11 Best Edible Glitters For Cakes

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Whether it is a shiny unicorn or galaxy cake you are making or a simple glitter-covered one to fit the color theme of your party, edible glitters are exactly what you need.

But what are the best edible glitters for cakes? When buying glitters for cakes, it’s important to first make sure that the glitter is labeled as edible, as there are glitters that are non-toxic but not edible. The edible glitter you choose should also fit the color and theme you’re going for.

Continue reading to learn how to use glitters for food decoration safely and to see our list of the best ones on the market!

Edible Glitter For Cakes – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to decorating cakes, you can’t just buy any glitter you come across, but there are so many options on the market. So, how do you choose edible glitters for cakes? 

1. Check The Label

The very first thing you should do when buying edible glitter is to check the label of the product. The manufacturer should state that the glitter is edible. Otherwise, we recommend you never put it on desserts or eat it. 

It’s even better to buy edible glitters that are specifically FDA-approved. 

2. Decide What Kind Of Glitter You Want

Edible glitters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can buy regular glitter with tiny light-reflecting pieces or buy luster dust that has fine particles and provides a metallic-like finish. 

To spice things up, you can buy edible glitters of different shapes, such as hearts or stars. You can also find glitters mixed in with sprinkles for colorful and easy cake designs. 

3. Choose A Color

The world of edible glitters is dazzling, with a huge range of colors and shades. This makes deciding on the color of the glitter to buy quite difficult unless you have a specific cake design in mind. 

If you don’t know what kind of design you want, we recommend buying shades that pair well with many other colors and will be easier to incorporate into different designs. Such glitter shades include silver, gold, and white. 

If you bake cakes and cupcakes often and edible glitters are something you like using for decorations, purchasing a set that includes a few different shades is certainly a good idea. 

11 Best Edible Glitters For Cakes

We have picked 11 fun edible glitters you can buy. These brands make glitters that are not only perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and adding to drinks but they are also perfectly safe for consumption.

1.Wilton Edible Glitter, Gold StarsEdible golden stars
2.The Sugar Art DiamonDust Edible GlitterEdible glitter for decorating cakes
3.Bakell Edible Glitter, Christmas Red Tinker DustEdible glitter for cakes & drinks
4.HomeHere Luster Powder DustEdible cake dust
5.Wilton Edible Glitter, Pink HeartsEdible pink glitter hearts
6.Hobbyland Edible Sprinkles Clear edible glitter flakes
7.Sweets Indeed Sprinklefetti Gold Edible GlitterEdible glitter for drinks, food, and cakes
8.Blacksherbet Edible Glitter Sparkles, Light Lavender Edible glitter for cakes, drinks, chocolate
9.Fancy Sprinkles Metallic Prism Powder Edible Glitter Set Metallic prism powder edible glitter set
10.Sweets & Treats Edible GlitterEdible glitter for cakes & drinks
11.Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter Sprinkles Edible glitter sprinkles for decorating

1. Wilton Edible Glitter, Gold Stars 

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You can never go wrong with sparkly golden stars. 

These edible shiny starts by Wilton are perfectly safe for consumption, manufactured in the United States, and made mostly from cellulose. They are also vegan-friendly!

You can use these stars as gold accents on any cake. The golden stars will look amazing even on a plain white or dark background. You can also sprinkle these star-shaped glitters on cupcakes and any dessert of your choice. 

While these Wilton edible golden stars will work for all occasions, they will be the perfect decoration for a cake at a cosmic-themed party. 

2. The Sugar Art DiamonDust Edible Glitter 

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The Sugar Art edible glitters by DiamonDust are some of the best on the market. These glitters are made with FDA-certified food colorings.

This includes mica-based ingredients and titanium dioxide. There are no added sugars or flavors in these food-safe glitters. All they add to your cakes and cupcakes is shine and dazzle. 

The Sugar Art edible glitters come in convenient packaging. The cap has small holes which make it easy to sprinkle the glittery dust over your cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops. You can also mix this edible glitter with your drinks for parties and special occasions. 

The Sugar Art DiamonDust glitters come in a range of colors. You can get them in gold or silver or buy brighter colors for bolder cake decorations. 

3. Bakell Edible Glitter, Christmas Red Tinker Dust

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If you have never decorated your cakes with edible glitters and it’s your first time buying them, you will likely have a hard time deciding on the color. 

With Christmas around the corner, this Christmas Red edible glitter by Bakell is a great choice. However, they do have a wide range of color choices as well!

The Bakell glitters are not only edible but they are also FDA-compliant which is great for people who want to be 100% sure about the products that go into their food. 

These glitters are kosher-certified and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. You can sprinkle them on anything you want to make sparkly and fun. From cakes and cupcakes to drinks, these glitters are great for any food. 

And the best part about these edible glitters is that they come in any shade you can imagine. So, whatever design you have in mind, you can certainly find the right color in the Bakell line for edible glitters. 

4. HomeHere Luster Powder Dust 

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Glitter on cakes looks fun. But sometimes you are after a metallic finish for your cakes. If this is the case, these Lust Powder Dusts by HomeHere are a great choice. 

This product has a fine powder consistency. It doesn’t contain chunky glitters. The formula is what allows you to achieve a smooth metallic finish on cakes and other food decorations. 

There are two ways you can use this luster dust. You can apply it with a dry brush on fondant cakes and cupcakes, as well as chocolate-covered pastries. For a stronger metallic effect, mix the luster dust with alcohol for painting cakes and brush it on.

