11 Best Damascus Chef Knives Of 2023

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A rising star in the kitchen, Damascus chef knives are a must have! These gorgeous knives are made with Damascus steel and they are incredibly unique in design in style.

There is just something about these knives that really stands out and it’s not just the looks. The quality and style of the knives are also phenomenal. 

If you want to start with a specialty knife, the Damascus chef knife is the way to go because it is incredibly versatile for many different uses.

From things like chopping and dicing to other functions like crushing or slicing, you will have the perfect knife to take care of your needs! 

What is the best Damascus chef knife? The best Damascus chef knives generally have a 12-18 degree angled edge and are made with real Damascus steel. Making sure to purchase authentic Damascus steel knives is important as Damascus steel is able to stay sharper longer and resharpen easier as compared to stainless steel.

In this guide, we will share with you the 11 best Damascus chef knives on the market. We’ve had the opportunity to search through the options and find our favorite picks.

We are confident that we’ve found the very best options that you can depend on. 

Stick with us to learn about the 11 best Damascus chef knives and more! 

What is a Damascus Knife?

Let’s start with the basics.

A Damascus knife is made with specialty Damascus steel. This detail has more to do with the style of the blade but also describes the process of forging and creating the steel. 

Damascus knives have unique patterns and detail over the entirety of the blade. You might see dented detail or a wavy pattern that almost looks like tree bark.

This design is created by the process of forging Damascus steel for the knives. 

In truth, Damascus is not a single type of steel most of the time.

This process typically consists of forging together different steel varieties and then twisting them into a metal or it can also be completed by flattening and then folding steel to layer the metal

Either process has a similar result which is the pattern that makes Damascus blades so unique in appearance and so elegant at the same time.

They are incredibly strong because of the forging process but also slightly flexible to make them versatile. 

How to Choose a Damascus Chef Knife

Before we get started looking at the options, we thought it might be helpful to share with you a bit of a buyer’s guide.

This section of the article is meant to be informational so that you can be fully prepared to make an educated decision on a Damascus chef knife. 

There are some details to consider and be aware of before you choose a knife so just take those factors into consideration as you peruse your options. 


Damascus knives are known for their versatility. The chef’s knife is the most common knife used in the kitchen so you really can’t go wrong with the Damascus variety.

If you choose a well-made Damascus chef knife, it will be strong, sturdy, and durable and will most likely last you for many years to come. 


Just because a knife is labeled as a Damascus knife doesn’t automatically make it sharp.

The sharpness comes from the quality of the blade and the craftsmanship when the blade is made. This is all on the shoulders of the manufacturer of the knife. 

Typically, Damascus blades are known to be both sharp and accurate but you also want to know the underlying quality and reliability to determine whether the blade you’re looking at will truly be reliable. 

A sharp and well-made blade will cut sharply and consistently no matter what type of food it is that you are cutting at the time.

Keep in mind, you will need to be able to sharpen the blade so be prepared to have the tools for this to sharpen as needed as well. 


One thing you will want to be aware of is that Damascus steel knives can be made with all different types of steel. The durability and long-lasting nature of the life will be related to the hardness of the steel used. 

Things like heat, carbon content, and other sturdy metals all make a difference on the hardness of the knife.

You will want to look for harder steels that were used as this will help keep your knife properly shaped and sharp over time. Harder steel requires less maintenance typically. 

On the same note, you might want to avoid knives that are made with especially hard materials. Extremely hard knives can also be brittle and chip more easily or even bend. The hardness can certainly have its downsides in these areas. 

It is the same for soft blades. They are resilient and flexible and less likely to chip or bend but they require quite a bit more maintenance and sharpening.

This is where finding something more in the middle can really come in handy. 


There are a lot of differences in Damascus blades. Keep in mind that Damascus is simply the style and the way that the blade was forged. There are several other familiarities to be aware of.

Every knife has a bevel and Damascus chef knives can either have a single bevel or a double bevel. 

Typically, single bevel knives are designed for fine cutting. They will cut things like vegetables or even meat and the single bevel keeps the items from sticking to the blade, allowing you to make fine but neat cuts in the process. 

