The Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

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Hot sauce has become one of the most popular food trends around the world in recent years and continues to grow every year. 

Countless social media challenges, YouTube videos, television shows – all devoted to hot sauce. So, what’s the big deal?

Well, hot sauce is extremely popular for numerous reasons but any foodie will tell you it’s mostly because of the way it elevates your food.

You can put it on virtually any dish and yes, that includes desserts, but we will start with a more basic dish that almost always requires something to make it better: eggs.

What is the best hot sauce to put on your eggs? The best hot sauce will vary by taste, but opt for brands that offer a bite but balance it with fragrance and flavor. The sauce should be hot, but not offer an intense burn. Versatile choices that can be used in a variety of foods are ideal.

You may have to work your tolerance up to try some brands, but that’s okay. It will be a sweet (and spicy!) ride to the top! In the meantime, you’ll learn how to make a mean plate of spicy scrambled eggs.

In this article, we will also look at some other hot sauces that pair wonderfully with eggs. We will rank and review them based on their appearance, taste, smell, spiciness, and overall takeaway.

Why Is Hot Sauce So Great?

If you have ever wondered why so many people are obsessed with hot sauce, there are more reasons than you might expect:

  • It is a delicious tasting sauce that elevates the flavor of any dish – no matter how bland!
  • There are many different flavor profiles and spiciness available on the market and you can easily experiment with each.
  • It is extremely low in calories, which is surprising considering how tasty it is.
  • It is very high in vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system.
  • The peppers from which hot sauce is made contains tons of antioxidants that have to possibility to improve multiple bodily functions.
  • Because of the pain receptors being overwhelmed, your brain releases endorphins to combat that feeling which in turn improves your mood.

Why Put Hot Sauce On Eggs?

Even though eggs are already a nutritious and tasty protein, they could get a little dull if you eat them for breakfast most of the 365 days of the year. 

So what better way to spice it up than by using a spicy hot sauce? Sure, you can use plain old ketchup or mustard, but that also gets a bit repetitive after a while. 

Hot sauce is a delicious way to make your eggs more flavorful. There are so many different options to choose from, you won’t ever get bored. You can incorporate it into your scrambled eggs or use it as a condiment.

The Best Hot Sauces For Eggs

As we said, the best hot sauces should not only offer a good bite – that’s whole the point, after all – but also some actual flavor. Believe it or not, you should be able to taste something in addition to the fire in your mouth.

Here are our top hot sauce picks:

RankProductHeat Level
1.Cholula Original Hot SauceLow-medium burn
2.Mc Ilhenny Co Tabasco Pepper SauceMedium-high burn
3.Frank’s Red Hot SauceMild burn
4.Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili SauceMedium-high burn
5.Dawson’s Original Hot SauceIntense burn

You’ll see we included a variety of heat levels, because great hot sauce is for everyone to enjoy, even those with low heat tolerance.

You may also notice going forward that a lot of great hot sauce brands out there have great packaging. Especially in the hot sauce market, branding is what puts the sauce on the market, and only then will people start appreciating the taste.

Of course, we are judging a book by its cover, but great packaging says a lot about a sauce. It shows how much effort the manufacturers put into the actual sauce.

Of course, we’re not above tossing a bad sauce with a pretty label aside after we taste the flavor and taste of the sauce. And naturally, we look at the heat level to find that sweet spot.

So let’s check out the best hot sauces in all their spicy detail!

1. Cholula Original Hot Sauce (2pk)

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This Cholula sauce has a very homey look and feel to it – like it’s your very own family’s hot sauce. We love the details on the bottle and it’s one of the better brandings out there.

The deep red and orange color that the actual sauce has is also very inviting and doesn’t look spicy at all. As we said, it will make you feel right at home.

Smell and Taste

It is made from a mix of arbol and piquin peppers meaning there are hints of sweetness that will come through from the piquin. It has a bunch of fragrant spices and of course vinegar. 

It is the perfect condiment or addition to any meal and with regards to eggs, we would add it every day! It elevates the flavors that are already present in eggs and will not distract attention away from the main meal.

When you smell the sauce, you can immediately smell a symphony of aromas as well as a hint of spice.

Spice Level

This sauce will definitely make your mouth tingle without an intense burn, making it perfect for any lover of spice. We can use a little more heat, but that is just us. It is one of the best sauces to start experimenting with.

It has an average Scoville Heat Unit rating (SHU) of around 500-1000.

Why this ranking?

We feel that whenever you can find a hot sauce that isn’t too hot, very affordable, perfectly balanced in both flavors and aromas, and complimentary towards a wide variety of dishes.

Why you wouldn’t have it as your number one is beyond us!

Serve it with a delicious egg and chorizo breakfast bowl or on top of a scrambled egg breakfast croissant.

2. Mc. Ilhenny Co Tabasco Pepper Sauce (2pk)

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Dynamite comes in small packages, right? That’s exactly why tabasco comes in such a small bottle.

