7 Best Halloween Sprinkles Of 2023

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One of the fun parts of Halloween are all the cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and treats you can enjoy at parties, the office, or to send to school with your kids.

Decorating these treats with festive Halloween sprinkles is a great way to take your baking to the next level.

There are tons of different types of Halloween sprinkles on the market in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles so choosing the best sprinkle for your needs can get a little complicated.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you to figure out the 7 best Halloween sprinkles.

So, what are the best Halloween sprinkles? There are a variety of great options for Halloween sprinkles. To choose the best sprinkles for your needs, decide what you’re using them for, look for a blend with festive colors, find sprinkles that come in a resealable container, and, if necessary, take food allergies into consideration.

Read on to discover how to choose the best Halloween sprinkles and some of our favorite brands that you can pick up to start baking your festive creations. 

How To Choose The Best Halloween Sprinkles

When it comes to choosing the best Halloween sprinkles for all your holiday-themed baking, there are a few things to look out for.

Check out the following Buyer’s Guide to help you pick the perfect Halloween sprinkles to make all your decorating dreams come true. 

Figure Out What You’re Using Them For 

The first step in choosing the Halloween sprinkles that are going to best suit your needs is to figure out what you’re going to be using them for.

Some types of sprinkles are plainer, such as the multicolored bags of sprinkless. Other types of sprinkles are going to be more decadent and include different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Depending on what you’re baking you can be more or less fancy with your sprinkle choice. 

For example, if you’re doing a big bake sale and making hundreds of cookies or cupcakes or Halloween bars, you can probably go with the festive and affordable bags of multicolored sprinkles.

If you’re making a batch of cupcakes for a holiday party then you might spring for the fancier bag of sprinkles.

The same thought process goes behind figuring out who is going to be enjoying the fruits of your Halloween baking.

If you’re planning on sending the goodies to school, then you might need to choose a nut-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free sprinkle option to keep the kids safe. 

Regardless of how you’re planning on using your Halloween sprinkles, there is definitely the perfect brand out there for you to create fun and festive masterpieces to share with friends, family, and community. 

Look For A Blend Of Sprinkles 

Once you decide how you’re going to be using your Halloween sprinkles, you can choose a blend that is going to suit your needs.

There are tons of great choices on the market that have a variety of different shapes and colors

You can find sprinkles with little spooky eyeballs, spiders, pumpkins, bats, stars, ghosts, bugs, skulls, and other festive shapes.

Depending on what you’re baking, these little decorations can take your final product to a whole new level. 

These sprinkles can sometimes be a little more expensive than regular sprinkles, so that is something to consider depending on how many you need for your creation.

You can also do a blend of shaped sprinkles and regular sprinkles for a nice touch. 

Look For Festive Colors 

One of the most iconic aspects of Halloween are the dark and spooky colors that we use in everything from decorations to baking.

When it comes to your sprinkles, you want to make sure they stay on theme with a fun, festive, and spooky color palette. 

The obvious colors used in Halloween decorations and sprinkles are black and orange, but you can get much more creative than that.

Some sprinkle blends include “monster” or spooky themed colors that are purple, white, green, and turquoise (combined with the traditional colors).

These blends give your baked treats a real pop of color and help them stand out in a crowd.

Depending on what you’re creating, you can choose a variety of colors that fit within the Halloween theme and will have you whipping up show stopper after show stopper. 

Look For Resealable Pouches Or Containers 

Many sprinkles can come in large bags or containers, and we often don’t need to use the whole thing in one go (that would be a lot of sprinkles!).

To cut back on food waste and keep your sprinkles fresh and ready to use for the next baking project, look for resealable pouches or containers

Without the ability to seal your sprinkles back up you can end up with a stale and soggy the next time you go to use them.

If you can’t find a brand you like that has a resealable container or pouch, then make sure you put any leftovers in an airtight container when you’re done using them. 

