11 Best Empanada Presses Of 2023

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Everyone enjoys eating empanadas, but making them is not everyone’s cup of tea as shaping empanadas by hand takes time and skills. This where empanada presses come in handy!

With the help of these tools, you can cut out and shape empanadas within minutes. 

But what are the best empanada presses? The best empanada presses are the ones that allow you to not only press the dough to shape the pasties but also cut it out in uniform circles in the first place. Make sure the empanada press you are buying is made of high-quality durable material, is easy to clean, and has the right size for you. 

In this article, you will find a buyer’s guide to these handy tools as well as a list of the 11 best empanada presses on the market. 

What Is An Empanada Press And How Do You Use It?

Empanadas are fried or baked savory pastries of Spanish origin. They have a crescent moon shape and may be filled with a range of ingredients, including chicken, beef, cheese, or vegetables.

To make an empanada, you need to cut out a disc of dough, place the filling inside, and fold it in half. The key step is pressing the edges together.

You should do this firmly so that the pastry doesn’t open up while baking, allowing the delicious filling to escape. 

Additionally, you need to make the pressed edges look neat. The latter isn’t an easy task and requires some skills and patience. 

As shaping empanadas may be time-consuming, especially if you are making a lot of them, an empanada press is certainly a useful tool to have. 

An empanada press is a mold with a circle at the bottom that you can use to cut out circles for future pastries.

What you need to do next is to put the dough on the press, apply water across the edges of the dough to ensure secure sealing, and add the filling. As you close the empanada press, it seals the filling inside and the edges are securely sealed too. 

So, an empanada press is a simple tool with a number of benefits. It makes the process of shaping empanadas not only quick and easy but also results in uniform and presentable pastries. 

How To Choose An Empanada Press

There are many empanada presses on the market and choosing one may be an overwhelming task. Here’s what you should consider when buying an empanada press:


You can find empanada presses of different sizes. If you like your empanadas to be on the smaller side, buying one with a diameter of 3-4 inches is a good idea.

But if you like them bigger, buy an empanada maker the diameter of which is 6 inches or larger

If you are having a hard time deciding on the size of the press, buy a set that comes with multiple presses of different sizes. 

Multifunctional Design 

It is always good to buy an empanadas press the backside of which can be used to cut out the circles.

While this is a common design solution for empanada presses, there are empanada presses that come in a set with cutting circles or no cutter at all.

Ease Of Use 

When buying an empanada press, pay attention to the design of the handles. You will be making use of the handle to press the two sides of the dough together. Thus, it needs to have a comfortable design


Empanada presses can be made of different materials. The most common materials for empanada makers are stainless steel and plastic. No matter which one you pick, make sure the press is not flimsy.

In the case of plastic empanada presses, it is also important to make sure that the press is made of BPA-free food-grade material

Ease of Cleaning 

If you don’t like cleaning your kitchen tools by hand, buy an empanada press that you can safely wash in the dishwasher. Empanada presses with wooden details can’t go into the dishwasher. 

The 11 Best Empanada Presses

We have ranked and reviewed 11 of the best empanada presses on the market. No matter what preferences you have regarding the size and material of the empanada maker, you will surely find an option that works for you. 

Rank Product Material 
1.Prepworks Multifunctional Dough PressPlastic 
2.Machika Dough Press Set Plastic 
3.BTaT Dough Press Set Plastic 
4.Magic Dumpling Maker Press Set Plastic 
5.IMUSA USA Jumbo Empanada Maker Plastic 
6.KAYCROWN Empanada Press Stainless steel 
7.RODSTON Dumpling Maker Press Set Stainless steel 
8.AUAM Dumpling Maker Stainless steel 
9.Boao Dumpling Maker Stainless steel 
10.Komerware Empanada Maker Aluminum 
11.SKY-TOUCH Dumpling Maker MoldsStainless steel 

1. Prepworks Multifunctional Dough Press 

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This Prepworks Multifunctional dough press set includes three empanada presses of different colors and sizes.

The presses measure 4, 5, and 6 inches in diameter.

This means that you can use them to make not only empanadas but also dumplings, pies, calzones, and much more. 

These dough presses are designed without any excessive details that could complicate the process of using them. As the presses are made of plastic, they can safely go into the dishwasher. 

Use the backside of the dough presses to cut out perfect circles. Then, place them on the press, put in the filling, and press.

The decorative crimped edge will securely seal the filling inside the dough and make attention-worthy empanadas of the same size and consistently neat edges. 

2. Machika Dough Press Set 

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If you like having more versatility with your kitchen tools, then this set of dough presses is something you should look into.

It comes with four dough presses of different sizes. The presses have diameters of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches.

No matter how big you like your empanadas to be, you can use one of these presses to do the job. 

You can also use these dough presses to make various stuffed pastries, pierogis, patties, etc. Simply roll out the dough and the rest will be done by the empanada press. You don’t even need a separate cutter. 

Machika dough presses are made of plastic which makes cleaning them easy and quick. You can rinse the empanada presses to get rid of any food residues or wash it in the dishwasher. 

If your dough has come out a little sticky, you can spray some cooking oil on the press to make the dough slide out with ease and no residue.

If you want to avoid washing the dough presses altogether, line them with food wrap before placing the dough. 

3. BTaT Dough Press Set 

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Another set of plastic dough presses that can make empanadas of different sizes.

The diameters of these colorful dough presses are 3.75, 4.75, and 6 inches.