Single bevel blades are common for delicate foods and used regularly for Asian cuisine, sushi, and other delicacies as well. 

Double beveled blades are more general in nature. They tend to be more universal rather than designed for fine foods. Because they are built to handle more needs, they are easier to work with and also easier to sharpen.

The robust blade makes them compatible and simple, which makes the double bevel a more common choice for general use

Proper Damascus Knife Care

There are some things you should know about properly caring for a Damascus knife as well.

You see, these knives are super sharp but they also tend to be single bevel knives so you must store them and treat them carefully to avoid things like chips and bends in the blade

While sharpening is seemingly pretty straightforward, there are some tips to caring for these knives to make them last as long as possible. 

  • Pat the knives dry right after washing them
  • Use wooden cutting boards
  • Always cover or sheath the blade and store it away carefully
  • When sharpening, use a quality whetstone or sharpener
  • Try to avoid banging the blade around, dropping it, or bending it as much as possible
  • Learn how to properly handle and hold a knife for the best use

The key to keeping your Damascus knife looking great is to treat it with the care and respect that it deserves. These are not just some random, cheap knives. While they are of high quality, they do require care to keep them nice. 

Always avoid anything abrasive, like glass cutting boards, as the knife blade needs a gentle surface to prevent chipping or bending.

Rough objects or overly hard objects are very hard on these blades and might lead to chipping. 

The 11 Best Damascus Chef Knives Reviewed

We’ve covered a lot of information here and it’s time to get down to business! We scoured the market to find the very best Damascus chef knives so that you wouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the details on your own. 

There are several great options here and we made every effort to bring you not only reliable options but also a variety of choices so that there will be something for everyone here in our top selections!

Below, you will find our top picks for the 11 best Damascus chef knives, complete with detailed reviews. 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Zelite InfinityErgonomic design, great weight and balance
2.FanteckVG-10 Japanese high carbon steel
3.Dalstrong ShogunHammered texture, 8-12 degree sharpness
4.EnowoRockwell hardness of 62, glossy finish
5.AllwinPakka wood handle, 67-layer Damascus steel blade
6.YarenhComes with wooden sheath, 73-layer blade
7.KonollMinimalist design, VG-10 Japanese steel
8.Master MaisonKnife comes with a full set, including a sharpening stone and wooden storage box
9.Ketuo12-degree angle blade, colorful, unique handle
10.KumaIridescent blade, G-10 handle
11.KatsuDark walnut sheath, easy to sharpen

1. Zelite Infinity

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This first knife from Zelite is our best overall pick. This knife is a top pick and it is highly-rated across the board.

Chefs who know knife quality can feel a significant difference when they use this knife.

The quality and the visual appeal are outstanding. It has great weight as well as comfortable design and consistency. 

The handle for this knife is designed to be ergonomic. The knife easily handles everything you might do with a chef knife from chopping, slicing, mincing, dicing, and more.

The handle can be comfortable regardless of your hand size, which makes all of the difference sometimes on a knife. 

This knife uses a G-10 military handle that you can depend on. The steel used for the blade is authentic Japanese steel with high carbon. It is handcrafted to perfection and sports a full tang.

It comes to you sharp and ready to go, with a 12-degree blade and reliable edge that won’t have to be sharpened all of the time. It’s great for fine cutting but also versatile for general use. 

This company is so confident in their knives that they offer a money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. You really can’t go wrong with this blade.

The quality is outstanding and it’s a gorgeous knife to boot. 


  • Lifetime warranty and risk-free guarantee
  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Comes sharp and ready to use
  • Military-grade handle designed for comfort
  • Well-weighted with a full tang


  • This is a single bevel knife so treat it with care to prevent chipping or bending
  • The blade doesn’t seem to stay sharp as long as some

2. Fanteck

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This next knife is a really great option if you need a budget-friendly Damascus chef knife.

It’s both highly rated and affordable at the same time.

It has a unique style and a delicate handle that really stands out in design.

The knife was designed to be extra-sharp with a v-edge that is sharpened to a 10-15-degree angle

This knife is made from VG-10 Japanese high carbon steel with 67 layers. It is strong, hard, and built for durability as well as stain resistance.

