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9 Best Melting Chocolates For Molds

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Chocolate is everyone’s favorite sweet treat, and it’s even better when you make it with your own hands!

However, you need the right chocolate to be able to mold chocolate candies that are delicious, glossy, and don’t melt as soon as you touch them. 

What is the best melting chocolate for molds? The best melting chocolate for molds is chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter and fat. The chocolate should be formulated so that it melts and sets well, providing a smooth finish. 

This article includes a comprehensive buyer’s guide for melting chocolate for molds. You will also find a list of the best melting chocolate for molds!

What Is Melting Chocolate For Molds?

Melting color chocolate chips for making mermaid chocolate molds.

Making chocolate candies at home is a form of art — it is an intricate process that calls for attention to detail and all the right tools

You can make chocolate candies using molds made of different materials, such as silicone, metal, polycarbonate, plastic, etc.

While you do need to get good-quality molds, you also need to buy the right chocolate. 

Chocolate brands sell melting chocolate for molds that are formulated to melt smoothly and set nicely. When tempered properly, this chocolate has a glossy finish and breaks with a snap. 

Melting chocolate for molds most commonly comes in the form of wafers, though you can also find bar chocolate for melting

When searching for chocolate for melting, you may across chocolate for fondue fountains. We don’t recommend you get this chocolate for molding as fountain chocolate becomes too runny when you melt it. 

How To Choose Melting Chocolate For Molds

Melting color chocolate chips for making mermaid chocolate molds.

Chocolate candies will taste and look good if you choose the right type of chocolate for melting.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with making chocolate candies at home, you may be tempted to buy any chocolate that pops up in your search results. 

But making chocolate candies at home takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you are creating different designs and making various fillings for the candies. So, it is very important to choose the right chocolate!

Here’s what you should consider when buying the best melting chocolate for molds. 

Real Vs Compound Chocolate 

If you have decided to make chocolate candies at home, it is important to first learn the differences between real and compound chocolate. 

Real chocolate is pure chocolate. The main ingredients in real chocolate are cocoa solids and cocoa butter. 

Compound chocolate, on the other hand, contains cocoa powder and vegetable fat. Typically, compound chocolate contains very little cocoa butter and a relatively high amount of sugar. 

When looking for melting chocolate for molds, you will also come across couverture chocolate. Couverture chocolate is real chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter that gives candies a high-gloss finish

Couverture chocolate works well for candy making as it is perfect for melting and tempering. 

Type Of Chocolate 

The three main types of chocolate are white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. The type of chocolate is determined by the amount of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor in it. 

Dark chocolate may contain up to 90% cocoa solids. The higher is the percentage of cocoa the less sweet it is. Depending on how much sugar dark chocolate contains, it may be unsweetened, bittersweet, or sweet. 

Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate due to its like milky, sweet, and chocolatey flavor. It contains less cocoa butter and cocoa solids than dark chocolate and more milk solids and milk fat. 

If you want to make colorful chocolate candies, use white chocolate and create different shades using food coloring. White chocolate contains a high amount of cocoa butter and milk and no cocoa solids

When trying to decide what type of chocolate to use for molds, consider not only the flavor of the chocolate but also how it melts. Chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter melts faster and better.

Milk and white chocolate contain more added ingredients, including sugar, milk, fats, etc. Not only do these ingredients slow down the melting process but also make it tricky to melt these chocolates for molds. 

Learn about the melting and cooling temperatures of the type of chocolate you are going to use.

Dark chocolate, for example, has higher melting and cooling temperature than milk and white chocolate. Good chocolate isn’t cheap — make sure to not waste it.


Always read the ingredient list before buying melting chocolate! The simpler the ingredient list, the better. 

The main ingredients in melting chocolate are cacao beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. White and milk chocolate also contain milk or milk powder. Chocolate that contains added vegetable fats and oils is not the best option. 

