11 Best Frozen Fish Sticks

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Whether you call them fish sticks or fish fingers, these delicious fish bits in crunchy breadcrumb coating are one of the best easy-to-make dinners to have. But not all fish sticks are good. 

What are the best frozen fish sticks? The best frozen fish sticks are the ones made from whole fish fillets, with no preservatives and artificial flavors. The best fish sticks are high in protein and low in sodium and trans fats. 

This article includes a buyer’s guide to frozen fish sticks as well as a list of the best frozen fish sticks you can get. 

So keep reading to learn all about frozen fish sticks — and more!

Buyer’s Guide To Frozen Fish Sticks 

Making fish sticks from scratch is time-consuming. But buy a bag of frozen fish sticks, and you have a tasty lunch or dinner ready in under 10 minutes.

When you make your own, there’s no room for error. All the time you spend baking or frying AND all of your ingredients would just go to waste. But frozen fish sticks are different. There’s less hassle, and they’re hard to mess up in the first place!

You can serve fish sticks with your favorite sauce or use them to make salads, sandwiches, and tacos.

Fish sticks are a good source of protein so long as they are made with high-quality fish and don’t contain any fillers. 

Here are some things to consider when buying frozen fish sticks. 

Whole Fish Vs Minced

Fish sticks are made either with whole fish fillets or minced fish. It is always good to buy fish sticks made of whole fish fillets. This way you are getting regular, yummy fish texture, and usually you’re getting better quality fish.

With fish sticks made with minced fish, the chances are high that you are getting other filler ingredients mixed with the fish. While this won’t be pink slime or anything, it’s nowhere near as good as pure fish meat.

Type Of Fish

Fish sticks are typically made from whitefish. Popular fish used for fish sticks are cod, haddock, and Pollock

When it comes to the type of fish used for the fish sticks, choose based on your preferences and the nutritional value of the fish.

Cod, for example, contains more vitamins than haddock. But haddock is richer in minerals than cod. 


It is important to carefully read the ingredients list of fish sticks. In general, the simpler the ingredient list the better. Some fish stick brands state the ingredients in the breadcrumb coating separately.

When reading the ingredient list of frozen fish sticks, check it carefully for allergens.

Fish sticks may contain common allergens such as milk, wheat, soy, eggs, and nuts. That’s right, even allergens you wouldn’t expect in a fish stick!

And as with anything breaded/fried, most fish sticks contain gluten/wheat in the breading. Be sure you can eat whatever you’re buying.

Also, watch out for preservatives that are usually listed at the end of the ingredient list. The best frozen fish sticks are the ones made without any preservatives and artificial flavor. 


Take your time to read the nutrition label for fish sticks. If fish sticks are a source of protein for you, you need to be sure that they contain an adequate amount of it. 

Check the fat and sodium content of the fish sticks. Avoid buying fish sticks that contain trans fats and a high amount of sodium unless you can eat them sparingly.

The best frozen fish sticks contain some nutritional value, a low to moderate amount of salt, and no added sugar. 


Frozen fish sticks come in different types of packaging. They may come in plastic bags, cardboard boxes, as well as resealable bags. 

Resealable bags work best as after you have opened the package you can still keep the remaining fish sticks in their original packaging. If the original packaging is not airtight, you will need to transfer the fish sticks to an airtight bag or container.

Serving Size 

A serving of fish sticks is usually three to six sticks. Check the packaging to learn how many sticks are in the bag or box of fish sticks you are buying.

Doing this is especially important if you will be serving the fish sticks for a family dinner or party. It sounds obvious, but we’ve sure forgotten to check before!

11 Best Frozen Fish Sticks 

Frozen fish sticks are very easy to prepare and you can serve them in a number of different ways. But all of this doesn’t matter when the fish sticks don’t taste good. 