The blade is made with vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cooling to really get great quality in the build of the blade. 

The handle is made with Pakka wood, which makes it a strong and sturdy handle. It’s a simple round handle but it is weighted well to give it an ergonomic feel that you can depend on.

It also has an acrylic rim that helps bring the entirety of the knife together. 

In addition to the design that really stands out, this knife comes in a very nice gift box and it also comes with a mini sharpener as well as a sheath so you will be set for every need you might have. 


  • Company offers a lifetime warranty on defects
  • Comes ready for gifting with a box, sheath, and mini sharpener
  • Well-weighted with an ergonomic design
  • Unique design handle with Pakka materials
  • Sharp edge on Japanese steel


  • The handle is a bit on the short side and may not be as comfortable for large hands

3. Dalstrong Shogun

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From Dalstrong, we bring you a gorgeous Chef knife that is again made with Japanese steel.

This knife is hammered and absolutely stunning to look at.

It’s a bit shorter as a 6-inch chef knife but the overall design and build are phenomenal and it is highly rated across the board.

If you do want something longer, they also have several other lengths to choose from

From the Shogun Series, this knife is a strong culinary winner. It has award-winning craftsmanship and it looks really great for a reasonable price point.

The edge is hand-finished with a mirror shine and is sharpened to 8-12 degrees on each side using a specialty method called Honbazuke. It is nitrogen cooled to provide both hardness and flexibility. 

This knife sports a full tang and the finish helps to reduce drag on food while you slice.

The steel is Japanese AUS-10V steel with a 62 Rockwell hardness score. It has strong edge retention as well. The handle is G-10 military-grade and is known for durability and comfort. 

With both style and design perfection, this knife is a definite winner. It’s ergonomic and durable with a uniquely curved blade and quality that will definitely impress. It also comes with a leather sheath. 


  • Lifetime warranty for defects plus a satisfaction guarantee
  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Hammered to perfection 
  • Sharp and ready with a good angle on the edge
  • Full tang for robust versatility


  • The knife is not as sharp as you would expect and may require some honing
  • The sheath is not great quality considering the knife

4. Enowo

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Enowo’s Damascus chef knife is an 8-inch knife that is glossy and simple by design but created with perfection in mind.

Where some knives just want to stand out, this knife wants to deliver quality with a graceful finesse.

It is made with reliable VG-10 Japanese steel and it has beautiful craftsmanship in a very simple way. It’s glossy and pretty with traditional layers as well. 

This knife is sharpened to an 11-degree edge that is reliable with a Rockwell hardness of 62. The edge is designed to be ultra-sharp while also retaining a reliable edge and being rust-resistant as well.

You can cut anything you need with ease while having a dependable and reliable blade as well. 

This knife has a G-10 military-grade handle that is durable and sturdy. It has a triple rivet design as well as a full tang. The handle is both durable and reliable but also comfortable at the same time. 

If you’re looking for gift appeal, this comes in a nice gift box and the knife will really stand out to anyone who receives it as well. 


  • Ergonomic handle design with G-10 strength
  • Lifetime guarantee and free replacement
  • Japanese steel blade sharpened to a fine edge
  • Non-stick materials
  • Unique and simple design that really stands out


  • The blade is extremely sharp but does not come with any kind of sheath or cover
  • The knife is a bit on the heavy side but not in an uncomfortable way

5. Allwin

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You can’t beat the gorgeous wooden handle of this professional-grade Damascus chef knife.

It’s got the Damascus blade and style that is truly appealing but the real wood handle truly makes this knife stand out.

It’s great quality all around but the wooden handle was the turning point in this selection. 

This is an 8-inch Damascus chef knife but they do have other size options as well if you want something a tad shorter.

From tip to handle the knife is 13 inches so you have a good, long handle that isn’t overbearing and it is sleek in every way that matters. 

This knife is made with 67 layers of Damascus steel that has a high hardness rating. The company practices hearty quality control standards. The blade is sharpened to a 12-degree edge and it holds its sharpness as well. 