The golden shade of this HomeHere luster powder dust is like liquid gold. It can make your cake look luxurious with very little effort and little budget. 

But these edible luster dusts come in many other shades. Green, blue, orange, purple, black – you can buy any color you like considering the design of your cake. 

5. Wilton Edible Glitter, Pink Hearts 

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What can be cuter and more romantic than cupcakes topped with edible pink heart-shaped glitters?

These glitters by Wilton are made of modified cellulose which is a safe food additive. While it doesn’t have any nutritional value, it isn’t harmful either, especially when used in such small amounts. 

The glitters also contain propylene glycol, which is recognized as safe by the FDA, and artificial colors. 

The pink hearts come in a container that seems too tiny. However, the glitters inside are more than enough for a dozen cupcakes or a cake. 

6. Hobbyland Edible Sprinkles 

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Buying multiple jars of edible glitter is not a good idea if you are not into baking a lot of cakes and decorating them.

In this case, having one that complements most of your design ideas is the best choice. 

If you are looking for such versatile edible glitter, then these clear white edible glitter flakes by Hobbyland are a great option for you.

As the flakes are clear, they will go with any color palette you choose for the cake. The flakes will add a touch of shine and shimmer without adding any more color.

Unlike some of the other glitters on this list, these ones can’t be mixed into drinks as they are water-soluble. So, use them only for cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, and other sweet treats. 

7. Sprinklefetti Gold Edible Glitter 

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If you are looking for edible glitters with a lot of bling, then these Sprinklefetti ones might be your favorite. 

You get 4 grams of these edible glitters in a compact jar. And you can use them for decorations for cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.

If you are not much of a baker, buying this edible glitter is still worth it, as you can add it into cocktails and various beverages for a festive twist to lackluster drinks.

This gold edible glitter doesn’t add any flavor to the food. It is made of ingredients that are safe for consumption. The glitters are also vegan, and gluten and dairy-free. 

8. Blacksherbet Edible Glitter Sparkles, Light Lavender 

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Imagine a cake with a light lavender glimmering dust all over it.

If such pastel tones are your thing, then you will love this lavender edible glitter by Blacksherbet.

You can choose from other colors the brand makes if light lavender isn’t a color you like. 

Being 100% edible, this glitter provides a shiny metallic finish when applied on fondant, chocolate, or frosting. You can use it both dry and wet to achieve slightly different effects. 

As this edible glitter is practically tasteless, you can use it not only on sweet treats but also on savory snacks and in drinks. 

9. Fancy Sprinkles Metallic Prism Powder Edible Glitter Set 

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This metallic prism powder edible glitter set is a dream-come-true for anyone passionate about pastry decorations. 

The set includes three metallic powders – gold, silver, and rose gold. The shades are quite versatile and will fit well into many different color stories.

Pair the gold prism powder with warm shades and the silver with cooler tones. The rose gold, on the other hand, will pair beautifully with pastel shades. 

You can use these Fancy Sprinkles metallic powders not only for cake decorations but also drinks. 

10. Sweets & Treats Edible Glitter 

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The Sweets & Treats edible glitters are another great option if you are looking for a brand that makes these shiny decorations in a wide range of colors. 

The brand uses mica-based pearlescent dust to make these glitters. This ingredient is approved by the FDA and is completely safe for consumption. 

You can apply the Sweets & Treats edible glitters wet or dry. Add them to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and drinks as a shimmering accent that will make your foods and drinks look delightfully unique. 

11. Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter Sprinkles 

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If you can’t decide between sprinkles and glitter, then you should certainly go for these Fancy Sprinkles edible glitter sprinkles. With this product, you are getting a mix of shapes and colors.

Featuring a colorful combination of white, blue, red, and gold, you can achieve a simple yet impressive cake design with very little effort. These sprinkles will also work perfectly for cupcakes for the 4th of July. 

As the manufacturer claims, the sprinkles are made of non-toxic edible ingredients that are not yet approved by the FDA. 

Don’t use these edible glitter sprinkles if you are allergic to soy and dairy. The sprinkles may also contain gluten. 

Related Questions

Is Edible Glitter Safe?

You may see glitters added to cakes, cupcakes, and drinks. It’s all sparkly and fun. But is it safe? While many people add glitters to their food without even thinking, others wonder if glitters labeled as edible are actually safe. 

The thing is, not all glitters that are sold as cake decorating supplies are edible. You may buy glitters meant for decorating cakes without suspecting that they may be toxic. 

Should You Eat Non-Toxic Glitter? 

The label non-toxic is not the same as edible. As an example, most paper is non-toxic. But it doesn’t mean it is safe to eat. The same goes for glitters for cake decorations. 

There are so many mesmerizing videos on the internet featuring the use of glitters. But very few of them warn the viewers to only use edible glitters for food. 

So, if you have decided to decorate your cake with glitter, don’t buy it from brands that label it as non-toxic. Make sure the glitter you are buying is actually edible

Glitter that is edible is made of ingredients that are approved for food use. With this said, glitter-covered cakes and cupcakes shouldn’t be something you eat often.

Even if your body can get away with consuming a small amount of non-toxic glitter, it certainly doesn’t benefit from such additives. 

How Do You Stick Edible Glitter To A Cake?

For the edible glitter to stick to the cake successfully, the cake surface should be covered in a sticky substance. 

If you will be covering the entire cake in glitter, use sugar paste as a base. To cover smaller surfaces with glitter or do intricate glitter designs on the cake, edible glue might work well. 

When working with glitter, have a palette knife at hand. Use it to pat the glitter in place and make it better stick to the cake. 

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