5 Best Oils For Fondue In 2023

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Have you ever been to those restaurants where you have a fondue pot at your table and you make your own fondue creations?

Fondue is not just for chocolate or cheese covered treats, it can be for a number of different creations and meat fondue is very popular. Fondue meat ultimately is the same concept but with oil and meat from the fondue pot. 

If you are planning on making fondue with oil, you need a good oil to use. Not just any oil will do in this case.

While you might think that all oils are made primarily the same, that is just not really the case, and making meat fondue or any fondue using oil requires specific properties for it to work well. 

What is the best oil for fondue? The best oils for fondue have high smoke points. You may also want to consider how the flavor of an oil may complement ingredients in your fondue. Grapeseed, peanut, canola, and sunflower oil are good versatile choices.

The last thing that you want when you are making fondue using oil is a bunch of smoke in your face during the process.

In this guide, we will share with you the best oils for fondue. We’ve searched the market to find several really great options and we will share various types of oil in this guide for you to choose from. 

Keep reading to learn the 5 best oils for fondue and more! 

How to Choose the Best Oil for Fondue

Before we jump into sharing some specific products with you, let’s take a quick look at what it is that makes oil a good choice for making fondue.

In this section of our guide, we share some characteristics to look for or consider as you select the right oil for your fondue. 

Smoke Point

Oils like vegetable oil and olive oil have really low smoke points. On the other hand, options like grapeseed oil, peanut oil, and canola oil have high smoke points.

When it comes to frying or making fondue, we always recommend using an oil with a higher smoke point. 

In our opinion, the higher the smoke point, the better it is to use, but there are several types of oils that really work nicely and have sufficiently high enough smoke points to take on the task if you’re careful.

Health Factor

This particular characteristic is solely up to your preferences. Some oils are healthier than others and some are also far more pure.

Remember that olive oil isn’t a great option unless you can be careful, but grapeseed oil has one of the highest smoke points and is actually an oil that is good for you. 

This might be a factor to keep in mind as you look at your options for a new oil. 


One more thing you may want to keep in mind as you pick out an oil is whether or not it has a lot of flavor. Some oils are rich or nutty in flavor. While this may not make a substantial difference to some of us, it might be noticeable to others. 

Oils like canola oil are primarily flavorless while some of the other more raw oils have that rich nutty flavor. This is yet again probably a matter of preference but we feel it is something to be aware of in the process. 

The 5 Best Oils for Fondue Reviewed

Now that we have covered an overview of things to keep in mind while you pick out an oil for fondue, let’s get down to business.

We’ve found the very best options on the market, from several different oil categories and we are here to share each of them with you:

RankProductKey Features
1.Pompeian 100% Grapeseed OilHigh smoke point, versatile
2.Planters Peanut OilHighest smoke point, flavorful
3.Healthy Harvest Canola OilLight, versatile flavor
4.Healthy Harvest Sunflower OilHigh smoke point, versatile
5.Happy Belly Extra Virgin Olive OilFlavorful, versatile

Below, you will find each of our top picks for the 5 best oils for fondue, complete with reviews and details about each oil of choice. 

1. Grapeseed Oil

Our top pick is a grapeseed oil. We really like grapeseed oil because it has one of the highest smoke points of all of the oil options out there. It is also relatively good for you when it is raw and pure like this option from Pompeian. 

Recommendation: Pompeian 100% Grapeseed Oil

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This grapeseed oil is 100% pure grapeseed oil. There are no additives or GMOs or any of those concerning things that you need to worry about!

The oil comes directly from wine grape seeds and it is imported from France where some of the best wine and grapes are raised. 

This oil is perfect for high heat cooking (like fondue) because it has a high smoke point of around 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

You are unlikely to experience smoke and if you do it will be minimal. You might notice a slight fruity flavor from the oil but nothing that will be overwhelming to your food. 


  • 100% pure oil
  • No additives or GMOs
  • Smoke point of 420 degrees
  • Rich with Vitamin E and Omega 6
  • Top choice overall


  • Many online purchasers received bottles that were damaged or possibly even missing the top cap, requiring storage in another bottle of some sort.