No matter what are your preferences regarding the size of empanadas, you can easily shape them with the help of these presses by BTaT brand. 

The backside of these plastic empanada makers works as a cutter. Additionally, there are plastic handles on both sides of the press to make sealing the empanadas convenient. 

Thanks to the different-size empanada makers you get in this set, you have handy gadgets to make mini pies, meat sandwiches, dumplings, and other treats that require cutting out the dough and shaping them into crescent-shaped pastries. 

These plastic dough presses are also dishwasher-safe. 

4. Magic Dumpling Maker Press Set 

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Magic Dumpling Maker set comes with four dough presses.

From Italian calzones to Japanese gyoza dumplings, the presses in this set can help you make your favorite pastries within minutes. 

Making empanadas with these presses is easy too. First off, pick your desired size of the press.

These colorful empanada presses come with the following diameters – 2.75 inches, 3.75 inches, 5 inches, and 6.25 inches

If you are going to fry the empanadas, you can opt for the smaller presses. For baked empanadas, the larger ones will work great. 

Use the bottom part of the tools to cut out circles, place them on top, add the filling, and press. These dough presses have convenient handles to make the pressing action easier. 

Magic Dumpling dough presses have a solid design. They are made of plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

5. IMUSA USA Jumbo Empanada Maker 

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If you are looking for a single durable empanada maker that will never let you down, then this one by IMUSA is your best bet. 

This plastic black empanada maker has the perfect crescent moon design and ridged edges.

It will help you make uniform pastries the fillings of which are sealed securely.

Whether you like sweet or savory fillings, this empanada press will make it easy to come up with new flavor combinations for every occasion. 

So long as the flavors of your fillings are balanced, your empanadas will be a success as the execution will be flawless thanks to this jumbo dough press. 

IMUSA empanada press is made of plastic. The dough won’t stick to it. Even if it does, cleaning it with some soapy water will take a couple of minutes. 

6. KAYCROWN Empanada Press

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While plastic kitchen tools are lightweight, easy to clean and take care of, many people still prefer stainless steel gadgets because of the enhanced quality this material provides. 

This stainless steel empanada press by KAYCROWN has a mirror-polished finish.

The food-grade metal material not only makes it a good choice for health-conscious consumers but also those who prefer the sophisticated look even of the simplest kitchen tools. 

This empanada press comes in three sizes. The large one has a diameter of 4.5 inches and is perfect for baked empanadas

Thanks to its clever design, this empanada press not only makes beautiful pastries but is also very convenient to use. The manufacturer has added long steel handles to make working with the press easy. 

KAYCROWN stainless steel empanada press is also dishwasher-safe. 

7. RODSTON Dumpling Maker Press Set 

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If you are on the hunt for a stainless steel dough press set that comes with empanada makers of multiple sizes, then this one by RODSTON is one of the best options to consider. 

This set includes three dough presses with diameters of 3, 3.7, and 4.4 inches.

Use the backside of the presses to cut out circles that ideally fit into the presses.

The steel handles that are securely attached to the press make sealing the pastries easy. 

Additionally, the set comes with a high-quality silicone mat to make rolling the dough convenient despite your working area. 

The stainless steel material these empanada presses are made of is food-grade. It can also safely go into the dishwasher. 

8. AUAM Dumpling Maker 

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This AUAM dumpling maker set is another great option if you are in need of a tool to make the tiring process of shaping empanadas easy. 

The diameter of the small dough press is 3 inches while the diameter of the large one is 3.75 inches.

You can use either of these to make beautifully shaped and uniform empanadas. 

The bottom parts of these stainless steel dough presses are sharp enough to be used as cutters but not as sharp as to make it easy for you to get cut.

Additionally, the ridged edges have the right design to make leak-free dumplings and empanadas. 

These stainless steel empanada makers are food-grade, rust-resistant, and dishwasher-safe. 

9. Boao Dumpling Maker 

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A dough press set that includes dumpling makers of three different sizes and cutters to go with them.

It makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys all kinds of treats in the form of various sweet and savory fillings wrapped in a thin layer of dough. 

This empanada maker set features three stainless steel dough presses with handles and perfect ridges to crimp the edges of your favorite pastries

The best thing about these Boao empanada makers is that they are designed in a way that you can put more filling in them.

Once you have finished using these dough presses, hand wash them, dry thoroughly to provide the longest lifespan for these stainless steel tools. 

10. Komerware Empanada Maker 

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This empanada maker by Komerware doesn’t look like any empanada press on this list. It features an aluminum mold build into a wooden casing.

This hefty empanada maker can be securely placed on the table and won’t go anywhere. 

Once you put the dough into the aluminum mold, use the top wooden handle to press and shape the pastries.

This professional empanada maker manufactured by a company specialized in empanada makers will help you make up to 120 pastries per hour. 

One thing to know about this empanada maker is that it doesn’t come with a cutter. Make sure to cut the dough into 5-inch diameter circles to make them fit into the press. 

11. SKY-TOUCH Dumpling Maker Molds 

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Here’s another set of empanada makers that not only includes dough presses of different sizes but also cutters to go with them. 

These different-size dough presses will help you make impressive yet delicious meals, including all kinds of dumplings for all your family members. 

These dough presses are made of 304 stainless steel which is durable and rust-resistant. The two parts of the presses are securely riveted to each other.

The convenient rounded handles are firmly attached to the press and help you apply pressure on the tool to seal the pastries. 

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