7 Best Electric Pie Makers Of 2023

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We all love homemade pies but we don’t always love the challenge of baking pies and juggling items through the oven.

Fortunately there are handy pie makers that make making a pie so much easier. Functioning and looking a lot like a waffle maker, you can make just about any type of pie in them – and it’s quick and easy to do so! 

These electric pie makers can be found in full sizes, deep fill, and even mini sizes so you can make whatever type of pie your heart desires. If you never knew an electric pie maker was a thing, you are not alone.

These have been around for a while but they are becoming increasingly more popular as people realize just how convenient they are. 

What is the best electric pie maker? The best electric pie maker will have the settings and functionality that you need. It should be large enough and/or make as many mini pies at a time as you want. You should be able to cook your pie or pies evenly and consistently and know they will turn out perfect every time. 

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for the 7 best electric pie makers. Each of these options is unique and yet a high-quality option that you can rely on. Whether you’re looking for mini pies or a full-sized pie maker, we’ve got you covered!

Stick with us to learn all about the 7 best electric pie makers. 

Choosing the Best Electric Pie Maker

What you will quickly notice is that electric pie makers can vary pretty greatly across the board. There are many different styles and varieties when it comes to an electric pie maker so there are some things you should consider before you buy. 

It’s nice to know that modern electric pie makers have advanced a lot in terms of technology and capability. They make pie making a breeze and anyone can use them. 

We’ve put together a few things to consider that just might help you make an educated decision when it comes to choosing the best electric pie maker. 


The first thing you want to consider is probably the size and style of electric pie maker you are after. Remember that some pie makers are designed to make mini pies and in varying amounts while others make a full-sized or even a deep pie. 

Which do you need? Is your purpose to make full-sized pies or do you want to make mini pies? If you want mini pies, do you want 2, 4, 6, or something else? If you want full-size do you need a deep fill capability or something else? 

The size does matter because you want to make sure you have the size and style that you will need or want. We would hate for you to get a 4 mini pie maker when you really want a full-sized so just pay attention to these details to cover yourself. 

Baking Time

Another thing that you want to consider is the baking time. You will find that there are pie makers that might take an excessive amount of time to cook while others cook very quickly. 

This may not be that important of an element to you but just be aware that pie makers do have different timeframes so this is just something to be aware of. If you need your pies to be completed in a certain amount of time you will have to watch for that. 

Just know that they are not all the same. 


Another factor you will quickly notice is that there are a variety of prices much like there are a variety of sizes and functions as well. You might find options as low as about $20 and then there will be premium options that cost as much as $300 or possibly even more. 

The prices vary depending on their functions and capabilities and sizes and even cooking times.

Still, you can find budget-friendly models that are function well and that are fairly high quality. You can also find some premium models that have everything you can dream of and things you simply don’t need. 

Choose your budget or price range and then find a suitable solution within that range. 

The 7 Best Electric Pie Makers

Now, let’s get down to business! We’ve talked about essential factors and things to look for. It’s time to take a look at the products that we’ve chosen to be the very best available!

We have narrowed down the market and also made every effort to choose a variety of options so there is bound to be something to meet your needs. Here are our top picks:

1.Dash Mini Pie Maker4" mini pie (1)
2.Wolfgang Puck Pie & Pastry Maker 4.3" mini pies (2)
3.Sunbeam 4-Piece Pie Maker3.5" mini pies (4)
4.Sensio Bella 4-Slot Pie Maker3.5" mini pies (4)
5.Master Chef Mini Pie & Quiche Maker2.75" mini pies (6)
6.Cucina Pro Mini Pie & Quiche MakerApprox. 3" mini pies (6)
7.Babycakes Multi-Treat BakerCakes, donuts, pies (7 or 12)

Full size pie makers are incredibly hard to find in the current market, so don’t be surprised by all the mini pie options. We don’t think you’ll mind the mini sizes at all once you try them. Besides, who doesn’t love a mini pot pie or personal dessert?

Below, you will find our top picks for the best electric pie makers with full reviews.

1. Dash Mini Pie Maker

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This first option is our top pick. It is a mini pie maker and a single mini pie maker at that but it’s pretty great!

This one is a fun aqua color as well. It’s a simple machine that can just sit on your countertop. While it only makes mini pies, it works quickly and efficiently. The mini pies are about 4 inches in diameter. 

It only takes a few minutes to make your mini pies to perfection so you can make several pies in a row and work quickly. This is also great for foods like quiche or pot pies.

The surface is non-stick and it is built to last so your crust shouldn’t stick even a couple years down the road! 

There are not any settings or anything to worry about. You simply plug in the pie maker and let it do its work – just as easy as your average waffle maker!

It has indicator lights so you know when it’s done as well. This pie maker comes with a circular crust cutter as well, which is convenient for a perfect pie shape that works with the maker perfectly. 


  • Heat up quickly
  • Cooks evenly and efficiently
  • Mini pie maker that works quickly
  • Suitable for pies as well as quiche and pot pies
  • 4-inch pie diameter


  • The bottom crust may not cook as well as you prefer in one cooking time, but the thickness of your pie could affect this.

2. Wolfgang Puck 2-Piece Pie & Pastry Maker 

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This next option from Wolfgang Puck is a popular option. They offer a black or a red model and this simple pie maker will make two small pies for you at a time. These were designed specifically for pies so it’s perfect to get your deep, sweet pies made in a timely fashion. 

