5 Best Handheld Electric Can Openers

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Nobody really has the time to sit and manually open cans when cooking. Life can be made so much easier by buying a handheld electric can opener!

They can save you so much time in the kitchen, and can reduce the chance of you cutting yourself on an opened can.

These handy devices open up cans in next to no time and can open nearly every size can.

However, not all can openers are made the same, so which is the best handheld electric can opener? The best handheld electric can opener would be one that can open a can of any size easily, but which is still compact enough to be packed away when not in use. The can opener should make meal prep easier for you, and not dull quickly or stop working after a couple of uses.

In order to choose the best can opener to make your life a little easier, here is how to pick the right one, and the best 5 on the market!

Handheld Electric Can Opener Buyer’s Guide

It is so important to have some considerations to look for when choosing an electric can opener, to ensure you choose the right one that will stand the test of time, and obviously perform the function it was made to.

Here are the features to look for in a handheld electric can opener.

Power Source 

A handheld electric can opener needs to be efficient and quick to use, so you have to choose a power source that suits you best. If you only plan on using the can opener at home, it would make sense to have a plug-in power source.

If you are going to take your can opener camping or to picnics, it would be better to choose one that is battery powered.


Once again, convenience is key. The size can opener you need will be dependent on the size of cans you open often.

If you open large cans often, you will need an electric can opener that can open a larger can. It needs to be able to handle the weight and size of the can.

Storage Constraints

Most of us don’t have much space left in the kitchen, thanks to having an appliance for just about everything.

Make sure the electric can opener has its own space in the kitchen. Most new can openers are sleek and not too big, so you should be able to find one that won’t take up too much space.

Cutting Power

Various electric can openers cut cans in different places. Some cut on the inside of the rim and others cut underneath the rim on the can.

Where the can is opened is a personal preference, but you need to make sure the can opener is strong enough to cut through a can time and time again.

Safety Features

You should always consider safety features when buying kitchen appliances, especially one that cuts through metal!

An electric can opener should have a locking mechanism to keep the can securely in place. This cuts out the need for you to grab the can, which could lead to you getting injured.

It should also have an automatic shutoff. It should be able to shut off once it has cut through the can completely. If it does not automatically shut off, it might continue to cut the can and spill metal shards into the opened can – which is super dangerous!

The 5 Best Handheld Electric Can Openers

Here are the top 5 handheld electric can openers for you to choose from!

RankRecommended ProductBest Feature
1.Faberware Automatic Can OpenerA magnet lifts the lid of the can after cutting
2.Kitchen Mama Electric Can OpenerEasy to use for all ages
3.W-Dragon Electric Can OpenerSelf-adheres to cans
4.L-Bulice Electric Can Opener5-in-1 multifunctional
5.Vivibyan Electric Can OpenerInnovative side-cutting system

1. Faberware Hands-Free Automatic Can Opener

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The compact design of the Faberware Hands-Free Can Opener makes it perfect for small and large kitchens. While compact, the can opener is able to easily open cans of any size!

New technology allows for the seamless opening of a can, decreasing the dangers of sharp edges.

To further protect you, the can opener has a magnet that lifts the lid of the can once it has been cut through, for extra safety and convenience.

The electric can opener can be cleaned with a wet towel and requires 2 AA batteries to work. It is great to keep tucked away in the kitchen, or for when you need a can opener for your next camping trip.

Safety and convenience are bundled into this compact can opener that will tackle any can in your kitchen!

2. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

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Available in red, blue, or white, the Kitchen Mama electric can opener is great can opening solution for your kitchen.

The powerful motor requires 4 AA batteries, and will be able to open just about any can that you challenge it with.

Two taps open any can, and you simply need to push the button to start and then push it again to stop cutting. It cuts 360 degrees around the lid.

The blade cuts around the side of the lid without ever coming into contact with the food inside the can. It leaves no sharp cuts and is super safe for the whole family to use.

Being so simple to use, it is great for all ages, and especially for the elderly who cannot grip as well as they used to.

3. W-Dragon Electric Can Opener

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This handy electric can opener cuts around the side of the can to eliminate any sharp corners and dangerous edges. This helps to create an easily resealable lid that has a smooth edge.

The electric can opener will self-adhere to any can and have it opened in seconds. You just need to apply a small amount of pressure to the electric can opener to get it to adhere to the can.

While compact, the can opener can open cans of any size, simply with the push of a button. The opener needs 2 AA batteries to operate, and you can easily take the opener camping or on your next picnic.

Small and easy to pack away and store, this powerful can opener will open all your cans, big and small, just with the touch of a button!

4. L-Bulice Electric Can Opener

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This 5-in-1 multi-function can opener can open up to 6 different types of seals, caps, pull rings, bottle caps, safety seals, and can caps.

It saves you so much time and effort, and you only need one extra appliance in your kitchen to perform so many different tasks!

Simply stick the can opener on the edge of the jar and lock it in place. Press the button and the can opener will get to work, cutting away at the lid to give it a wonderfully smooth edge.

All the tools you need to perform these tasks are built into the electric can opener, making it ideal to take away camping, on picnics, or just to keep in the kitchen when you need to give your hands a break!

5. Vivibyan Electric Can Opener

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The innovative side-cutting system of the Vivibyan Electric Can Opener removes the top of any can, leaving behind a smooth edge lid that can be resealed with no fuss.

It effortlessly opens cans of any sizes, you simply place the can opener onto the can and press the gray button to begin cutting, and press it once more when the can has been opened.

You can clean the can opener with a damp cloth. The can opener requires 2 AA batteries to work, which are more than enough to power the little motor that is capable of opening any can in your kitchen!

Related Questions

Is it worth buying battery operated can openers?

Battery operated can openers tend to be smaller and more compact, but they are still usually able to open cans of all sizes. The only problem is that you need to keep a spare set of batteries on hand, in case the batteries in the can opener run out.

They are especially handy to have if you go camping or on picnics often – just don’t forget the spare batteries!

Can electric can openers cut you?

There is a much lower risk of being cut from handheld electric can openers than there is from using a manual can opener. You don’t have to actually open the can yourself, and most are hands-free, so there is less exposure to the blades.

Can electric can openers rust?

Yes, just like manual can openers, handheld electric can openers can rust. Make sure to wipe the blades down with a damp towel once you have finished using them, and dry them properly. If stored away while still wet, there is a good chance they might rust.

Rusty can openers are not only ineffective with cutting open cans, but could pose a danger if the rust flakes off into the can, sitting in the food you are eating.

If you notice any rust on your can opener, either electric or manual, it is best to safely dispose of it and purchase a new one.

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