It is also good to avoid buying chocolate that is loaded with preservatives and contains artificial additives. 

The order of the ingredients matters too. Avoid buying chocolate if the first ingredient in its ingredient list is sugar. 


The same type of chocolate from different brands may taste different. The unique flavor of chocolate largely depends on the cacao variety, how the cocoa beans were processed and what additives the brand uses.

Try a few brands of your favorite chocolate variety to find out which one you like better!

If you want your homemade chocolate candies to have a rich taste, avoid buying cheap chocolate. The higher price of chocolate means that it has undergone a long refinement process. As a result, it has a deeper flavor. 

Cheap chocolate contains cheap ingredients and lots of sugar. It has more sweetness than true chocolate flavor. 

Bar Chocolate Vs Morsels 

Chocolate comes in various forms. You can get chocolate bars for melting or chocolate morsels. Chocolate morsels are chunks of chocolate and are typically sweetened. 

There are two things to consider when deciding between morsels and chocolate bars for candies.

First, chocolate bars for melting are usually more expensive than bags of chocolate morsels. And second, consider the time you will need to spend preparing the chocolate for melting. 

With bar chocolate, you will need to first chop it finely. This takes extra time and effort. With morsels, that work is already done for you — the chocolate comes in evenly sized pieces. You just transfer them into a bowl and melt!

Chocolate for melting may also be labeled as wafers. Chocolate wafers are essentially the same as chocolate morsels. They melt better than chocolate chips. We recommend you don’t buy chocolate chips for molds.

Chocolate chips are meant to hold their shape when used for baking. They are difficult to melt for molds and don’t yield the best texture. Save chocolate chips for cookies and brownies


Some people find tempering chocolate to be rather hard. While you can master the art of tempering chocolate through practice, you may not always have the time, opportunity, and chocolate resources to do so. 

If you are not good at tempering chocolate or simply want to skip that step, buy chocolate wafers that don’t need tempering or chocolate that is labeled as “pre-tempered.”

Couverture chocolate, which is the best type of chocolate to use for molds, needs tempering. Don’t buy couverture chocolate if you won’t be tempering it. 

The Brand

Take your time to do some research on the brand of chocolate.

Learn about the origin of chocolate and how it is processed, if it is organic or not, if it is GMO-free, etc. High-quality chocolate usually comes with all the information about its origin. 

Read the information provided on the packaging, too. Some brands provide melting instructions for chocolate!

Best Melting Chocolate For Molds

Flat lay. Blue, purple, and green round chocolate chips in squeeze plastic bottles for melting chocolate shapes on a marble background.

Almost all chocolate melts well, but not all of them set well. When buying chocolate for molds, you should get high-quality chocolate that melts and sets nicely.

We have ranked and reviewed what we think are the best options for melting chocolate for molds.

We have included different types of chocolate, ranging from white to pure dark. Melted properly, all these chocolates will work well for homemade chocolate candies.

1Callebaut Couverture Chocolate Belgian 54.5% semisweet dark chocolate
2Ghirardelli Melting Wafers Dark chocolate and white vanilla-favored wafers
3Merckens Milk Chocolate 6-8% cocoa milk chocolate wafers
4Wilton Candy Melts Set Light cocoa and white candy melts
5Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Morsels 69% dairy-free dark chocolate morsels
6Guittard Organic Chocolate Wafers74% cocoa bittersweet chocolate wafers
7Baker’s Premium Chocolate Baking Bar100% cacao unsweetened chocolate
8Toll House Chocolate Morsels 53% cacao dark chocolate morsels
9Beyond Good Chocolate 70% pure dark chocolate

1. Callebaut Couverture Chocolate 

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Couverture chocolate is one of the best types of chocolate for molds.

If melted and tempered properly, couverture chocolate will work perfectly for molds.

Couverture chocolate works especially well for silicone molds!