2. Peanut Oil

Our next choice is a peanut oil. Peanut oil has the highest smoke point of all of the oils and is another really great option for fondue.

Recommendation: Planters Peanut Oil

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What better brand to rely on than a brand known for nut and peanut production? Planters gets it right with their peanut oil here. 

This is a single bottle of peanut oil, with 24 ounces of oil. It is made from 100% pure peanut oil so there are no additives or fillers to be concerned about. It is a nut oil so you will need to be mindful of potential nut allergies when using this oil. 

This oil might have a slightly nutty flavor but it is not overwhelming. In fact, the oil doesn’t even really show a peanut-type scent when you open it, which is a good sign for not being drastically affected in flavor either. 


  • Pure peanut oil
  • Made by the Planters (nut) brand
  • Smoke point of 450 degrees
  • Slight nutty flavor 
  • Quality and reliable option


  • If you are looking for a strong peanut flavor, this does not have it. The flavor is light. 

3. Canola Oil

This is a really great option for fondue use. Canola oil is a simple oil that is relatively healthy overall and isn’t made from a specific fruit or nut so it is not likely to have those flavors or aromas that some oils do. 

Recommendation: Healthy Harvest Canola Oil

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This comes in a gallon, which means that you will have plenty of oil to get you through fondue and more. This canola oil is a non-GMO oil.

It is rich with antioxidants and Omega 3s. This is a pure oil that doesn’t contain any other additives or mixtures. 

Healthy Harvest oil is made in the USA. It is labeled as a gourmet oil. The flavor is good and light with no abnormal nutty flavors or scents. We love this option for a simple non-fruit or non-nut option. 


  • High enough smoke point of 400 degrees
  • No nutty or fruity flavors
  • 100% pure canola oil
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • A full gallon


  • It is unclear whether this oil is expeller-pressed or not. 

4. Sunflower Oil

If you want an option that is more on the healthy side, sunflower oil is a really great choice.

It has a high smoke point of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit so it works well for frying and fondue making.

Recommendation: Healthy Harvest Sunflower Oil

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This is another option from Healthy Harvest, which is a brand that is reliable for quality. 

This sunflower oil is Non-GMO. It is naturally-processed so it retains all of the health benefits from the sunflowers in the oil.

This is a gallon bottle, which will be plenty for fondue and more. This oil is made with high-quality pure sunflower oil. There are no other additives to worry about. 

Everything is natural and the scent and flavor are both very lite. It is rich with antioxidants, Omegas, and Vitamin E. This oil also has no trans fats at all, which is another added bonus to choosing a healthy oil option. 


  • Food made with integrity by this company
  • Pure sunflower oil
  • Heathy oil option
  • Smoke point of 450 degrees


  • Some users have mentioned that this oil seems a bit cloudy for sunflower oil but the flavor and quality appear to be on track.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Finally, you can try extra virgin olive oil. This is not our top recommendation but it would work fine for fondue as long as you are careful.

Extra virgin olive oil has a slightly lower smoke point but it is high enough to work for most fondue pots.

It is especially ideal for savory or cheesy fondue pot nights, though there are those who are happy to use olive oil for everything, even chocolate. We won’t judge.

Recommendation: Happy Belly Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This particular option is Amazon’s own private label brand and it is well-made and highly-rated.

The oil is a Mediterranean blend of extra virgin olive oil that was imported from Spain. This is certified OU Kosher and it is a quality oil option. 

Plus, we all know you can always use a great olive oil to have on hand when cooking.

If you like to keep things simple and have only a few oils around at a time, it wouldn’t be bad to keep this quality olive oil around and just make do on fondue night.


  • High quality extra virgin olive oil
  • Certified Kosher
  • Mediterranean blend


  • The smoke point is only about 370 degrees, which means you are more likely to experience smoke.

Is Broth or Oil Better for Fondue? 

Both of these have great qualities that can work quite well for fondue. Broth is really great if you want to add extra flavors.

If you want to do fondue the traditional way, however, oil is the typical product to use. 

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