9 Best Electric Skillets For Frying Chicken [2023]

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Frying chicken can be quite the chore, but it’s totally worth it if you’re willing to put in the work.

Electric skillets work really well for frying chicken because you can get a large skillet that rests on your countertop and lets you be in total control without having to stand over the stove.

They make the perfect tool for frying chicken if you choose the right one. 

What is the best electric skillet for frying chicken? The best electric skillets for frying chicken will come in a good size suited to your needs and let you have full control of the heat settings. It will be a bonus if the electric skillet is easy to wash and clean up when you finish. 

In this guide, we will share with you the 9 best electric skillets for frying chicken. We’ve done some research and narrowed down the market to present to you the very best options, complete with reviews so you can choose your own favorite! 

Stick with us to learn about the 9 best electric skillets for frying chicken and more. 

How to Choose an Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken

Frying chicken on the stove can be hard because skillets for frying just don’t hold as much at one time, and you’re stuck slaving over a hot stove for what could be hours while you make your chicken. 

So if an electric skillet sounds more your speed and you make far too much fried chicken to deal with the woes of stovetop frying, we’ve got you covered.

An electric skillet is much more than just a great idea for a band name. Before you start shopping, it’s important to know what to consider when it comes to the qualities and features that make electric skillets great.

Electric skillets are pretty unique and are all made differently. We’ve put together a quick guide here to share with you some things to consider before you buy. 

1. Size

First, consider the size of the skillet. We recommend getting something with a pretty deep pan space for frying chicken.

The total size you get is totally up to you, but you’ll probably want something deeper than a traditional frying pan to make this job as easy as possible. 

2. Temperature Control

When you purchase an electric skillet for frying chicken, you want to have the very best temperature controls possible.

Most electric skillets have the ability to adjust temperatures precisely, but there are some that do not have this capability. When you’re purchasing one for fried chicken, you want to be able to control your temperature.

3. Cleanup

You definitely want an electric skillet that is going to be easy to clean up. A non-stick surface always helps with this specifically, as does a drainage spout for the grease.

While these are not required, they might come in handy when it comes to cleaning the skillet. 

In addition, you’ll also want to make sure the surface won’t be a bear to clean and that it will be easy to take it apart for cleaning purposes.

9 Best Electric Skillets for Frying Chicken Reviewed

Now that you know what you might want to look for when you’re choosing an electric skillet for frying chicken, it’s time to talk about your options.

We’ve sorted through the electric skillets out there to choose the ones that truly are best suited to frying chicken. 

RankProductKey Features
1.Presto Electric Foldaway SkilletDetachable pan, foldaway design
2.Crux Extra Deep Electric SkilletLarge and deep, sleek and modern
3.Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium SkilletQuick heating and cooling
4.Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet3 sizes, 1 year warranty
5.Black & Decker Electric SkilletExtra deep pan, family-sized
6.Oster Dura Ceramic Electric SkilletCeramic surface, stay-cool handles
7.De’Longhi Electric Skillet19" large, detachable adjustable thermostat
8.Cucina Pro Electric SkilletSmall, round, and deep
9.Nesco Extra-Deep Electric SkilletPremium non-stick, extra deep

Below, you will find our top picks for the 9 best electric skillets for frying chicken. And once you’ve picked one out, why not try out our recipe for fried chicken without buttermilk and tell us how it went?

1. Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet

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This first option from Presto is our top pick overall. It’s very well-made and has everything you need to make frying chicken a breeze.

This electric skillet is sleek and modern-looking. It is also not overly huge or bulky, so it won’t take up too much space in your kitchen or countertop. It’s a foldaway style as well, so it stores easily and can be taken with you on RV trips.

This is a rectangular skillet that is 16 inches in length. It’s nice and deep so frying chicken will be really simple.

It includes a nice pour spout that makes pouring oil out and even saving the oil for later cooking easy and less messy.

The base is made with heavy cast aluminum and the pan has a quality non-stick surface. The pan even detaches from the base to make cleaning very simple.

The handle can fold down to conserve space as well. This comes with a tempered glass lid and the handles are designed to always stay cool.

You can even serve from this skillet if you want. The temperature control does have variable controls for temperature so you can set it for whatever you need. 

Best Features:

  • Temperature controls allow you to adjust for your needs
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum base
  • Detachable non-stick pan
  • Simple fold-away design
  • Pour spout to reduce mess
  • Doubles as a buffet server

2. Crux Extra Deep Electric Skillet

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This skillet is a winner and a top choice across the board. It’s an extra-deep skillet so it will make plenty of food at one time if you’re feeding a hungry family.

Just looking at it, you’ll get the feeling that it’s of superior quality and build and it has a very sleek and modern appeal to its overall appearance.

The skillet boasts an extra 3 inches of depth to it, giving it almost 50% more capacity than a lot of comparable skillet options.

It has a titanium ceramic non-stick surface that you can depend on and cooks evenly with efficient heating and cooling. 

The temperature can be completely controlled based on your needs and desires. It’s stylish enough to double as a buffet server or centerpiece server at the dinner table.

It’s dependable even made to be space saving so that it doesn’t have awkward handles that are hard to find a space for.

Best Features:

  • Sleek and modern design appeal
  • Large and deep but also compact for storage
  • Cooks evenly and efficiently
  • Titanium-ceramic non-stick coating
  • Adjustable temperature controls

3. Bella Electric Ceramic Titanium Skillet

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Next up, we have another fantastic option that’s affordable and a top choice. This electric skillet from Bella is a square style measuring over 16 inches, with a perfect depth for frying chicken.