Callebaut couverture chocolate is one of the best couverture chocolates you can find online — it contains 54.5% cocoa solids and 37% fat

When melted, this dark chocolate has medium fluidity which allows you to use it not only for molds but also for making chocolate sauces, mousses, and other chocolate desserts. 

This Belgian chocolate won’t disappoint you flavor-wise either. Made from whole-roasted cocoa beans, Callebaut couverture chocolate has an exceptionally rich flavor with hints of vanilla and fruits.

The secret behind the great flavor of this chocolate is that the manufacturer roasts and grinds carefully selected cocoa beans. 

Another good thing about Callebaut chocolate is that it comes in resealable packaging. You also get all the needed information about the heating and cooling temperatures of the chocolate on the packaging. 

2. Ghirardelli Melting Wafers 

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Ghirardelli is a well-known chocolate brand among people who enjoy making various chocolate decorations and candies. 

This variety pack by Ghirardelli includes white and dark chocolate melting wafers — you can melt both and mold two-color chocolate candies or mix them to create new flavors.

As many people note, Ghirardelli wafers melt easily and smoothly. They are easy to work with and set well.

If you are new to working with melted chocolate and molds, Ghirardelli wafers are certainly a good choice as they don’t require any tempering!

Even with no tempering, chocolate candies made of Ghirardelli wafers don’t melt in your hands when the chocolate is set. 

As the packaging notes, these are dark chocolate and white vanilla-flavored wafers. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that some of the main ingredients in these wafers are sugar, vegetable oil, and nonfat dry milk. 

Ghirardelli wafers are formulated to melt and set well. If this is what you are looking for and the ingredient list is not your primary concern, then you should certainly get this melting chocolate for molds. 

3. Merckens Milk Chocolate 

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Working with dark chocolate is easier for chocolate molds. But let’s be honest — most of us enjoy chocolate candies made from milk chocolate more. 

Finding milk chocolate wafers that melt smoothly and work well for molds is quite challenging.

If you have been on the lookout for delicious milk chocolate for candy making, Merckens milk chocolate is your best bet.

Merckens is another popular chocolate brand that makes high-quality chocolate wafers. It has been around for over a century and there is a reason why it remains one of the best chocolate brands to go for when it comes to candy making. 

Merckens milk chocolate wafers contain 6-8% cocoa. These are compound chocolate wafers that contain vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter.

These chocolate wafers have a low melting temperature and are very easy to work with — you don’t need to temper Merckens wafers.

4. Wilton Candy Melts Set 

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Wilton Candy Melts are some of the best products you can get for making candies with molds.

These wafers are the easiest thing to melt — you can melt them in the microwave or using a double boiler

You don’t need to add any milk or cream to these wafers to make them melt well; a tablespoon of melted coconut oil or vegetable shortening will be enough to improve the consistency of the melted mixture if you find it to be too thick. 

This set of light cocoa and white candy melts by Wilton is a great starter kit. You can use these wafers not only to melt and mold but also to drizzle-dip fruits and drizzle on various sweet treats

Wilton Candy Melts come in a range of other colors too. You can go all out and create colorful chocolate treats for your family and friends!

Note that Wilton Candy Melts are mostly sugar and oil. This doesn’t make them the best from the point of view of ingredients, but they are certainly one of the best options for molds. 

5. Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Morsels 

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If you are on the hunt for melting chocolate for molds with minimal ingredients, then Enjoy Life Food chocolate morsels are what you should get. 

These chocolate morsels contain only two ingredients: unsweetened chocolate and cane sugar. Enjoy Life Food chocolate morsels have a rich chocolate flavor as they are 69% cacao

Enjoy Life Food chocolate morsels are also the safest choice for people with food allergies. This product is free from all common allergens, including gluten, dairy, and soy

These dark chocolate morsels come in 5- and 50-pound bags. They are great for people who make chocolate candies often or make them in large batches. 

As you get a lot of product in a bag of Enjoy Life Foods chocolate, make sure to store the leftovers in proper conditions to maintain their best quality until the next use. 

