11 Best Limoncello Brands (Complete Guide)

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A small aperitif of limoncello is a great option when a dessert seems too heavy after dinner. A good limoncello will be refreshing, sweet, and works great as a post-meal digestive too.

Not only does a limoncello make a great after-dinner refresher, but it can be added to cocktails or used in desserts as well.

When choosing a limoncello, you do have to be quite selective to ensure that you are getting a natural, great-tasting drink. Which are the best limoncello brands?

The best limoncello brands are those that use fresh, Italian lemons to make the aperitif, and which do not have too many artificial flavors and ingredients added. Each brand does have a slightly different taste, so this also comes down to personal preference.

If limoncello sounds like something you would love to enjoy after a meal, or on a hot afternoon, but do not know where to start, keep reading to find out how to pick the best one out, and the best brands to choose from!

What Is Limoncello?

To know how to choose the best limoncello brand, you need to know a little more about limoncello. Here is some more on the refreshing citrus drink, and some tips on how to pick out the best one for you.

Limoncello, as the name suggests, is an alcoholic drink made from lemons. It is supposed to be made with the zest of lemons, some sugar, water, and an alcoholic base like vodka.

It originated in the South of Italy and has since become a popular drink all over.

The citrusy sweet drink is often enjoyed on its own, or added to cocktails for an extra burst of flavor. Limoncello can often be easily identified thanks to its bright yellow color.

How Is It Made?

Traditionally, limoncello should be made with lemons that have been harvested by hand, before they even touch the ground.

Either way, the zest is taken from the lemons and mixed with spirits like vodka or Everclear and left to sit for 1-4 weeks.

Afterward, the zest is strained and sugar and a little water are mixed in. Often the mixture is simmered together first to create a stronger flavor. It will then be left to settle for a couple more weeks.

Limoncello can be experimented with however, so not everyone will make it exactly the same way.

What Does It Taste Like?

Limoncello has quite a distinctive flavor.

The lemon zest comes through in a sharp citrus flavor, but it is balanced out by the addition of sugar. It’s neither too bitter nor too sour, without becoming too sweet .

However, each brand makes its limoncello in a different way, so each brand will have a different blend of flavors, with some being sweeter, some being more citrusy, and some maybe being blended with other flavors.

How To Choose The Best Limoncello Brand

Now that you know a little more about limoncello, here are some things to look for when picking out the one you would like to try:

Balance Of Flavors

Each brand of limoncello will have a different blend and balance of flavors, and what you prefer is obviously down to personal preference.

You might prefer a limoncello which has a more zesty flavor, or you could prefer one that has a sweeter taste to it.

Almost all limoncello products will have a good description of their balance of flavors, so you should be able to get a good idea of what it might taste like before you purchase it.

Alcohol Content (ABV – Alcohol By Volume)

The alcohol content of limoncello usually sits around 25% – 28% ABV, but this can vary. You need to decide what alcohol content you are happy with drinking.

There are some which are made to be low-alcohol, but there are also others that sit higher, at around 30%.

When sipping limoncello straight, you might want to choose one which isn’t particularly high in alcohol, but if you are mixing it with tonic water or similar, then it may not be too big a deal.

Country Of Origin

Limoncello is an Italian drink, and therefore if you are looking for the real deal, you should look to buy a limoncello that was made in Italy. This is a sure way to get the authentic taste of limoncello.

Look to see that the lemons have also been handpicked in Italy too so that they bring the most traditional flavor to the limoncello possible.

Bottle Size

You can purchase limoncello in various bottle sizes. If you are just wanting a small amount to keep at home to sip on after dinner every now and then, then a small bottle is perfect.

If you are wanting to keep some to share with family and friends, a bigger bottle would do well.


There are some limoncello brands that produce alcohol-free limoncello, which gives you the option to taste the refreshing drink without having to consume any alcohol!

The 11 Best Limoncello Brands

Below are the best limoncello brands for you to try out. They all offer the authentic flavor of limoncello, but each is slightly different from the next, giving you a good selection to choose from!

RankProductKey Features
1.Limoncello Villa Massa Of SorrentoMade with PGI lemons in Limoncello, family recipe
2.Limoncello Di CapriNo added flavors/ colors, essential oils flavors
3.Bellini LimoncelloLemon-lime sorbet flavor, like dessert
4.Limoncello D’Italia Marcati GaglianoSweet, flavorful and balanced, beautiful bottle
5.Caravella LimoncelloRefreshing, bright color, old family recipe
6.Morey LimoncelloMade in Spain, mild flavors, refined
7.Luster Lavender LimoncelloMade in U.S., lavender, citrus and floral flavors
8.Gioia Luisa LimoncelloUses Sorrento lemons, traditional processing
9.LiM Limoncello LiqueurMade in Spain, complex flavors, bright taste
10.Lina’s Crema Di LimoncelloMade in Netherlands, creamy, hints of vanilla
11.Landucci LimoncelloBalanced flavors, lower alcohol content

Let’s take a closer look at these beautiful options!