Look For Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Or Dairy-Free Options

As I mentioned above, if you’re planning on sharing your baking with friends or sending it to school, then it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution and find a Halloween sprinkle brand that is free from some of the most common food allergens

The allergens that can most commonly contaminate sprinkles (or be included in the ingredient list) that could cause analphlyactic reactions are nuts, dairy, and gluten. 

While gluten is less likely to cause an immediate analphylactic response, it is becoming more common to encounter people and kids who are intolerant or allergic to it.

That being said, if you’re baking with regular flour, then it doesn’t matter if your sprinkles are gluten-free. 

Sorting out how you’re planning on using your Halloween sprinkles and who you’re going to serve them to will help you decide if you need to buy allergen friendly sprinkles. 

The 7 Best Halloween Sprinkles

Now that you know what to look for in terms of the best Halloween sprinkles, you can take a look at the brands below to find the one that best fits your taste buds and budget.

RankProductBest Features
1.Sweets Indeed Halloween Sprinkles: Candy Eyeball and Monster Mash BlendFun shapes, free from common allergens
2.Wilton's Sprinkle Mix: 6 Fun Halloween ShapesDivided container for easy mixing-and-matching
3.Manvscakes Halloween Sprinkle Mix With EyeballsCreated by a master sugar artist, mix of unique shapes
4.Mystic Sprinkles Haunted Halloween Sprinkle MixFestive shapes in a variety of sizes
5.The Bulk Priced Food Shoppe Fright Night Sprinkle MixBlend of shapes, resealable bag
6.A Birthday Place Sprinkles Spooky Halloween Quins Sprinkles MixLarge container, excellent value
7.Naturejam Halloween Mix SprinklesClassic sprinkles in festive colors

1. Sweets Indeed Halloween Sprinkles: Candy Eyeball and Monster Mash Blend

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These sprinkles from the Sweets Indeed company take top spot because they tick every box on the list above.

Not only do they come in a resealable container, but they are also nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten-free, making them a safe choice for most events. 

But what really sets these sprinkles apart is that they contain an awesome array of fun Halloween colors such as purple, black, orange, and green.

This blend is a mixture of classic sprinkles and fun candy eyeballs that you can use to decorate your creations to look like spooky Halloween monsters.

There are also little spider shapes and crunchy sugar beads for extra texture and fun. 

If you want to try another one of the Sweets Indeed blends to mix things up, then the Toil & Trouble variety is a great choice.

It has orange Jack-o-lanters, black bats, gold stars, and a blend of sprinkles that range from classic sprinkles to sugar beads.

You can check the current price on Amazon right here. 

Both of these sprinkles also taste great, so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. 

2. Wilton’s Sprinkle Mix: 6 Fun Halloween Shapes

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The next sprinkles on our list come from Wilton’s and I chose them because they come in a plastic, resealable container.

I also chose them because they keep their different shapes separate so you can really customize your creations. 

These sprinkles look really high end and include six different festive Halloween shapes that include:

  • Orange pumpkins
  • White ghosts
  • Black witches’ hats
  • Black and purple bats
  • Silver, black, and white skulls
  • Green and black creepy crawly bugs 

As I mentioned, all of these shapes are divided in the container so you can mix and match the ones you want to use depending on the theme of your baking.

All the colors are perfectly aligned with the spooky Halloween theme. 

While they are made in a facility that processes wheat and soy, there are no nuts or dairy on the ingredient list, so they should be safe to send to most schools.

As a bonus, they’re flavored with vanilla for a great taste. 

3. Manvscakes Halloween Sprinkle Mix With Eyeballs

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The Manvscakes Halloween sprinkles are all created by master sugar artists and it shows.

This blend includes candy eyeballs, little white bone sprinkles, pumpkin shaped confetti sprinkles, ghost shaped confetti sprinkles, orange sprinkles, black sprinkles, nonpareil sprinkles, and purple sprinkles.

It does look like they come in resealable bags, which is great news if you’re not planning on using them all up in one go.