Enjoy Life Foods dark chocolate morsels are also paleo-friendly and non-GMO

6. Guittard Organic Chocolate Wafers 

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Guittard is another high-chocolate brand that you should give a try at least once — it has been on the market since 1868 and knows how to make good chocolate! Guittard uses top-quality ingredients

If you are looking for melting chocolate for molds, try these 74% dark chocolate by Guittard. It comes in the form of wafers for easy melting.

The main ingredients are cacao beans,  cocoa butter, and evaporated cane sugar. This chocolate is fair trade, gluten-free, and GMO-free

Guittard chocolate wafers may be pricier than most other melting chocolate options. But they are certainly worth it. These chocolate wafers are organic and have an exceptional flavor

This is a bittersweet chocolate with fruit notes and sour and tannin undertones. Imagine the elegance of the chocolate candies you can create using these Guittard dark chocolate wafers!

These dark chocolate wafers are good not only for melting and molding candies, but also for baking, making ice cream, and creating various other chocolate-flavored desserts. 

Guittard chocolate wafers come in a resealable bag for easy storage. 

7. Baker’s Premium Chocolate Baking Bar 

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If you don’t mind spending some extra time cutting the chocolate before melting it, consider buying this Baker’s Premium Baking Bar. 

This is 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate.

This chocolate bar contains a good amount of cocoa butter, thanks to which it melts into a smooth mass that you can easily pour into molds. 

When working with this chocolate, consider the fact that it doesn’t contain any sugar. You may need to create sweet fillings for the candies to pair with the unsweetened dark chocolate.

As this chocolate is unsweetened, it is perfect for creating sugar-free chocolate candies

Baker’s Premium baking bar is good not only for melting and molding, but also for baking. 

8. Toll House Chocolate Morsels 

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If it is your first time buying melting chocolate for molds and you would prefer to go with a brand you are familiar with, get these Nestle Tolls House chocolate morsels. 

This is real dark chocolate with 53% cacao.

Nestle Toll House chocolate is made of natural ingredients — it contains chocolate, sugar, and cocoa butter.

This chocolate also contains milkfat and nonfat milk. Keep this in mind if you are trying to avoid dairy. 

Toll House chocolate comes in the form of morsels, which makes it easy to melt and use for molding. Aside from candy making, you can use Nestle Toll House dark chocolate to bake brownies, cookies, and cakes. 

Toll House chocolate morsels are also gluten-free and don’t contain any preservatives

9. Beyond Good Chocolate 

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As you know by now, pure dark chocolate melts well and the higher the percentage of cocoa butter and fat, the quicker it melts. 

This makes Beyond Good chocolate a good option for melting. This is 70% pure chocolate that you can melt and use for molds as well as use for baking and snacking. 

Beyond Good dark chocolate is sourced from Madagascar cocoa beans only. Madagascar cocoa trees are considered to provide the best-quality cocoa beans as of now. 

Beyond Good chocolate melts have a bright chocolate flavor with fruity notes. These chocolate melts are also climate-pledge friendly and fair trade, as well as gluten-, GMO-, and soy-free

Related Questions

Can you remelt chocolate for molds?

It is recommended to remelt chocolate not more than three times. Remelting chocolate more than three times may affect the texture and flavor of the chocolate and the homemade candies may not turn out as good. 

Even if you are remelting the chocolate for the second time, make sure you don’t overheat it. Don’t add any water to the chocolate. If needed, add some oil, fat, or cream to the chocolate. 

How to store melting chocolate?

You don’t need to refrigerate unopened melting chocolate. So long as you store it in a dark place where the temperature is below 70°F, the quality of the chocolate won’t be affected. 

If it is hot where you live, you will need to refrigerate the chocolate to prevent it from melting. Transfer the chocolate into an airtight bag or container, or freeze it in its original packaging if it is airtight and undamaged. 

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