Here are 11 fish sticks that taste delicious with delicate whitefish inside and crunchy breadcrumb coating on the outside:

RankProductType Of Fish
1.365 Market Fish Sticks Wild-caught pollock fillets
2.Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks Wild-caught minced pollock
3.Ian’s Fish Sticks Wild-caught Alaska pollock fillets
4.Gorton’s Crunchy Breaded Fish Wild-caught minced pollock
5.Trident Seafoods Breaded Fish Sticks Wild-caught whole Alaska pollock fillets
6.Gorton’s Super Crunchy Fish Sticks Whole Alaska pollock fillets
7.Seize The Bay Breaded Fish Sticks Minced fish blend
8.Kidfresh Fun-tastic Fish Sticks Whole Alaska pollock
9.Great Value Breaded Fish Sticks Minced Alaska pollock
10.Gorton’s Cod Fish Sticks Wild-caught cod fillets
11.Kroger Fish Sticks Wild-caught minced Alaska pollock

Let’s look at each one in more mouthwatering detail, shall we?

1. 365 Market Fish Sticks 

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Frozen fish sticks by Whole Foods/365 are the favorite of many people for a few different reasons.

These fish sticks are made of real Pollock fillets. These frozen fish sticks have a mild white fish flavor. The breading has the perfect thickness and doesn’t overpower the delicate flavor of the fish. 

A serving of Whole Foods Market fish sticks is five sticks. There are about 9 servings per package, which means a bag of these fish sticks is enough to prepare a nostalgic but delicious dinner for the entire family. 

There are 14 grams of protein per serving of these frozen fish and zero trans fats. Made of wild-caught Pollock, these fish sticks are a source of potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamin D. 

Whole Foods Market fish sticks come in a resealable bag which makes it very easy to store the remaining fish sticks in the freezer until you decide to use them. 

Unfortunately, these fish sticks contain a few strong allergens. As always, make sure to check the ingredient list if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances.   

2. Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks 

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If you prefer minced fish in your fish sticks, then these ones by Mrs. Paul’s are the best you can get. 

These frozen fish sticks are made of minced Pollock. As the manufacturer claims, the Pollock for their product is sustainably sourced and wild-caught.

A bag of Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish sticks contains 10 servings. Each serving has 10 grams of protein. 

These fish sticks contain a very small amount of added sugars. If this is not a deal-breaker for you, then you should certainly give Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks a try.

Also, these fish sticks taste amazing when cooked in the air fryer. Another healthy way to cook Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks is in the oven. 

Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish sticks contain wheat. If you are allergic to it, choose fish sticks from a different brand. 

3. Ian’s Fish Sticks 

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It can really hard to find good frozen fish sticks if you have food allergies. Most fish sticks out there contain at least one of these major allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, etc. 

If this is the case for you, then you should try Ian’s fish sticks!

These fish sticks are free from many of those common allergens: they contain no wheat, soy, nuts, milk, and eggs. They are also specifically gluten-free

Ian’s frozen fish sticks contain 8 grams of protein per serving. They don’t contain any added sugars, artificial colors, or flavors. 

Unlike some fish sticks that come pre-cooked, these fish sticks are frozen raw. It is important to cook these fish sticks to a safe internal temperature. 

4. Gorton’s Crunchy Breaded Fish 

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If you are looking for frozen fish sticks with the simplest ingredient list, then Gorton’s Crunchy Breaded Fish is what you should get. 

These fish sticks are made of wild-caught Alaska Pollock. While the fish is minced, you are not getting any filler ingredients. It’s all fish in these fish fingers.

The breadcrumb coating is made simple too. It contains wheat, water, salt, traces of added sugar, and a couple of other ingredients for better texture. 

A serving of Gorton’s fish sticks contains 10 grams of protein. These fish sticks are also a source of vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. There is also less cholesterol in these fish sticks than in most of their counterparts. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to cook Gorton’s fish sticks. You can cook them in the oven or start with the microwave and then broil the fish sticks to make the breadcrumb coating nice and crispy. 

5. Trident Seafoods Breaded Fish Sticks 

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Trident Seafoods Ultimate Fish Sticks are all about real fish. These fish sticks are made of whole fillets of wild-caught Alaska Pollock. 

The panko breading on these fish sticks is crispy but never thick. It’s there to create better texture for the fish sticks and not overpower the taste of the fish. 