The fun colors and different textures make these sprinkles a real treat! 

If you’re looking for some other Halloween blends from this company they offer a Monster Medley.

This Halloween mix includes candy eyeballs, chocolate sixlet candies, shimmer sugar pearls, yummy sugar beads, bright colored sprinkles, crunchy nonpareils, and shimmer colorful confetti quins. 

It comes in different shades of purple, green, blue, black, white, orange, and yellow to capture the essence of Halloween and the different colors of all the spooky monsters.

If you want to try this blend, then you can check the current price on Amazon right here

They also offer a Hocus Pocus blend that includes yummy chocolate sixlets, shimmer confetti quins, shimmer sprinkles, crunchy sugar pearls, and sugar beads in orange, purple, and black.

It doesn’t have any festive shapes, but you still get a really Halloween feel from the colors. 

You can check the current price on Amazon here. 

This brand is manufactured in a plant that also processes wheat, dairy, soy, and tree nuts, so if you are baking for folks with food allergies, then these may not be the best sprinkles for you to choose.

Their Monster Medley & Hocus Pocus blends also contains milk ingredients right in the sprinkles. 

4. Mystic Sprinkles Haunted Halloween Sprinkle Mix

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These Halloween sprinkles from Mystic Sprinkles are another great choice because they offer 4 different types of sprinkles that they keep separated in the resealable container.

This makes it easy to mix and match your favorite ones for a unique creation every time. 

While they don’t offer quite as much variety as the Wilton’s mixed blend does, they still make a good choice for your holiday baking.

This mix includes a variety of festive colors and shapes such as:

  • Ghosts Shapes
  • Pumpkin & Bat Shapes
  • Orange & Black Sprinkles
  • Black Orange & Green Non-Pareils

The ingredients don’t list any nuts, dairy, or gluten, but it also doesn’t say whether they are produced in a facility that handles these ingredients.

If that is crucial for you they might not be the best choice. 

5. The Bulk Priced Food Shoppe Fright Night Sprinkle Mix

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This Halloween sprinkle mix from the Bulk Priced Food Shoppe is a cute blend of orange pumpkin and black bat shapes with green, white, and purple sprinkles.

It looks like they come in a resealable plastic bag, which is great since there are a lot of them. 

They don’t contain any nuts, dairy, or gluten, though again there is no mention of whether they are prepared in a facility that works with these items.

With that in mind, if you have anyone with severe allergies, then you may want to choose a certified allergen-free sprinkle blend. 

That being said, they are a great price for a fun blend of colors and shapes that are sure to put you in the Halloween mood. 

6. A Birthday Place Sprinkles Spooky Halloween Quins Sprinkles Mix

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These sprinkles come in a large, resealable plastic container, which is perfect because you get a lot of sprinkles for your money.

There are no allergens on the ingredient label, so generally they will be safe so long as there are no severe allergies present. 

This blend comes in three colors: black, white, orange. There are pumpkin shapes, ghost shapes, and bat shapes in this mix.

We suggest combining these Halloween shape sprinkles with some classic sprinkles for a really fun Halloween blend. 

7. Naturejam Halloween Mix Sprinkles

Check Current Price on Amazon

The last choice on this list doesn’t contain any fun Halloween shapes, but it is a super affordable bag of colorful classic sprinkles.

I think using these in combination with some of the fancier Halloween sprinkles is a great way to balance affordability and creativity. 

These sprinkles come in a two pound bag, so you get a lot for your money.

However, it isn’t resealable, so make sure you have a big freezer bag or resealable container that you can store them in once you open the package so they don’t go stale or soggy when exposed to air and moisture. 

The Halloween colors in this blend include orange, black, brown, green, and purple, so you will definitely get the spooky festive feel you’re looking for when you add them to your treats.

There isn’t any information available about the ingredients, so you will have to be comfortable with potentially eating allergens to buy this brand. 

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