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7 Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces

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One of the five French mother sauces, hollandaise sauce is a perfect accompaniment to eggs Benedict, poached salmon, and steamed vegetables. 

Although hollandaise is incredibly easy to prepare, if you don’t feel like making it yourself, you can simply use one of the many jarred hollandaise sauces available in stores and online!

So, what are the best jarred hollandaise sauces? The best jarred hollandaise sauces are creamy, smooth, eggy, and delicious. They have a pale yellow color with a buttery texture and are used to elevate any dish with their unique flavor and creamy consistency.

Read on for a buyer’s guide on how to buy the best jarred hollandaise sauces and our top picks!

What Is Hollandaise Sauce?

Hollandaise sauce, formerly known as Dutch sauce, is a favorite among chefs and culinary critics.

In its classic form, this French sauce is made with egg yolks, emulsified butter, lemon juice or white wine vinegar, and a dash of cayenne, salt, and white pepper.

There are several variations of this delicious sauce and it has become a base for many different recipes. It is fun to experiment with and you can play around with the flavors. For instance, you can switch lemon juice with lime or add some chopped basil!

Mostly enjoyed for breakfast or lunch, hollandaise sauce is a key ingredient for eggs Benedict and can be served with fish and steamed vegetables as well.

Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces — Buyer’s Guide

A delicious eggs benedict with thick cut ham, hollandaise sauce, and thyme garnish.

When it comes to jarred hollandaise sauces, several brands sell this delicious sauce — if you buy the right one, you won’t even be able to differentiate it from a freshly made one.

With so many options to choose from, it can get too overwhelming to buy the best product. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for the best jarred hollandaise sauce!

Liquid Sauce Or Sauce Mix

When it comes to storebought hollandaise sauce, you can find it in two forms: as a liquid or as a sauce mix.

A liquid sauce is ready to eat and requires no preparation, although if you prefer, you can heat the ready-to-eat hollandaise sauce while serving.

A sauce mix, on the other hand, needs to be prepared before use by being mixed with water, milk, and other ingredients.


Classic hollandaise sauce is made with just a handful of ingredients. There are, however, several variations of this condiment. 

When buying jarred hollandaise sauce, make sure you check the list of ingredients so that you know what to expect flavor-wise.


Hollandaise sauce jars are available in different sizes. Depending on how many people will be eating it, you can opt for a small or big jar so that you have the right quantity and none of it goes to waste.


Depending on the popularity of the brand, jarred hollandaise sauces are available at different price points. You can choose the best one depending on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Best Jarred Hollandaise Sauces

You can easily buy ready-made hollandaise sauce from the store to pair with your favorite foods. If you are confused about which one to pick, we’re here to help you choose!

Here are our top picks of the best jarred hollandaise sauces:

RankProductBest Features
1Knorr Professional™ Ultimate Hollandaise Sauce MixCreamy, buttery, and inspired by from-scratch recipes
2Delouis Fils Authentic Hollandaise SauceSmooth, rich, and made with fresh butter; imported from France
3Christian Potier Hollandaise SauceContains no artificial flavors or colors, non-GMO, gluten-free
4Primal Kitchen Hollandaise SauceDairy-free option
5Maille Hollandaise SaucePerfect balance between flavor and gourmet quality
6Reese Hollandaise SauceFrom America’s most trusted name in gourmet specialty ingredients
7Great Value Hollandaise Finishing SauceMade with natural lemon flavor

1. Knorr Professional™ Ultimate Hollandaise Sauce Mix 

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Creamy, buttery, and inspired by from-scratch recipes, the ultimate hollandaise sauce mix by Knorr Professional tops our list due to its great taste and quality.

This container has no MSG and is free of artificial flavors and preservatives. Incredibly easy to prepare, all you have to do is combine the sauce mix with butter, water, and milk, and heat it!

Its stable consistency prevents it from breaking down and separating, which makes it the ideal option to pair with your favorite dishes.

