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7 Best Jalapeno Corers

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We love working with jalapeños because you just can’t beat the flavor and kick that they add to any tasteful dish. However, we also have a love-hate relationship with them — cutting them and removing the seeds can be a terrible nuisance! 

It’s no small task to get all of the seeds and the inner core out of a jalapeno so you can get to the next step of the recipe, especially since you should wear gloves or at least thoroughly wash your hands afterward.

Why? Because if you get jalapeno juice in your eye, it burns terribly! And while you won’t go blind, jalapeno burn will take a few hours to go away. What to do?

You need a good jalapeno corer to help! And what is the best jalapeno corer? The best tool will be one that is simple to use, even for small jalapenos. It’s going to be small enough to really dig in there and reliable enough to pull out the core and most of the seeds. 

In this guide, we will share with you the best jalapeno corers on the market. There aren’t a ton of options, but we found some really great choices — we’re here to share them with you along with a quick review and their pros and cons. 

Stick with us to learn about the 7 best jalapeno corers and more!

How To Choose A Jalapeno Corer

We really love jalapeno corers; they’ve helped a lot with our quality of life on jalapeno popper nights (no more jalapeno burn!) so we’re believers. There are some different factors to consider when you’re ready to buy, though.

Before you take a look at the options, let’s talk about a few basic details that might help you make a fully-informed decision!

Features And Specs

You can get a good feel for the quality of a tool when you check out its features and specs. A jalapeno corer could have tons of features, but the question remains: can it do the one thing you probably bought it to do – core jalapenos? 

You want something that is going to be easy to use. A couple of added features are nice, but don’t get so wrapped up in those fancy features that you forget the primary task of the tool and get distracted from whether or not it can do its job! 


One of the best ways to really gauge whether or not a product is going to work well or be reliable is to simply check out what others are saying.

We make a point to do this when we’re picking out what we think are the best products, and it’s a great way for you to do a little more research on your own as well!

Take a quick peek at what others are saying, including the negatives. This will give you a clear expectation of what the tool should be able to do as well as any potential limitations. 


Finally, just make sure you are getting great value for the money! These little tools are not super expensive, but you also don’t want to waste your money and end up having to buy two or three before you find a good fit. 

Look for something made with quality materials, something that works well, and something you can depend on! Hopefully, we can get it right the first time. 

The Best Jalapeno Coring Tools

Mexican-American jalapeno poppers served with lime.

We’ve searched the market to try to find you the very best tool to work with jalapenos.

While there aren’t a million jalapeno corers out there, you do have a selection to choose from. You can even get creative and use a stand that holds the jalapenos to help you with the coring process!

Below, you will find our top picks for the best jalapeno coring tools on the market, complete with reviews and any details we think you need to know. 

RankProductKey Features
1Cave Tools Jalapeno Pepper Corer And DeseederGrip curve, serrated edges, dishwasher-safe, can be used with all peppers, downloadable recipe book
2Mountain Grillers Jalapeno Holder And CorerCurved top, rack fits 24 jalapenos, dishwasher-safe parts, rack can be used in oven and grill
3Kito Jalapeno Chili Pepper Corer ToolStraight with slight curve, serrated edges, dishwasher-safe, can be used with a variety of fruits and vegetables
4Newness Focus Jalapeno Pepper Corer SetSet of 2 (straight corer and curved corer), serrated edges, varying color options, dishwasher-safe
5King Kooker JRC Jalapeno Corer ToolCan hollow and stuff jalapenos, serrated edges, shovel-type head
6Openfly Jalapeno Pepper Corer Tools, 6-Piece SetSet of 6 coring tools, hanging hooks, stainless steel
7Norpro Grip-EZ Jalapeno Pepper CorerCurved end, serrated edges, dishwasher-safe, can buy single or 2-pack

1. Cave Tools Jalapeno Pepper Corer And Deseeder

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First up is a simple and classically reliable option from Cave Tools!

This is your standard design for this type of tool. It works well because it has serrated edges as well as a curved piece so it cuts down into the jalapeno and wraps around the core to help pull the whole piece out. 

This coring tool can be used for any kind of pepper.

With the grip curve on the end, it grabs everything inside and pulls it out. The serrated edges allow you to cut or slice parts of the pepper as needed. 

The handy little tool is dishwasher-safe so it’s easy to use and clean! With this corer, you will get far less jalapeno juice on your skin. This handy little tool comes with a small recipe book that can be handy as well. 


  • Includes a downloadable recipe book
  • Curve helps core and grab seeds
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comfortable to use
  • Works for all types of peppers


  • The corer can be a little large for small jalapenos

2. Mountain Grillers Jalapeno Holder And Corer

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Why not just go ahead and step up your game with this set that includes a grilling rack for 24 jalapeños as well as a coring tool?

The holder is a nice little addition because you can easily grill your jalapeno poppers with less mess. It also doesn’t add a ton to the overall cost!

The corer has a curved top to help grasp the seeds and core and then pull everything out of the jalapeno. The rack is also oven-safe so it can be used for more than just grilling. The coring tool is made with steel so it’s strong and sturdy and can handle the pressure. 

It’s comfortable and easy to work with as well! The rack measures 11.5 x 2.75 inches. This company has been creating BBQ equipment for years and this is only one of their well-made and reliable creations.


