5 Best Orange Peelers Of 2023

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Oranges are a delicious, citrusy fruit and this time of year they seem even better. They are fresh and juicy and you just can’t beat them for a snack.

The thing about oranges is that peeling them with your fingers leaves you sticky and messy and can sometimes be quite the challenge. 

An orange peeler might just be the piece of magic that you need to solve this problem.

What makes for the best orange peelers? There are several different types of orange peelers out there from simple handheld peelers to peelers that will peel the entire orange for you and some options in between. The best ones are made of sturdy and durable material.

In this guide, we will share with you the 5 best orange peelers. We will go through all of the best options, including their qualities and what sets them apart from other options out there.

We’ve got all of the details you need to make the best decision. Keep reading to learn about the 5 best orange peelers on the market today.

How to Choose the Best Orange Peeler

Before you choose an orange peeler you should have all of the best information for your decision.

There are simple peelers and there are old-fashioned peelers and then there are peelers that really peel the entire orange for you. 

Types of Orange Peelers 

The biggest thing that you will need to know to choose an orange peeler is the different types of peelers available for your choosing. 

Stick Peelers

The stick peeler is the simplest of them all. This little peeler has a small hook on one hand and the work is mostly manual.

But they are still pretty easy to use and they store away pretty easily because they’re only about the size of a straw. They are also typically incredibly affordable. 

With the stick peeler, you use the edge to make lines around your orange. You then use the other end to pull the peel away from the orange and enjoy.

Large-Handled Peelers

You can also find citrus peelers that are larger, almost like a fruit or vegetable peeler. They work in the same way as a stick peeler but have a nice handle for gripping and working with. 

Ring Peelers

Next, you can get ring peelers and they work exactly as they sound. The peeler fits onto your fingers just like rings might and you use that ring to peel the orange.

Unfortunately, these can be challenging to use and they won’t be found as a stand-alone in our top choices here. 

Stainless Steel Peelers

Finally, you can get stainless steel peelers, which can be old-fashioned peelers or might just resemble old-fashioned peelers. The true old-fashioned peeler is the stick peeler.

Stainless steel peelers can be challenging to work with because they make a very thin slice on the peel and might not reach deep enough to simply pull away the peel. This is an important detail to watch for. 

The 5 Best Orange Peelers

Alright, you’ve learned about the varying types of peelers, so now it’s time to take a look at your options. We’ve sorted through them all to bring you the truly best options and we hope that you can find one you like here. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Luter Orange PeelerSafe edges, simple design
2.RalleyFun Orange Peeler Tools Multi-pack stick and ring peelers
3.OXO Good Grips Citrus PeelerPeel or zest, sharp stainless steel blade
4.YaoJoe Orange Citrus PellerSharp stainless steel blade, comfort grip
5.Aihanch Electric Peeler MachineAutomatic electric peeler

Below, you will find our top picks for the 5 best orange peelers. 

Luter Orange Peelers

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This first option is our top pick overall. It’s certainly nothing fancy, but these classic stick orange peelers have been doing their jobs for many generations and they’ve never let anyone down.

They are affordable and nicely made and you even get a pack of 8 so that if you lose or break one, it’s really no big deal. 

You can use these citrus peelers on just about anything you want, but they were designed for citrus fruits.

They have a sharp edge for cutting into the peel and the other end is curved and angled so you can easily slide under the peel without having to stick your hands in there. 

This ergonomic design is both simple and safe to use. It’s just sharp enough to easily dig into the orange peel without actually being sharp. Your child can easily peel their own orange with this dull-edged tool. 


  • Safe edges
  • Simple to use
  • Curved end for easy peel removal
  • Comes with 8 peelers


  • Some users thought these were a bit flimsy

RalleyFun Orange Peeler Tools 

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This option comes with a set that includes some ring peelers as well.

We’re not huge fans of the ring peeler, but this set is more about the stick peeler and less about the ring.

The package comes with both stick and ring peelers so you’ll have some versatility and some varying options depending on your preferences.

These are made with strong and sturdy materials that you can depend on. They have the perfect combination of sharpness and safety so the kids can also peel their own oranges as well.

These are very much like the one in our #1 spot but with the addition of some rings in the packet. There’s a total of 9 pieces in the set.

They are so easy to use and they have that simple but effective design with a curved end that helps pry the peel away from the orange for you. 


  • Multi-pack with stick peels and ring peelers
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp but safe
  • Durable and reliable


  • The ring peelers may be a little small for some hands

OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler

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Next up, if you want a larger handle option, this citrus peeler from Oxo might just be the solution for you.

Oxo has perfected the art of peelers and they have a variety of different options.

This one is specifically a citrus fruit peeler and it works for oranges, limes, lemons, and more. It also works as a zester.

You can grip the handle with ease and simply peel away that citrus peel. It has a sharp and durable blade that isn’t likely to rust.

The blade is made with Japanese steel. The handle is non-slip. It’s even a dishwasher-safe tool. 

With this Y-shaped peeler, you will be able to zest or peel your citrus piece with ease. It’s smooth and simple and it has some versatility to it that your typical straight peeler can’t always provide. 


  • Able to peel or zest
  • Non-slip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Sharp and durable steel blade
  • Easy to use


  • The peeler is really sharp so caution is required

YaoJoe Orange Citrus Peller

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If you like the idea of the stainless steel orange peeler, this one is a pretty good option.

It has a nice, wide-cutting piece so you can use it for anything from grapefruits to limes and all things in between.

This does have a sharp edge so you will need to be careful with the peeler and will most likely need to assist your children as well.

It’s a high-quality premium stainless steel that is both sharp and durable. This is designed to be comfortable in your hand. You should be able to hold it just fine and have good control.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to figure out the best way to peel the orange effectively with this tool. If you learn how to use it right, it should be simple to use. 


  • Stainless steel peeler design
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Satisfaction guarantee from company
  • Comfortable grip design


  • May take a little bit of practice to learn how to use it

Aihanch Electric Peeler Machine

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If you really want to have about the best hands-free option out there, you can always go with an electric peeler. This peeler is pretty cool.

While it’s technically identified as a potato peeler, it can actually work with potatoes and just about any other type of fruit or vegetable as well.

This is pretty neat because you just attach your orange to the fixed needle and then you let the machine do the work for you. No mess on your hands and no peeling with the stick or other type of peeler either. 

It’s quick and easy and there’s no waste when you’re finished. This can operate on two power sources with the use of batteries or a plug-in.


  • Electric peeler option
  • Smooth and simple
  • No mess


  • Sometimes it moves slowly because it doesn’t have a ton of power, particularly with battery operation

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