This is a very iconic hot sauce that is one of the originals. Its bright red color just adds to the fear of intense heat in your mind. But once you taste it, it truly isn’t as bad. It is hot, but not as hot as many other sauces on the market.

There is a reason it’s still around and it’s because it’s so good and its quality never wavered.

Smell and Taste

This hot sauce consists of mainly chili and vinegar, which might sound simple, yet it is also such a harmonious balance of the flavors that you wouldn’t want for anything more.

It pairs with most dishes, as you would already probably know, and can even be added to cocktails.

Spice Level

Concerning its spice level, it ranges between 2500 and 5000. The reason for this wide range is because each chili (or each chili batch) will have a different heat level. But on average it ranges more around the 2500-3000 side.

Why this ranking?

Because this sauce is so well established and has reached a mass production level, it is a very affordable sauce and easily accessible at any supermarket.

The reason we feel that it deserves this spot on our list is because it truly is a fantastic sauce. It pairs so well with all kinds of foods and was one of the original sauces to be put onto eggs.

Make a delicious fried egg and mushroom tabasco sandwich or use it in your deviled eggs.

3. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

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The bottle is definitely very bright and bold. You know exactly what it is without even reading the label – I mean the name is literally “Red Hot”.

The packaging along with the bright reddish-orange color of the sauce exudes confidence, and rightly so.

Smell and Taste

It is made from aged cayenne red peppers which is why it has such as distinct flavor compared to other cayenne pepper sauces. 

It also has a fragrant garlic and vinegar smell and taste that have been perfectly balanced to complement just about any food.

Spice Level

Frank’s Red Hot Original Hot Sauce is the perfect option for those who don’t like an extremely hot sauce.

The heat is very easy to handle and only has a SHU rating (Scoville heat unit) of 450, which is low compared to our other sauces. Just keep in mind that if the sauce is heated or cooked, it does seem to become spicier.

Why this ranking?

Everyone, even hard-core hot sauce fans, needs a mild-tasting hot sauce in their lives and this is ours. It is such a unique sauce with regards to its flavor profile that it will elevate any meal it is served with.

It is also very well priced and very easy to find.

4. Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

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Huy Fong’s Sriracha is probably one of the most recognizable condiments in the world. It was one of the first hot sauces to become main-stream and there is a good reason for it.

The bottle is iconic and its branding has been used over several other platforms such as the tech, fashion, and even the gaming industry.

Its bright red color does look intimidating, but it’s not nearly as hot as its color suggests.

Smell and Taste

This sauce is made of the common red chili peppers. The chili is obviously what brings the spice, but they also added some sugar to balance it out beautifully.

Although it is hotter than some of the other hot sauces on our list, it is by far not an extremely, unbearable hot sauce. It has a pleasant, mildly addictive burn, and all the spices come through once tasted.

Trust us when we say, add it while cooking your eggs. The flavor in the sauce intensifies and it becomes so delicious that you will want to keep adding more.

Spice Level

It is still a medium burn sauce but very aromatic and fragrant. It measures around 2000 on the Scoville heat scale, meaning it is truly a hot sauce but as we said, it’s nowhere near unbearable.

Why this ranking?

As with the tabasco sauce, it is such a classic and original hot sauce that we cannot leave it off our list. It is one of the sauces that revolutionized the addition of heat to eggs.

It has the perfect amount of heat that will allow you to serve it with any meal. Add it to your egg salad or grilled egg and cheese sandwich.

5. Dawson’s Original Hot Sauce

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This is another hot sauce that focuses a lot on quality rather than quantity. It has a very unique and memorable design that perfectly suits the taste.

It has more of an orange color and the sauce itself has a very smooth and creamy texture. The color is a bit deceptive when it comes to taste, but that might be a good thing, as we don’t want to scare potential tasters off.

Smell and Taste

This sauce is made using habanero chilis so you know it is going to be very hot. Despite that, it is still a surprisingly flavorful sauce.

What makes this hot sauce unique above others, is their addition of olive oil to it. This contributes to its flavor as well as its smooth texture. It also contains sugar and garlic, overall rounding this sauce nicely. The habanero chilis give it a floral note as well.

Spice Level

We had to include an extremely hot sauce for those enthusiasts. This sauce reaches around 82000 on the Scoville scale.

It is an unbelievably hot sauce (not the hottest that exist though) and it is definitely an experience to taste one – at least once. Regardless of the intense heat and burn, it is still surprisingly flavorful.

Why this ranking?

This sauce is a bit more pricy than the others on this list, but we believe that you pay more for the experience than the sauce. It is also not as mass-produced as others so will be much more unique.

Because of its heat, it will not be everyone’s favorite, but it still deserves a ranking. It is a delicious sauce that is extremely fragrant and balanced despite the heat.

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