9 Best Juicers For Ginger And Ginger Shots

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Ginger has become a very popular and highly recommended addition to your diet because it has so many health benefits associated with it.

While you can start cooking with ginger more or even adding it to your water and other beverages, you can also just drink it, add it to shakes, or take ginger shots. 

Ginger shots are pretty awesome because you get all of that goodness in a single shot!

Of course, to really be able to enjoy most of the benefits of using ginger or taking ginger shots, you need to have a good juicer on hand that can handle this type of food. It’s fairly tough so it takes a good, reliable blade. 

What is the best juicer for ginger and ginger shots? For a juicer that can handle ginger, look for something that can yield plenty of juice, without a lot of pulp, especially a masticating juicer. From there, you will want to consider your own needs like volume and other functions for other foods you juice.

There are several really great options out there to choose from. In this guide, we will share with you the 9 best juicers for ginger and ginger shots.

We searched through the market to find the very best and we’re excited to share them with you here today. We’ve also got a handy buyer’s guide so you know just what to look for before you buy. 

Keep reading to learn about the 9 best juicers for ginger and ginger shots, and more! 

How To Choose The Best Juicer For Ginger And Ginger Shots

Before we dig into the top product options, we thought it might be helpful to share just a bit of a buyer’s guide with you.

The purpose of this section is simply to share some details or information to keep in mind so that you can make a fully informed decision if you purchase a juicer. 

There are a few details to consider, so let’s take a look. 

Cleaning Up

Every juicer will have to be cleaned up when you’re finished using it so the ability to clean it quickly and easily is a must.

Consider how much disassembling you will have to do to clean your juicer. You should also consider how easy it is take apart and put back together. Breaking it down may be worth it if it’s quick to do.

Ask yourself:

Are there parts that are dishwasher-safe or will everything need to be washed by hand? Can all of the various parts be submerged in water or are there special care instructions to know and consider? 

If the blending cup can be put in the dishwasher or some of the parts are safe in water your juicer will be much easier to keep clean.

The cleaning will be up to your preferences and your willingness to clean or not clean in a certain way. But it’s an important factor to know and consider!

After all, you have to clean juicers every time you use them.


The blending power for ginger and ginger shots is an essential element. Some juicers have less power than others and may be more likely to clog or get bogged down.

Remember that ginger is a thick and fairly hard material so you need a juicer that can handle it. 

Look for a juicer with a higher wattage and with plenty of options like masticating power, pulse, or even “power” options.

Ginger is tough so you definitely want to look for a good amount of power in order to know that it really can handle ginger without straining or wearing out the motor too quickly. 


If you’re going to spend the money on a juicer, you want to know that it’s going to last.

Two things should be considered here: Is it a durable and reliable machine and does it have a warranty?

You definitely don’t want to spend the money on something that simply isn’t going to hold up over time. A warranty can offer you some means of protection, but you also want a durable juicer in the first place. 

Safety Features

It’s a good idea to look for safety features because you just never know when someone may get a hold of your juicer when you aren’t looking.

You also want safety for your own fingers, right? When you are disassembling, you want to be certain you won’t accidentally power on the machine. Or cut yourself to bits trying to assemble the darn thing!

Most juicers are designed with a locking safety arm just for that purpose but it may be something you want to specifically look for. Other models are designed with smaller chutes so fingers can’t accidentally get in the way. 

In addition, there are safety features that can protect the motor as well.

Look for technology that is designed to protect the motor from overheating or to shut it off if the motor starts to overheat. Some have built-in cooling systems while others just have automatic shut-off features. 

Chute Size

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is the size of the chute on the juicer.

You are planning to use it for ginger so you most likely will need to plan to chop it up into slightly smaller pieces to really get the most out of your machine. 

However, ginger can be large and it can be awkwardly sized. So sometimes it is nice to look for a chute that you know will be large enough to handle even the oddest shaped ginger you might have to throw in it. 

There is nothing wrong with a juicer that may require you to cut ginger into smaller pieces. But this could be an added step for you. So it is something to be aware of. 

The Best Juicers For Ginger And Ginger Shots

Alright, we’ve covered some of the basics so let’s really get down to business. You’re here because you want to choose or see the very best options for juicers for ginger and we’ve got you covered!

We’ve sifted and sorted and researched and we’ve got a variety of options here for you to consider, especially if you’re new to juicing:

RankProductBest Feature
1.Aobosi Slow Masticating JuicerHigh juice yield
2.Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine Easy to clean
3.Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold Press JuicerVersatile: juices and makes noodles
4.Breville JE9XL Juice Fountain PlusBuilt-in froth separator
5.AMZ Chef Slow JuicerReverse function
6.Mueller Austria JuicerWide feed chute
7.NutriBullet Juicer Pro1000 watt power motor
8.MegaWise Pro Juicer ‘Soft’ and ‘hard’ modes for different fruits
9.Hurom HP Slow JuicerBuilt-in cooling system

Below, you will find the best juicers for ginger and ginger shots with more detail about what makes each one so great.

1. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

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This first option is our best overall pick. It is equipped with slow masticating technology, which means it works through even the hardest of surfaces to extract as much juice as possible.

This is great for even hard ingredients like ginger, carrots, apple, celery, and more. It’s a great multi-purpose juicer and it works quickly and efficiently. 

This particular juicer operates quietly with a motor that is just 60 decibels. The blade inside the juicer operates at 80 RPM, so it can handle hard things like ginger and it also extracts more juice than some machines.

According to the listing, you can expect 20% more juice and 30% more nutrients. Its overall juice yield is 90%.

This juicer also has several safety mods in place. It will shut off after 20 minutes of continuous use to be sure the motor doesn’t overheat.

This juicer also has a safety lock so you can assemble and disassemble without worry. It has an added reverse function in case you run into jams as well. 


  • Lifelong technical support and service available
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety features included
  • Operates on a low noise level
  • 80 RPM speed juices quickly and efficiently


  • You may need to cut ginger into smaller pieces for best results.
  • The chute is fairly small.

2. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine

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This next option is a great value for the money. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, look no further!

This juicer machine also has a large feeding chute. So you can fit larger or bulkier pieces down the chute.

You still may need to cut it some to accommodate the blade and power, but you don’t have to worry as much about the awkward sizes and shapes of ginger. 

This juicer comes in black or stainless steel. It works quickly and efficiently and can handle ginger like a pro. The motor on this juicer is 800 watts.

It has plenty of power and the controls and buttons are very easy to work with. 

It’s also incredibly easy to clean, which is always a bonus! The removable parts are all dishwasher-safe. Plus, you get a strainer and a cleaning brush to help you out as well.

Finally, the base wipes down easily with no problems. Hamilton Beach was labeled the #1 brand for juice extractors in the U.S. in 2021 by the NPD Group as well. 


  • BPA-free
  • Covered by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Quality brand that has been recognized for quality juicers
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Extra-large feeding chute


  • Machine runs on the louder side.
  • This is a lightweight juicer so it might rattle around while it’s working.

3. Greenstar GSE-5000 Cold Press Juicer

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This next option is most definitely a premium model. It is quite a bit pricier than some of the options you see, but it is an all-around well-made machine that you can’t go wrong with.

It’s well worth the cost and it won’t disappoint if you can swing it. You can choose this juicer in white, black, or stainless steel. The juicer is made with a unique design.

It is heavy-duty and will most likely be a permanent counter fixture in your juicing area.

The machine is made using bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears for the motor, giving you the most power and the best quality for cold pressing. This helps preserve the nutrients and enzymes in your ginger and other items. 

The propellers do operate at a low and slow speed. That means it will take longer to operate, but it works effectively and doesn’t overheat your motors.

The mastication system is designed to get all of the juice with even tough items to blend and it will not get clogged up in the process. You even get a reverse function just in case. 


  • Reverse function to help with potential jamming
  • Designed to slowly masticate, reducing clogging
  • Perfect for cold pressing to retain nutrients
  • Uniquely geared motor for efficient operations
  • Incredibly useful and versatile machine


  • This is a premium model that can be a bit pricey for some.
  • The cleaning process is tedious and a bit challenging.

4. Breville JE9XL Juice Fountain Plus

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Breville is a well-known brand in the industry and their products are typically considered to be premium products. This particular juicer has all of the premium luxury and it isn’t overly pricey compared to some similar models.

It’s made with brushed stainless steel as well as plastic. More importantly, it’s a reliable juicer for ginger or ginger shots. 

This juicer provides you with an extra-wide chute so you can fit bulky and awkward ginger in there just fine. You don’t technically have to cut it, but with ginger, juicers sometimes are more efficient if you do chunk it up a bit.

This has a nice LED display and it is very easy to use overall. 

The juicer comes equipped with a pulp container to help with mess. It is designed with safety features so the motor doesn’t overload. It also has a safety locking arm to protect you when you are cleaning or disassembling.

You get 800 watts of power and will find that it can handle ginger with ease. 


  • Premium brand but not expensive
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sleek LED display
  • Plenty of power to handle ginger


  • Sometimes pushes a lot into the pulp, wasting more than you may prefer.

5. AMZ Chef Slow Juicer

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This next option is a unique option that is highly-rated across the board. It may not be one of those household brands, but it is exceptional quality and its place is well-earned here on our list.

The juicer is designed to help you get the most juice each time with less oxidation, all of the nutrition, and less foam in the process.