1. Limoncello Villa Massa Of Sorrento

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ABV – 30%

Limoncello Villa Massa is made with PGI lemons straight from Sorrento, giving it as authentic a flavor as can be.

From the lemon grove straight to your glass, the limoncello is created using traditional processes, mostly by hand, in Sorrento.

It still follows the traditional family recipe which started it all, which has been handed down from one generation to the next.

The limoncello is made exclusively using the rinds and zest of PGI lemons farmed in Sorrento, which are thick and rich in essential oils, which give the Villa Massa limoncello its fresh, distinctive taste.

A range of citrus aromas evokes the senses with each sip, with intense green and yellow colors which come straight from the color of the lemons. Overall, the taste is reminiscent of a Sorrento garden; leafy, aromatic, and fresh lemons – with balanced flavors.

2. Limoncello Di Capri

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ABV – 30%

Limoncello Di Capri is a 100% natural and authentic limoncello liqueur, made only with PGI Sorrento lemon peels and zest. The only other ingredients used to make the limoncello include alcohol, water, and sugar, keeping it natural and refreshing.

The limoncello is made using artisanal and natural methods, keeping true to the traditions and methods used in Capri.

With a balanced aroma and unique taste, the Limoncello offers a delightful refresher after a meal, or when you want something zesty and sweet to sip on.

Encompassing all that the Island Of Capri has to offer, the Limoncello Di Capri will transport you to the coast side, sitting in the lemon gardens and hearing the seaside. 

Made with a cold infusion of lemon peels, the liqueur is free from added colors, flavors, and stabilizers. It has a distinctive perfume and a perfect balance between sweet and sour, and you can taste the natural essential oils in each sip.

3. Bellini Limoncello

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Bellini, a well-known Chianti producer, searched all through Italy to find the best recipe for limoncello, and using Ovale di Sorrento lemons found on the hillside in Sorrento, they create Bellini Limoncello, which shows off all that these oversized, juicy lemons have to offer.

The result of this search created their signature limoncello, which is sweet and lemony, but vibrant and incredibly refreshing at the same time. It is best served cold after dinner, as a digestive and cleanser that you will absolutely love.

The aroma of the Bellini Limoncello is similar to a lemon-lime sorbet and an Alpine cough drop finished off with a fruity, sweet, and medium-to-full body. The lasting accent of the liqueur is herby, which rounds off the lemon rind finish.

With a bright electric yellow-green color, this will soon become your favorite after-dinner refresher.

4. Limoncello D’Italia Marcati Gagliano

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The limoncello from Marcati is an expert blend of infusions that were created using age-old recipes and the best that southern Italy has to offer when it comes to natural juices and flavors.

Limoncello D’Italia Marcati Gagliano provides you with a fresh lemon drink, without added sourness that might be too acidic.

It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour,. You can still pick out the fresh, citrus-y taste and scent from the locally harvested lemons used. Mmm!

This limoncello is great for special occasions, not only for its balanced flavors but also because for the elegant bottle it’s served in.

The fragrance of the limoncello is just as enjoyable as the flavors, and it makes for a great liqueur to serve to guests or to enjoy for yourself after dinner, appreciating the fresh and natural flavors, along with the gorgeous color of the liqueur!

5. Caravella Limoncello

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Caravella Limoncello is made using a family recipe dating back to 1898. Made with the sweet, fresh juice and the earthy, tart peels of lemons harvested on the Amalfi coast, it holds an authentic flavor that is true to what limoncello was meant to be.

The flavor of Caravella Limoncello is crisp and tangy, and beautifully refreshing. It brings a sweet and festive flavor, which can be enjoyed on its own chilled, or added to a summer cocktail.

The color of Caravella Limoncello is quite interesting. It is almost a green-yellow, hinting to the idea that it has as much lime as it does lemon, but you will notice the overwhelmingly refreshing taste of lemon zest with each sip.

While it has a definite kick of lemon, it is not overpowering. The sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced to create a delicious, enjoyable liqueur.

6. Morey Limoncello

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Morey Limoncello is different from the rest of the Limoncello we have on the list, because it is made in Spain, and not in Italy!

Produced in the Balearic Island of Mallorca, this limoncello is made from the zest of local lemons, which are then put through a traditional seeping process. After this process, a well-balanced liqueur is created with a sweet, citrus, and lemon flavor.

The overall flavor of the Morey Limoncello is mild and refined, which some might find more palatable. It is a popular drink enjoyed as a digestive agent after a meal. The refreshing flavors really round off a good dinner.

Not only is this a well-rounded limoncello to enjoy, the actual bottle of the liqueur is also really attractive too. It will make for a great addition to your after-dinner drinks for guests or for yourself to enjoy at home.

7. Luster Lavender Limoncello

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The Luster Lavender Limoncello is another stand-out limoncello on the list, and for two reasons. Luster Limoncello is made in the United States, and it is infused with more than just lemon flavor.

Tart lemons blend with beautifully fragrant lavender in this limoncello to create an aromatic and refreshing liqueur perfectly suited to summer afternoons.