This skillet is made with a titanium ceramic non-stick coating. It’s got a cast aluminum base that’s sturdy and durable.

The pan detaches and can be fully submerged in water to make cleaning easy. The lid is tempered glass and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

The handles stay cool while you’re cooking. This skillet, like many others on this list, is also designed not to take up a ton of extra storage space but still has the capacity to hold a good amount of food.

This unit heats up and cools down quickly, so it’s simple to use. You will also have full control of your temperature with a variety of settings. 

Best Features:

  • Temperature control up to 450°F
  • Titanium ceramic non-stick coating
  • Pan can be fully submerged for cleaning
  • The base is durable cast aluminum
  • Heats up and cools down quickly

4. Elite Gourmet Electric Skillet

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The Elite Gourmet electric skillet is another great choice. This high-end skillet is absolutely gorgeous by design with a sleek and smooth exterior and white speckling on its interior.

We’re showing their large option that is 16 by 13 inches, but they do have some other sizes available as well. 

This skillet is designed with an M-shaped heating element so it heats evenly and quickly around the entire skillet and not just in the center.

The company even says that you can wash the skillet in the dishwasher if you remove the heating element, which is a lovely touch and a quality that can be hard to find. 

This skillet has a tempered glass lid. The interior is made with a marbleized honeycomb non-stick coating, so it is more durable than a lot of options. The body is thick cast aluminum and made to be durable and reliable. 

Best Features:

  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • High-end design that stands out
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Rapid and even heating

5. Black & Decker Electric Skillet

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This electric skillet from Black and Decker is simple yet effective. The design is sleek and the quality and craftsmanship are certainly up to any home cook’s standards. It’s no wonder it’s another top choice among electric skillet buyers.

This skillet has a temperature probe control that can be adjusted for your needs. It also releases quickly and easily with a quick-release design so you can move fast to serve or clean as needed.

This skillet has a durable non-stick coating on the surface so you can fry to your heart’s desire. The lid is made with tempered and is dishwasher-safe.

The handles stay cool while you work and this is very easy to use. The skillet itself is nice and deep to hold plenty of chicken. 

Best Features:

  • Family-sized -17.42″ x 11.98″ x 4.4″
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Simple and reliable
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Extra deep pan for cooking
  • Tempered glass lid

6. Oster Dura Ceramic Electric Skillet

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This electric skillet for frying chicken is a ceramic skillet. It comes from the brand Oster, which is a well-known and reliable kitchen brand.

The ceramic materials make this a durable machine and it has a non-stick coating as well that is designed to not flake or peel.

This is a unique electric skillet with a natural ceramic coating. It heats up fast and also cooks quickly so it doesn’t use a lot of energy. 

This is a bit smaller than some of the other ones that we’ve shared, so it gives you an additional option if you don’t need a larger skillet.

This measures 12″ x 12″ so it’s still a good size and nice and deep for frying use as well. The lid is tempered glass and features stay-cool handles. 

Best Features:

  • Ceramic cooking surface
  • Covered with a non-stick coating
  • Cooks quickly and efficiently
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Stay-cool handles 

7. De’Longhi Electric Skillet

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This next option comes from a premium quality brand better known for their espresso machines. It’s slightly on the heavy side, so it will remain sturdy and steady on your countertop.

The heating element is embedded on this skillet, which leads to even, quick, and efficient heat distribution. This skillet is also the largest one on this list.

It measures slightly over 19 inches. It is also very deep so you will have ample cooking room. 

The heat can be controlled by a detachable adjustable thermostat. It also has a tempered glass lid. This is a non-stick design with a die-cast aluminum base. 

Best Features:

  • Detachable adjustable thermostat
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick surface
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • Efficient and even cooking

8. Cucina Pro Electric Skillet

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If you’re looking for something that closely resembles a real skillet, check out this option from Cucina Pro. It’s a professional-grade model. It measures 12 inches in diameter and it is deep enough to fry in.

It’s not quite as deep as most of the others we’ve shared on this list, but it is deeper than a traditional frying pan. 

This skillet is made with polished stainless steel and has a sleek non-stick interior. It’s a simple skillet that is both effective and efficient and will work quite nicely for frying chicken.

This does have adjustable temperature controls that allow you to maneuver between 200-400°F. 

This model can’t be fully submerged in water, but the non-stick surface should help keep cleaning simple. It comes with a tempered glass lid as well. The heating element heats evenly across the surface. 

Best Features:

  • Smaller skillet for those who don’t need so many servings
  • Round and deep skillet
  • Simple to work with
  • Easy to clean

9. Nesco Extra-Deep Electric Skillet

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Our final option is not one you’ll want to miss. This skillet is more compact in size, measuring 12 inches in diameter, but is designed to be extra deep (4″), with more than enough space for frying your chicken.

This electric skillet even comes with a removable rack. It’s easy to use and has fully adjustable temperature controls. The surface is non-stick with premium materials so cleaning up is a breeze. 

This skillet can’t be submerged in water for cleaning, but the design and the non-stick surface still make cleaning pretty easy. 

Best Features:

  • Extra-deep skillet design
  • Premium non-stick surface
  • Adjustable temperature controls

Electric Skillet Fried Chicken

Now that you have a well-rounded view of electric skillets and all that they have to offer, we’ve found a simple-to-follow video from In the Kitch for frying chicken in an electric skillet which even includes a recipe! Take a look below.

We hope you’ve found this article to be helpful and have found the perfect electric skillet to suit your needs. Let us know how your fried chicken turns out!

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