What’s great about it is that you can experiment with the ratio of milk or water to achieve your desired consistency. You can also further enhance its flavors by adding a dash of lemon or a few aromatic herbs!

2. Delouis Fils Authentic Hollandaise Sauce

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Smooth, rich, and made with fresh butter, this authentic hollandaise sauce is imported from France. 

Made by the Delouis family, who began their business as a vinegar company in France, their recipe has been perfected using quality ingredients and adapted to the market without compromising on flavor and quality.

Available in a 4.4-ounce jar, it has a strong lemon flavor and is very close to real hollandaise sauce.

This sauce has great user reviews online and is incredibly easy to use. You can enjoy it straight out of the jar or heat it for a few seconds to make it more flavorful!

3. Christian Potier Hollandaise Sauce

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The Christian Potier Authentic No.9 Hollandaise Sauce is a classic option to serve as an accompaniment to poached eggs, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Made with cream, egg yolks, butter, lemon juice, and white wine, it contains no artificial flavors or colors, plus it’s non-GMO and gluten-free.

Incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is heat it by simmering for 5 minutes or microwave it on high for 45 seconds or on medium for 1 minute!

4. Primal Kitchen Hollandaise Sauce

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A great alternative to regular hollandaise sauce, this one by Primal Kitchen is dairy-free, making it perfect for people with dairy allergies!

Made without dairy, soy, or canola, this seasonal sauce is perfect for adding flavor to your favorite dishes.

Primal Kitchen’s new recipe contains no cashews and is also keto and paleo-friendly.

Instead of using butter or heavy cream, it uses avocado oil to give it a creamy texture and beautiful flavor!

5. Maille Hollandaise Sauce

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Maille is a renowned name in the condiment business with over 270 years of experience — experts in creating the perfect balance between flavors and gourmet quality, this authentic hollandaise sauce is no exception!

Made with eggs, butter, and lemon juice, it is a bit tarter than the other options on this list and can be served with a variety of dishes, particularly classics such as poached eggs, ham, and muffins for eggs Benedict.

A delicious sauce in the brand’s collection of French condiments, it is very easy to use. You simply have to give the contents in the jar a nice stir and serve. Although it doesn’t require any heating, you can heat it if you like your hollandaise sauce warm.

6. Reese Hollandaise Sauce

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Reese has been America’s most trusted name in gourmet specialty ingredients and this hollandaise sauce is the perfect option to add quality and flavor to your recipes.

A good combination of taste, quality, and affordability, it has a strong lemony flavor and thick texture that becomes easier to serve once the contents of the jar have been heated.

A great option for its price, it works well with steamed vegetables, asparagus, eggs, and a variety of other dishes.

7. Great Value Hollandaise Finishing Sauce

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Made with natural lemon flavor, this hollandaise sauce by Great Value is a great way to brighten your favorite recipes.

Its natural citrusy flavor is perfect for eggs, meat, and, vegetable dishes.

It comes in an easy-to-open/close jar in order to preserve its freshness and is perfect for adding a unique flavor to your weekday meals.

Related Questions

Now that you know all about jarred hollandaise sauces, along with our top picks of the best ones, here are a few additional questions we thought you might have!

How do you store jarred hollandaise sauce?

Unopened store-bought hollandaise sauce can last for several months if stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.

Once opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 to 5 days.

How do you know if hollandaise sauce is bad?

The best way to tell if hollandaise sauce has gone bad is by checking its consistency, color, and smell.

If it forms lumps or appears grainy, has a darkened color, or smells weird, it has gone bad and must be discarded.

Are hollandaise sauce and béarnaise sauce the same?

No, hollandaise and béarnaise sauce are not the same.

Hollandaise is made with egg yolks, emulsified butter, and citric acid, and can be used to make a variety of other sauces (such as béarnaise sauce).

Béarnaise sauce builds upon hollandaise sauce by adding shallots, tarragon, and parsley to it.

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