The initial taste of limoncello is refreshing and tart, while the afterglow of delightful flavors of lavender will be a favorite among many.

The balanced citrus and floral flavors work so well together. It makes for a great liqueur to sip on its own, but they also make a great sweet addition to cocktails too.

If you are wanting to try something a little different, then the Luster Lavender Limoncello is a great option. It might not be authentic Italian, but it still tastes great for almost any occasion.

8. Gioia Luisa Limoncello Liqueur

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ABV – 30%

Gioia Luisa is one of the best-known brands of Limoncello in Italy, and for good reason. It has a well-balanced sharpness and sweetness that leaves behind a delicious aftertaste that is as refreshing as can be.

Gioia Luisa is found in Sorrento, which is where some of the finest lemons come from. This gives the brand the best lemons to work with to make a limoncello which has the unique taste that limoncello should have.

Using only lemons that have been grown chemically free and which are PGI, and only harvested and manufactured using traditional methods, the Gioia Luisa Limoncello is as authentic as can be.

If you are after a traditional, true-to-taste limoncello made with the right lemons, harvested, and processed in the right way, then the Gioia Luisa Limoncello is your go-to choice!

9. LiM Limoncello Liqueur

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LiM Limoncello Liqueur is another Spanish limoncello that deserves its place on this list!

It is made from naturally harvested lemons from Valencia, in Spain. Each peel from the Mediterranean lemons is carefully macerated for 50 days, bringing out all of the bright, natural citrus essences they hold.

The process of making LiM limoncello creates a liqueur that is complex. It has a blend of lemon, citrus, and fruity flavors that are tart and sweet but so well balanced together.

You can easily enjoy a sip or two of the LiM Limoncello after dinner, and close the bottle back up using the hooked cork, which will keep the rest of the limoncello fresh and preserved until you have your next taste.

10. Lina’s Crema Di Limoncello

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If you prefer your after-dinner drinks to be a little more on the creamy side, but you still want the refreshing flavors of limoncello, then Lina’s Crema Di Limoncello is a dream come true for you!

Made in the Netherlands, this Crema Di Limoncello has the perfect delicate balance of creaminess and lemon tartness, brought together by subtle sweetness and the slightest hint of vanilla.

It is a wonderfully easy liqueur to sip on, and it is super versatile too. It can be enjoyed as is, on ice, with a coffee, or added to your favorite cocktail.

The light lemon flavor and the creamy texture really are a match made in heaven, and it offers up a complex sip that is bursting with flavors that pair together beautifully, and it just gives a little bit of a different experience to traditional limoncello.

The Crema Di Limoncello is also much lower in alcohol content than the non-creamy options. This might make it more suitable for a range of diets.

11. Landucci Limoncello

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Landucci Limoncello is made in the sunny Mediterranean coastline of Sorrento, and is made only using Ovale de Sorrento lemon peels.

This gives the limoncello a crispy citrus flavor, and an authentic taste too. It is a balanced flavor of sweet and tart. The peels of the lemons really shine through, giving you the most refreshing experience.

Enjoy the Landucci Limoncello as an aperitif after dinner, or add it to a cocktail to give it a kick of citrus flavor, and some sweet and tart notes too.

Landucci Limoncello is lower in alcohol content than other limoncello brands. It’s a good one to have around if you don’t want something that tastes too much like alcohol.

What Is The Best Way To Drink Limoncello?

The process of making limoncello, especially when using traditionally, authentically harvested lemons, creates a drink that with balanced, yet strong, flavors. All the effort put in to create this drink should be enjoyed the right way.

Serving limoncello how it should be served is the best way to enjoy the taste and aroma, and the best way is to serve it straight in a shot glass or tasting glass.

Limoncello should be served straight from the freezer, so it is ice cold as you sip it, this gives you the best chance to admire all the flavors.

However, you can really enjoy limoncello any way you want, and you could serve it over ice, add it into some tonic, or even use it to create a delicious cocktail!

There are recommendations on how best to enjoy limoncello, but as long as you are getting the best flavor out of the liqueur for yourself, then there is no right or wrong.

The Best Limoncello Brands

Take a look through our above recommendations on how to choose the best limoncello brands. We have included a variety of options to ensure that there is a limoncello option for just about everyone!

Enjoy the authentic flavors of this Italian aperitif after dinner or on a hot summer’s day, you’ll swear you’re on the Amalfi coast!

Related Questions

Is Limoncello A Sipping Drink?

Limoncello is a sipping drink. You sip and enjoy it rather than shoot it back like a shot.

Limoncello is supposed to be savored. Because it’s an aperitif, each sip will supposedly help your body digest. That’s why it is such a great option for after dinner, to refresh your palate and to digest your food.

Is Limoncello High In Sugar?

Limoncello is high in sugar, to help balance out the citrus taste. Although high in sugar, limoncello is best enjoyed in small quantities. So it doesn’t have to be terrible for you.

What Is One Serving Of Limoncello?

A single serving of limoncello should be around 1 ½ oz. Tasting glasses are the perfect size for this. They give you just enough of the limoncello to enjoy.

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