  • Get a rack for cooking as well as a coring tool
  • The cooking rack is oven safe as well
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Sharp and sturdy materials 
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • The rack does have pretty large holes so you will need to be mindful of that when selecting peppers for it

3. Kito Jalapeno Chili Pepper Corer Tool

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This next coring tool is a little bit different from the others. It gives it some added versatility depending on what you are trying to do!

This coring tool uses a straight approach with just a slight curve on the edges of the blades. This allows you to use it on all types of fruits and vegetables with a similar purpose. 

The edges have serrated sides so that you can cut around the core and into your jalapeno and other vegetables easily. The handle has an awesome grip so you can keep it steady and comfortable while you work on your peppers. 

It’s small and simple. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe since it’s made from stainless steel. If you need control and comfort and simplicity, you’ve got it here! 


  • Versatile to cut many fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and reliable materials


  • The point at the end is pretty sharp so caution is required

4. Newness Focus Jalapeno Pepper Corer Set

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This next option is a set of 2. You get the curved corer that is perfect for jalapenos, but you also get the straight option that can come in pretty handy!

This gives you the option to use what you need or want in the moment or even use both if you really need to. 

This fun little set of tools actually also comes in varying colors so you don’t have to stick with plain black and silver if you don’t want to.

Choose from green, yellow, or black and have a great time with these tools!

These are simple to use and easy to work with. They are made with strong materials that you can depend on. They’re great for just about any use or even a gift and they are dishwasher-safe as well so you really can’t go wrong, can you? 


  • Set of 2 coring tools
  • Simple to work with
  • Serrated edges for all of the things
  • Comes in different colors
  • Reliable materials that hold up


  • The curved corer may be too large for small jalapenos

5. King Kooker JRC Jalapeno Corer Tool

Check Current Price on Amazon

This next option is a unique find and a popular option.

It almost looks like an old-school potato peeler, but it’s really a corer and it works really well for the coring process!

It is a little larger than some, so you may have to be mindful of the size of your pepper — you can halve your peppers if it works better. 

This is made with stainless steel. It’s built to be a beast of a corer and the materials are strong and reliable. You won’t have to worry about any bending or anything like that! The point is just sharp enough and you have serrated edges as well. 

This tool is designed so that you can easily hollow out jalapenos, but then the end is almost like a shovel so you can also use it to turn around and stuff jalapenos easily, which is really pretty great when you compare it to some tools! 


  • Heavy-duty materials that last
  • Unique shovel-type head so you can hollow and stuff
  • Perfectly sized to hold and manage
  • Made to make your coring job simple
  • A deceivingly awesome coring tool


  • The handle isn’t ergonomic so your hands might get tired when doing a lot of coring

6. Openfly Jalapeno Pepper Corer Tools, 6-Piece Set

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Forget relying on just one tool that may or may not work for a certain jalapeno — check out this set of tools that come with 6 different jalapeno coring options!

Ok, so not every tool here is just for jalapenos. It comes with a pitter as well, and most of these tools can be pretty useful. 

The set has a jalapeno corer and then several other types of corers as well for a total of 6 pieces. Some of the pieces are versatile so you might be able to use more than one for jalapenos, but otherwise, you’re prepared for anything!

These are made with high-quality materials that are built to last. They’re fully stainless steel and they look sleek and nice. They even have hanging hooks in case you want to hang them to store. They are modern and reliable. 


  • Set of 6 coring tools
  • Modern style and design
  • Sleek stainless steel tools
  • Built to last with sturdy materials
  • Versatility in numbers with this set


  • The blades are a little on the dull side so they work better if you can sharpen them a bit

7. Norpro Grip-EZ Jalapeno Pepper Corer

Check Current Price on Amazon

This last option is from a reliable brand that we know well enough.

You can purchase it in a single pack or a bundle that comes with 2 coring tools. This is a simple silver and black tool with stainless steel on the corer part and the blade. 

The tool has a curved end so that you can insert, grab, and pull. It’s really easy to work with and sometimes that makes all of the difference. It also has serrated edges so you can cut and then core all while using the same tool. 

The handle is a soft neoprene material so it is comfortable and sturdy at the same time. The tool is easy to clean as well and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning if needed. 


  • Dishwasher-safe tool
  • Soft and comfortable handle
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • Reliable and affordable brand
  • You can buy a 2-pack if you want


  • It can be hard to get into the tip of the jalapeno with the curved design

Related Questions

There are plenty of jalapeno corer options out there, but we hope that this guide to finding the best jalapeno corer led you to something that works for your needs.

We invite you to review the following question and answer section for some additional information that might be useful!

Is a jalapeno corer worth it? 

Yes! It’s a simple tool that makes it so much easier to get the core and seeds out of a jalapeno without having to just cut it all of the way open. These tools are not all that expensive, but they are worth every dollar. 

How do you use a jalapeno corer? 

Use the serrated edges to remove the top from your pepper. Insert the coring tool into the jalapeno. Twist it around and then twist and pull up. It should come out with the majority of the core and seeds in one simple motion! 

Should you leave seeds in jalapenos? 

The seeds are really where a lot of the heat in a jalapeno comes from. It’s totally a matter of your personal preference when it comes to the seeds — just be aware that you might have a lot more heat with seeds!

The outer shell will still pack that peppery heat, but they are hotter with the seeds. In most uses, you will remove at least most of the seeds, but if you want a little extra heat, it doesn’t hurt to leave some seeds in with the rest of the stuff. 

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