The wooden handle is made with Pakka wood. It is durable and comfortable and won’t slip while you’re cutting. 


  • Quality wood handle
  • Sleek and elegant design that really stands out
  • Sharpened to a 12-degree edge
  • Graceful appeal with good weight and balance
  • Includes a nice gift box


  • This is a single bevel knife and while it maintains sharpness, it tends to bend far too easily

6. Yarenh

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If you like the wooden style, this is another great option.

This one is a bit newer on the market so there isn’t quite as much background information.

However, it appears to be a solid and reliable knife and the design is awesome.

We also really like the included wooden sheath that is quite unique to this knife design. 

This knife has the full Damascus build and uses a unique European design for the overall knife appeal. It has a good aesthetic and it is quite fashionable as well.

The blade is strong and sturdy steel and it is very sharp out of the box. It cuts swiftly, smoothly, and accurately. 

This Damascus chef knife is an 8-inch blade that is made with 73 layers, giving you additional layers compared to the average build.

They used high-carbon steel in the core so the blade is durable, sturdy, and hard but not fragile like some blades can be. 

The knife is ergonomic, comfortable, and is incredibly sleek and unique by design. 


  • 73 layer Damascus steel knife
  • High-quality wooden handle with good balance
  • Comes with a quality wooden sheath
  • Unique layers and design on the blade
  • Aesthetic appeal with a quality knife design


  • Fairly new so there isn’t a lot of information from verified users 
  • The knife could be sharper out of the box but it retains sharpness well

7. Konoll

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If you like some simple elegance, this is the perfect knife for you.

It has the Damascus designs for the layers but is also not showy or overdone in design, which makes it stand out in its own way.

At the same time, it has a lot of class and elegance that really make the knife stand out in overall design and functionality. 

The knife is made with quality VG-10 Japanese steel that is high-carbon in the center. It’s very sleek and sharp.

Konoll uses quality materials with a shine and outlay that really are unique, rather than looking like every other Damascus knife on the market. 

This knife comes to you razor sharp. It slices cleanly and smoothly through any item you need to cut and it works well for a lot of versatile uses as well.

The handle is designed to be ergonomic so you have complete comfort and control while you work, it’s even designed with a curvature that works for left-handed chefs


  • Handle curvature makes this usable for right or left-handed use
  • Ergonomic comfort for ideal balance
  • Comes with a wooden stand and blade jacket
  • Honed to reliable sharpness
  • Unique and simple by design


  • Some users don’t feel as though this has as many layers as advertised but the quality of the knife is excellent all the same

8. Master Maison

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If you’re looking at these thinking they look great but you want something that comes with everything you need, check out this cool set.

You get the high-quality 8-inch Damascus chef knife plus accessories.

These accessories include edge guards, a drying cloth, a sharpening stone, and a wooden storage box.

It’s a complete set that will have you situated for any need. 

This knife is unique and gorgeous by design. The Damascus layers are perfected in their own way with a butterfly effect. The knife uses a Japanese mosaic rivet to reinforce the handle, which gives it a nice style and appeal at the same time. 

The handle is a pretty Olive wood, which is strong and durable. It’s exquisitely made and completely reliable in just about every detail imaginable.

The blade is made with Japanese hardened steel so you get quality and sharpness here as you would expect. 


  • Complete set with wooden box, cloth, sharpening stone, and edge cover
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort
  • Unique butterfly design on the blade
  • Quality Japanese steel
  • Olive wooden handle is strong and durable


  • The overall design and looks of the knife don’t quite live up to the pictures but appears to be good quality still in hand

9. Ketuo

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If you like to have a thicker blade end rather than a sharp point, this might be a good knife for you to consider.

It has all of the style and grace that you expect in a Damascus steel knife but the tip is straight-edged rather than pointed.

It still has that sharp point and a quality sharp edge that is honed to a 12-degree angle

This knife has a really cool handle with a colorful and outstanding design. It gives the knife an element of unique quality that sets it apart.

The handle is ergonomic and it is made with wood that is both comfortable and stable when you are using the knife. It has a good balance so movements are accurate and easy. 