They boast up to a 90% juice yield. 

You can choose from gray, stainless steel, or red colors for this juicer. It’s pretty simple to operate and it’s designed for slow masticating. That way you get the most juice nutrients of ginger and other items in the process as possible. 

This juicer is also nice and quiet. It only operates at about 60 decibels so it’s much lower than a traditional blender by design.

It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble and it’s also very easy to clean. It has safety steps in place, including a locking arm and shutting off when the motor is getting warm. 


  • Safety features in place
  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Operates with a quiet motor
  • Produces more juice yield with less oxidation


  • You may need to slice your ginger into fairly small pieces for the best results.

6. Mueller Austria Juicer

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Mueller is known as a quality brand and it’s very popular. This juicer is highly-rated across the board.

It’s a quality product that is designed and distributed from Austria and it has excellent design and durability as well. 

This centrifugal juicer is simple to use and it’s lightweight. It’s designed to be both sleek and modern with a stainless steel finish.

It doesn’t take up a ton of space on your counter and is totally not bulky like some of the machines out there. 

You can rely on this juicer for less clogging and less foaming. You can create your juicing product in a matter of seconds.

It’s equipped with an extra-large feed chute that can easily handle ginger and it has plenty of power as well. Best of all, it’s easy to clean and easy to use. 


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Extra-large feed chute is convenient
  • Excellent quality with excellent ratings
  • High-powered motor with high RPM capabilities
  • Sleek and modern style


  • There are some plastic pieces that may not hold up as long over time.

7. NutriBullet Juicer Pro

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Here is a name you probably know quite well in the juicing industry and there is good reason for that.

NutriBullet has been making blenders and juicers for years and these blenders are excellent options for your ginger juicing needs.

This 7-pound, stainless steel juicing machine is incredible and you can’t go wrong here. It’s also reasonably priced and comparable to several other options on the market. 

The juicer comes with some travel-safe containers for your juice on the go. It comes with the container to catch and measure your juice and it even comes with ice trays. You can juice and create or add ice to your juice. Whatever you prefer!

This centrifugal juicer has a nice, large chute so you can easily fit ginger into it. It’s very easy to use and operate and even easier to clean when you are finished.

The pour spout is nice because you reduce mess and can pour without the pulp added. The machine is compact and simple, but also sleek and modern at the same time. 


  • Gorgeous stainless steel finish
  • Compact but incredibly efficient
  • From a brand we know and trust for juicing and blending
  • Comes with accessories like ice trays and travel bottles
  • Easy to use and clean


  • This is a bit of a noisy machine when it is operating.

8. MegaWise Pro Juicer 

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This next option is another highly-rated juicer and it’s very simple by design.

If you just want something simple and easy that you know will prepare your ginger and ginger shots, this might be the right choice for you.

The juicer from MegaWise is white and it’s fairly compact as well. This juicer is also very easy to operate. It’s made with plastic, lightweight materials so you may need to plan for a little wobbling with ginger.

You can also dice your ginger smaller to help with that as a potential issue. The chute isn’t huge so you would probably need to dice your ginger anyway. 

This machine slowly masticates whatever you throw at it in order to preserve the nutrients best. It’s quick and efficient and reliable, which is why it’s a great option listed here.

We love the simple and compact design and the reliable juicing nature that won’t let you down. 


  • Designed to yield as much juice as possible
  • Compact and lightweight machine
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Live chat support and free replacement guarantees
  • Simple design that is efficient and reliable


  • You will have to slice your ginger to fit in the chute and reduce rattling during use.
  • Stringy fruits may clog up easily, but this is not a problem for ginger.

9. Hurom HP Slow Juicer

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Last but not least, we bring you one more premium product to check out. This slow juicer is high-quality and is designed to be a premium option.

It’s a more expensive model, but the quality is well worth the cost if you can afford it. You can choose from mint green, light pink, or white colors as well. 

This is a compact model so it won’t take up a ton of counter space. It’s stacked so you have your chute on the top, the pulp and juice section in the middle and then the base.

There is a pour spout to release into your cup when you are ready. The middle section even has measurements on it. 

This is made with quality materials and is stainless steel rather than plastic.

This makes it heavier and more durable and less likely to rattle when it’s juicing ginger. It has a powerful motor and it slowly juices to preserve nutrients. It even has a built-in cooling system to protect the motor. 


  • Very easy to use and operate
  • Uses premium materials for durability and sturdiness
  • Available in light and refreshing colors
  • Compact model that won’t take up a ton of space
  • Well-made from top to bottom


  • Customer support is not the greatest if you do run into issues with the juicer.

When you’ve found your dream juicer and you’re ready to test it out, check out this easy and delicious ginger shot tutorial by Jason Vale!

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