into your favorite juice for an extra hit of protein.

Since it only contains egg whites, this protein powder is sugar and carb-free, making it safe for diabetics. If you’re looking for a limited ingredient, unflavored protein powder, this egg white blend is a fun one to try.

5. Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder

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Even though whey protein can have a bit of a unique flavor, we wanted to add this one to the list since it’s such a great protein source.

And since it has a lovely lemon flavor, it really complements most juices from green to fruit-based!

Since it contains dairy, it’s not the best choice for vegans, but vegetarians who consume dairy should have no problem with it. This blend dissolves well into liquids, making it a great choice for juices.

There is also only 2 grams of carbohydrates, 1 of which is fiber, which makes it quite low in sugars, so it should be safe for people on low-carb or diabetic diets.

6. Sunwarrior – Warrior Blend, Plant Based, Raw Vegan Protein Powder

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If you’re looking for a great plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder then Sun Warrior is your go-to brand.

It contains a blend of plant proteins from peas, hemp, and goji berries and comes in a delicious berry flavor.

It does contain about 5 grams of carbohydrates per scoop, including 1 gram of fiber, but it doesn’t have any added sugars sugars.

7. Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein

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If you want a basic blend of plant-based protein, pea protein is a popular choice.

This protein powder from Anthony’s Premium is low carb, unflavored, dissolves easily, and is a great choice for vegans and vegetarians.

8. Garden of Life Vegan Protein Powder

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Garden of Life is known for its high-quality, plant-based proteins that are easy to digest and safe for vegan diets.

This protein powder is lightly sweetened, but otherwise unflavored. It also contains a blend of nutrients and probiotics for a complete meal replacement.

If you’re diabetic or on a low sugar diet, this protein powder isn’t the best choice since it contains about 14 grams of carbs.

9. Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder

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Finally, the Ora Organic Vegan Protein powder is made from a blend of rice, pea, sach inchi, and cranberry protein.

It also includes enzymes to help with digestion and other vegetables and herbs for added nutrition.

This blend of proteins is unflavored and dissolves easily into liquids. It also is very low in carbs, making it safe for diabetics and people who are following a low sugar diet.

Since it contains legumes and grains, it’s not the best for people on a paleo diet.

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