With the style and 8-inch blade, you can rely on this Damascus chef knife to be multi-functional and versatile in the kitchen. Use it for slicing, dicing, mincing, chopping, and more.

We love that it’s designed for versatility and yet is also incredibly sharp and reliable at the same time. 


  • Unique handle with colorful design
  • Straight-edge blade with a sharp point
  • Well-balanced and weighted for comfort and control
  • Designed to be multi-functional and reliable in the kitchen
  • Super-sharp blade with a 12-degree edge


  • Not a lot of time-tested customer information in order to determine potential shortcomings

10. Kuma

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Up next, is a beautiful blade from Kuma Professional that again stands out in a unique display of classic beauty.

This blade is polished to an incredible shine that almost makes it look iridescent.

It looks great, feels great, and slices great in every aspect of the knife design – making it a great option to add to our top choices. 

The knife is designed to give you perfect balance so that your work in the kitchen is both controlled and comfortable. They used certified Japanese steel so your blade is both sharp and durable while being resistant to chips as well. 

The edge of this knife is extremely sharp with an 18-degree angle that is hand sharpened to perfection. The handle has rivets and finger holds so that it is both comfortable and easy to hold.

It’s a G-10 handle so you know it will hold up as well. It can be suitable for right or left-hand use, which is always a plus. 


  • Certified Japanese steel blade you can trust
  • Perfectly balanced and weight to 8.3 ounces
  • Hand sharpened blade
  • Shiny and smooth in appearance
  • Comfortable and controlled handle design


  • Despite the listing sporting chip resistance, this is a single bevel knife and it is more prone to chipping so it needs to be carefully handled and stored

11. Katsu

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Finally, we leave you with one last stand-out option that is well worth taking a look at.

This knife is a bit of a premium option and has a slightly higher price tag than some options.

However, on the same note, it’s still affordable for a knife of this quality and design.

This is a traditional Japanese knife with Damascus steel and an extremely sharp blade that retains sharpness. 

The Damascus swirls are unique and elegant and the knife is well designed to look nice and feel nice in your hands.

The grind of the knife is sharpened using Hamagurai-ba techniques, so it’s easy to sharpen, it’s durable, and it’s reliable. 

These knives come with a really cool sheath that is made of dark walnut. The sheath is also magnetic so it stays in place and protects the knife. The Damascus steel is 67 layers on an 8-inch blade.

The handle is made with buffalo horn and is lightweight and ergonomic so you experience comfort and control. 


  • Japanese knife with quality build
  • Traditional grind that sports sharpness and durability
  • Simple handle is durable and comfortable
  • Includes a magnetic, wooden sheath
  • Premium style and unique appeal


  • A tad bit on the heavy side for this type of knife but not uncomfortably heavy

Related Questions

We hope that you found this guide to be a valuable resource for finding quality Damascus knife options.

There are a lot of great choices out there and it’s important to have some sort of idea of what you’re looking for as you check out your options. 

We invite you to check out a few more questions with us for some additional information that might be useful for you. 

Are Damascus chef knives really any good? 

When made correctly, Damascus knives are known for sporting extremely sharp blades while also being durable and reliable.

They are super-sharp but also strong and versatile at the same time. If you treat them properly, they will last a very long time. 

What type of sharpener do you use for a Damascus knife? 

We recommend using a quality whetstone or a high-end sharpener that won’t scratch or chip the blade.

You want to be sure the sharpener is not overly hard as this could damage the blade. Also, make sure that you educate yourself on proper sharpening techniques to avoid damaging the blade. 

Does Damascus steel rust?

One of the downsides of Damascus steel knives is that they can rust. However, if you care for them properly they are not likely to rust.

To avoid rust, you should wash by hand and immediately dry with a gentle cloth. Never leave the blade sitting in water as this is most likely to lead to rust in the end. 

Are all Damascus knives the same?

No, there are many different types of Damascus knives; in fact, you can find one in just about any style of knife. It’s not the type of knife that makes it Damascus but rather the materials and the process for making it.

Additionally, the knives will all look different and unique in their own ways as well. 

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