A serving of Trident Seafoods fish sticks contains 12 grams of protein. It doesn’t contain any added sugars and trans fats. 

You can cook these fish sticks in a number of ways – in the oven, in the microwave, and in the air fryer. You can also deep-fry them if you don’t mind extra calories. 

6. Gorton’s Super Crunchy Fish Sticks 

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If the crunchy breadcrumb coating is what you love most about fish sticks, get these Super Crunchy fish sticks from Gorton’s. 

These fish sticks feature wild Alaska Pollock fillets covered in panko breading which makes them extra crispy. 

You can serve Gorton’s crunchy fish sticks in a number of ways, including with a side of ketchup or tartar sauce. But if you get these fish sticks, we recommend you branch out and make fancy fish tacos.

Unlike fish sticks made of minced fish, whole fillet fish sticks like these ones are perfect for tacos. 

Three of Gorton’s Super Crunchy fish sticks contain 8 grams of protein. These fish sticks don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. 

7. Seize The Bay Breaded Fish Sticks 

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For those who love all types of white fish, these Seize the Bay fish sticks are a great option. 

They are made from a minced fish blend that contains all the popular kinds of white fish, including Pollock, cod, haddock, and sole.

All of them have a delicate flavor as a result of which these fish sticks have a pleasantly mild flavor and tender texture that contrasts nicely with the crunchy breading. 

Seize The Bay fish sticks are higher in protein than the rest of the options on this list. A serving of these fish sticks contains 13 grams of protein. 

8. Kidfresh Fun-tastic Fish Sticks 

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Kidfresh fish sticks are made for kids, but sure enough, many adults will enjoy them too.

The fact that these fish sticks are made for kids means that they don’t contain any harmful additives, including artificial and synthetic colors, preservatives, GMOs, and trans fat. 

For maximum nutritional value, these frozen fish sticks are made from wild-caught whole Pollock fillets and whole grains. There are also vegetables hidden in the breading for added nutrients. 

A serving of these bite-size fish sticks contains a whopping 12 grams of protein and a high amount of omega-3. 

Kidfresh fish sticks can be prepared in the microwave in just under a couple of minutes. 

9. Great Value Breaded Fish Sticks 

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If you have a large family and all of your family members love fish sticks, then these Great Value breaded fish sticks are what you should get. 

You are getting 44 fish sticks in this box of Great Value fish sticks. This is around 6 servings of crunchy and protein-rich food that you can pair with the side dish of your choice for a wholesome and filling meal.

A serving of Great Value fish sticks contains 10 grams of protein and no trans fats. 

You can deep-fry or pan-fry these fish sticks. But the best way to cook them, especially if you need  multiple servings of fish sticks, is to bake them in the oven.

Remember to flip the fish sticks halfway through the cooking time to make them crispy on both sides. 

10. Gorton’s Cod Fish Sticks 

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Another fish stick option from Gorton’s is these crunchy cod fish sticks.

While cod and Pollock are both white fish, the flavor of Pollock is milder. That’s one of the main reasons most brands choose to use Pollock. 

Cod is slightly sweet and has a milky flavor. It also has a firmer and flakier texture. Gorton’s cod fish sticks are made of whole cod fillets and allow you to experience the real texture of this fish. 

A serving of Gorton’s crunchy cod fish sticks contains 8 grams of protein. There are no artificial flavors and preservatives in these fish sticks. 

Gorton’s cod fish sticks contain a few strong allergens, including wheat and milk. 

11. Kroger Fish Sticks 

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Kroger fish sticks are good-quality fish sticks that come at an affordable price. These fish sticks are made of wild-caught minced Alaska Pollock. 

A serving of these fish sticks contains 10 grams of protein. You can use these bite-size crunchy fish sticks to create some simple meals or get creative and come up with new ways to serve fish sticks.

Tacos, wraps, casseroles – there is a lot you can do with fish sticks aside from serving them with potatoes and mac and cheese. 

Kroger fish sticks should be avoided by people allergic to wheat, gluten, milk, and corn. These fish sticks also contain a small amount of added sugar. 

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