The 5 Best Pasta Forks Of 2023

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Serving your pasta is an artful and delicate part of the creating the perfect meal, and the right pasta fork can be the difference between a perfectly plated dish and a glob of sauced drenched noodles. 

A pasta fork is also sometimes referred to as a spaghetti rake and, in all honesty, looks more like a pronged spoon than anything. It can be incredibly useful and is well worth spending a few extra minutes and dollars on getting the right one.

What are the best pasta forks? The pasta fork with the highest number of positive reviews on Amazon’s Best Seller list, vouching for ease of use, sturdiness, durability and more is the Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server.

Generic pasta forks may come with nearly every collection of utensils that are sold in a pack, but there are a surprising number of features in this single utensil that makes the pasta fork deserving of individual consideration. Once your done reading this post, you might be shocked at how often you find yourself reaching for your own specialized kitchen utensil.

What To Look For In A Pasta Fork

Pasta forks are not just for serving slippery pasta. They were designed with multiple uses in mind and the best ones serve quite a few functions. 

You may have noticed that all the best pasta forks have a central hole. If you take your dry spaghetti, angel hair pasta or even fettuccini and fit as much as you can through that hole, you’ve measured out a single portion.

A good pasta fork will also help you separate your pasta during cooking so that individual pasta strands don’t stick and clump together. Very heavy utensils and some of the plastic and bamboo models don’t perform ideally for this task, so it really does make a difference which pasta fork you choose.

Pasta forks are also perfect for drainage. You’ll know you have the perfect utensil when you find one that holds onto the pasta well, even when you give it a little bounce to get the water off.

Finally, these utensils are key players in the game of combining the perfect amount of sauce with just the right volume of pasta. A pasta fork that is too flimsy, like some of the really rubbery silicon versions, will lose the heavy pasta and sauce before it hits your plate. 

A few extra points that should always be considered when looking for new kitchen utensils are how easy they are to clean, whether they’re worth what you pay for them and what their impact on your cookware will be.

As you can tell, we’ve thought a lot about what makes a perfect pasta fork, and if you choose from our list of the top 5, you can’t go wrong!

The 5 Best Pasta Forks

Best is a relative term and may mean different things to different shoppers. This is why we narrowed our focus down to the top 5 and based our choice on a combination of quality, usability, versatility and, of course, price.

1. Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server

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The Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Spaghetti Server with an ergonomic handle and comfortable grip is our #1 choice in pasta forks. Being made of stainless steel, this pasta fork is not only high quality but it’s also easy to clean and very durable. The prongs are well spaced to capture the noodles without letting them either slip off the spoon before you want them too or stick when you’re trying to serve.  The price is right as well, which makes this the best choice overall.

2. All-Clad Stainless Steel Pasta Ladle

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A very close second place goes to the All-Clad Stainless Steel Pasta Ladle which has essentially all the same features and benefits but, because of the All-Clad branding, nearly doubles the price. That’s quite a premium to pay for a name, but it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon by Ototo Design

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The Papa Nessie Pasta Spoon by Ototo Design is a fun addition to a perky kitchen and has a few features that none of the other designs come with, namely a flat bottom so that the spoon will stand up nicely instead of rolling all-around your kitchen getting sauce everywhere.

It’s made of BPA-free nylon, so you’ll want to be careful not to melt it and it won’t last as long as the stainless steel options, but if aesthetics are a factor in your perfect kitchen, you’ll want to at least have a look at this Loch Ness inspired design.

The best part is he’s got an entire family of helpful utensils to style your kitchen!

4. Pasta Fork from GA Homfavor

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The pasta fork from GA Homfavor is a silicon spaghetti server with a stainless steel handle. It’s heat resistant so it won’t burn or melt and it’s silicone, so it won’t harm your cookware.

Pasta grips nicely to silicon, so that’s an added benefit as well. It’s also the most affordable of our top 5 choices. 

5. Joseph Joseph Nylon Spaghetti Server

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The Joseph Joseph Nylon Spaghetti Server makes our list because of the integrated tool rest. Making and serving the perfect pasta is the most important part of mealtime, but once everyone is fed and happy, the kitchen still needs to be cleaned.

The integrated tool rests tips the handle just enough that you won’t get sticky pasta water or sauce that stains on all your surfaces. 

7 Unique Cooking Utensils Every Kitchen Needs

If you’re serving pasta, there are a few other kitchen utensils that your kitchen needs as well. 

As you’re simmering the perfect pasta sauce, a great set of measuring spoons will help you add just the right amount of herbs and spices.

While you’re at it, no kitchen is complete without a garlic press that actually crushes your garlic without leaving most of it in the press.

Herb scissors are, granted, not absolutely necessary as a sharp knife will cut your herbs just as well as scissors but, for any aspiring chef or food photographer who wants to take their plating skills to the next level, a fantastic pair of scissors will help you cut your delicate herbs beautifully directly onto your dishes for just the right visual appeal.

Your pasta fork can be used for scooping the cooked pasta out of the pot of boiling water, but a spider strainer or pasta basket will make the process go a lot quicker.

The perfect grater will make sure that your pasta is served with just the right amount and size of parmesan. You can also use it to garnish your dish with a delightful curlicue of lemon zest or add color and texture with some sliced or shredded raw veggies.

Tongs are mandatory in nearly every kitchen to flip meat without puncturing it or to carefully transfer a well-mixed bowl of salad to your dish without losing a single leafy green or slice of cucumber.

Silicone spatulas are responsible for saving countless pots and pans around the world from careless scratches, not to mention helping bakers get every last drop of batter out of their mixing bowls.

Related Questions

How do you use a pasta basket?

A pasta basket is an insert that fits inside of a pasta pot that is usually stainless steel, wedge-shaped and filled with colander-like holes. To use it, you fill your main pot with water to boil, place your pasta basket inside the main pot, and cook your pasta in the basket. When it’s ready, you can lift the pasta basket out, effectively draining your pasta.

What are the best kitchen utensil brands?

According to Amazon, the leading online retailer for all things kitchen, the best selling brand of utensils is OXO in multiple categories. This brand consistently delivers on usability, durability, overall quality and they’re reasonably priced as well.

Are bamboo utensils good?

Yes and no. When it comes to bamboo utensils it really depends on what you’re using them for and what your reason for buying them was. On the plus side, they won’t scratch your cookware, are considered a sustainable, compostable and environmentally friendly product, and are usually fairly inexpensive. On the flip side, wooden utensils don’t usually have the grip that silicon utensils do, especially when it comes to slippery pasta. They’re also more prone to staining, burning, and warping, as compared to stainless steel or silicon equivalents. 

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