This is a versatile appliance so you can use it for other cooking needs like quiche, muffins, cupcakes, and pot pies as well. The cooking plates are non-stick so cleanup is a breeze. The pie sections even have decorative edges for your pie crusts to mold just right. They thoughtfully added that molded crimper for style. 

This unit has a locking handle that is easy to use and keeps your lid securely shut while it cooks. It has a ready light on it so you know when the unit is ready to cook. The handles stay cool during cooking so they are easy to handle. This even comes with a cutout for your crust so you can get the size just right! 


  • High-quality model
  • Ready light indicators on lid
  • Cool touch handle design
  • Makes 2 deep pies at a time
  • Built-in molded crimper for the crust


  • Can be very hard to find in stock at times.
  • Older models were not as popular from this brand.

3. Sunbeam 4-Piece Pie Maker

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This next option is a premium option but it’s also beloved enough to lead us to believe it is well worth the investment. This lightweight pie maker will make 4 mini pies for you at one time. It’s simple and effective and it’s an awesome red color with a pie design on the lid. We love it! 

This does have non-stick cooking plates, which is always something we look for. It has indicator lights so you know when it’s ready to cook and when the power is on. The molds inside the pie maker also have crimped crust molding so your pie will always be cute and efficient. 

This is a reliable brand and a well-made tool that is highly-rated. The handle latches and the pies cook evenly and consistently for you. You get the pastry cutting tool as well, which is a nice bonus. You also get a pie press tool to use as well. 


  • Fun red model
  • Makes 4 mini pies
  • Crimped molding for crusts
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Includes extra tools and accessories


  • Pretty expensive for the design and setup.
  • You have to be careful not to overfill your pies to prevent giant messes.

4. Sensio Bella 4-Slot Pie Maker

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Next up, we have another premium model that is sleek and modern by design. It looks very nice and works pretty well at the same time. This is a 4-slot pie maker so you can make 4 mini pies at one time and everything works together beautifully to create the perfect pies to enjoy. 

This pie maker does have non-stick coating. It’s smooth and simple and the quality of the design and materials really stands out. Again, this model has crimped crust molds so your crusts will look great every single time! 

This pie maker does have non-skid feet so it stays where it’s supposed to. The handles are simple and they latch during cooking. You also get the traditional power and ready indicator lights that we all have come to look for. 


  • Make 4 pies at a time
  • Crimped molding for the crust
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Power and ready indicator lights you can trust


  • Does not seem to come with a manual.
  • Could be higher quality for the investment.

5. Master Chef Mini Pie & Quiche Maker

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This next option is another one that can sometimes be challenging to find in stock. If you can find it in stock, it’s an option you should snatch up. This is one of our favorites but since it is not always readily available, we moved it down on our list a bit. But if you find it, it’s well worth it.

This mini pie maker will make 6 pies at once, which is the best that we have been able to find as far as pie quantity. It’s pretty awesome overall and certainly highly-rated for quality across the board. You can make pies or quiche or whatever else you might want to try out in there. 

This does have the molded crimping for the crusts. It’s a 6 pie maker but it’s not overly bulky by design, which is very nice. The cooking plates are non-stick. This particular pie maker also comes with a dough cutting circle so you can cut your size right every time. It also includes manual and recipes to guide you!


  • Non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning
  • Makes 6 pies at one time
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Includes a dough cutting circle for sizing
  • Simple design that isn’t bulky for the size


  • May be hard to find in stock.
  • There is no on and off switch, you simply have to always unplug.

6. Cucina Pro Mini Pie & Quiche Maker

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Next we offer you another 6 slot mini pie maker. One more time, this is a popular option that is sometimes hard to find in stock. If it’s in stock when you’re looking around, it’s a great find! This comes from a reliable brand and it is sure to please!

This mini pie baker makes 6 pies at one time. It’s sleek and simple and we really like the overall design. The cooking plates are non-stick and they include molded crimping edges for perfectly designed pie crusts every single time. 

This machine is simple and versatile. You can make other items like quiche and pot pies here as well. Your pies will look great and cleanup will be a breeze when you try out this machine. Much like the other pie makers out there, this has a dough cutting circle to get your sizing right every single time. 


  • Crimped molding for perfect crusts
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Simple but effective design
  • Makes 6 pies at one time
  • Versatile for making other dishes


  • Sometimes hard to find in stock.
  • The slots are pretty small so filling will be minimal.

7. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

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This final electric treat maker is a fun and versatile option. Babycakes is known for making unique electric baking solutions and this baker is a multi-treat option that would allow you to make pies, cupcakes, donuts, or cake pops. You can put the interchangeable plates to use however you please, really. 

While this one was not specifically designed for pies it can still be used for them and for many other things as well – including donuts, which can be tricky to make without molds.

The interchangeable plates (for donuts or cupcakes/pies) are non-stick, which is certainly nice. The machine itself has a latching handle for safety. It also has non-skid rubber feet so it stays in place. 

This pie maker offers a cord wrap spot so you can store it away easily as well. You will receive a nice recipe book that has recipes, tips, hints, and suggestions for using your machine. There are simple lights that let you know when it’s ready to work. 


  • Interchangeable plates that make a variety of items
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Includes a recipe book with tips and hints
  • Non-skid rubber feet so it doesn’t move
  • Simple lights that tell you when things are done


  • The machine gets very hot so exercise caution.
  • It can be challenging to remove your items from the plate cutouts. You may still want to line them with butter or oil.

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