5 Best Copper Jam Pots Of 2023

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Copper cookware is known for its impeccable heat conductivity. Jam pots made of copper are the best for making preserves as the liquid quickly evaporates and the sugar never crystallizes.

But what are the best copper jam pots? The best copper jam pots are the ones made of 100% copper and not lined with any other metal material. The edges should be slanted to provide quick evaporation. The size of the copper jam pan is a matter of preference. 

Continue reading to learn all about copper jam pots, why you should consider buying one, as well as what are five of the best copper jam pots you can purchase online. 

Why Do You Need a Copper Jam Pot?

Whether you are an avid home cook or a professional, you know that copper cookware is some of the best. 

The heat conductivity of copper is what makes it so special for cooking. Copper cookware heats up quickly and evenly and cools down fast too. This feature makes copper pans and pots ideal for cooking tasks that require heat management. 

High eat conductivity also promotes fast cooking. The shorter it takes the jam to cook the more flavorful it is, as the fruits preserve their fresh taste. With a copper jam pot, you will make the best-tasting and the highest-quality homemade jam and preserves. 

If you make jams you know that the most important part of the process is evaporating the water to reach the perfect consistency.

The flared sides contribute to the process of evaporation. With copper pans, there is also no risk of the sugar getting crystallized. 

But before you buy a copper jam pot, you should know how to use it and how to take care of it to get your money’s worth as copper jam pots are more expensive than you probably think. 

How to Use Copper Jam Pots 

There is no point in buying a copper jam pot if you don’t know how to use it. 

As you may know, copper reacts with acidic food.

So what if you want to make preserves using acidic fruits? Is your copper jam pot useless in such cases? Luckily, it isn’t. But you should know how to use the copper jam pot properly when working with acidic food. 

In such cases, mix acidic fruit with sugar in a separate container until fully combined and only then transfer the mixture into the copper jam pot. Sugar will prevent the toxic reaction between the metal and the acids in the fruit. 

Taking good care of your copper cookware is important. Not cooking acidic fruits in it is not enough. You also have to clean it properly.

Wash copper jam pots by hand, using soap water and a soft sponge. Once washed, dry the copper pot well and never let water sit in it for too long. This will prevent the cookware from getting tarnished. 

Choosing a Copper Jam Pot 

A coper jam pot is a serious purchase for any cook. There are a few things to consider when buying it. 


If making jam and preserving it in jars for the coming year is what you always do, then buying a large copper jam pot to make preserves in bigger batches is certainly a good option. 

But if you like making jam and jelly using seasonal fruits and enjoying them for breakfast, a copper pot on the smaller side will do the job for you. 


The shape of almost all copper jam pots is similar. Their sides are slanted or flared upward and outward to provide quick evaporation of the liquid. 

Some copper jam pans, however, have straight or slightly rounded edges. Making jam in these kinds of copper pans will take a little more time.

The quality of the jam, however, will certainly be high as there will be no crystals of sugar left in the jam no matter what type of copper pan you use to make it. 

If you want a more versatile copper pan, pick a copper jam pan with straight sides. This type of copper pans are great not only for jams but also for candies and sauces. 

Besides, most copper pans are oven-safe, as long as the handles and any added materials are also oven-safe. So if your straight-sided pan is easy to bake with, then have at it.

Lined or Unlined

Some copper pots are lined with such materials as tin or stainless steel.

While these materials make it safe to cook acidic fruits in copper pots, they are not on the same level as unprotected copper pots as far as the heat conductivity is concerned. 

Thus, if you are looking for a true copper jam pot that will make impeccable jam, it is best to go with unlined, 100% copper cookware.


Copper is not an expensive material. Why would a pot made of non-noble metal material cost a lot, one may think? If you think so too, then the prices of certain copper jam pots on the market will surprise you. 

Hammering copper into cookware takes a lot of labor. This makes copper jam pots quite expensive. 

With this being said, you can still find comparatively affordable copper jam pots. If you are a professional confectioner, buying an expensive copper jam pot that costs a few hundred bucks is certainly justified. 

But if you are looking for a copper jam pot for your day-to-day use, buying one that is high-quality but relatively affordable is a good option. 

5 Best Copper Jam Pots

So now that we know what makes a good copper jam pot or pan, let’s look at some actual pots that do the job well.

RankProductsKey Features
1.Mauviel M’Passion Copper Jam PanUnlined, 1.2mm gauge copper
2.De Buyer Copper Jam Pan Oven-safe, cast iron handles
3.DEMMEX Hammered Copper Jam Pan Brass handles, 11 qt capacity
4.DEMMEX Unlined Copper PanStraight sides, handle
5.Old Dutch Copper Preserve Pan 10 qt capacity, solid copper

Don’t be fooled by labels for ‘pans.’ Copper jam ‘pans’ are really the same as pots; they’re still unlined and more than deep enough to cook your jam or preserves in, so there’s no need to worry about a difference in naming.

We have full reviews of each below so you can be sure you’re getting the best copper jam pot for your needs. Happy cooking!

1. Mauviel M’Passion Copper Jam Pan

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The Mauviel M’Passion copper jam pan is definitely on the pricey side. However, if you want to invest in superior-quality copper cookware, this pan is something to consider. 

This unlined 1.2mm gauge copper pan has faultless heat conductivity and will transform the making of jam and caramel into an easy-flowing process. 

The dimensions of this 15-quart copper jam pot are 16x16x8 inches. The tapered sides not only provide quick evaporation but also make stirring easy. The handles are secure and made of copper, attached to the pot with three copper rivets. 

2. De Buyer Copper Jam Pan 

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly option but still want a copper jam pot with high performance, then this jam pan from De Buyer might be the pick for you. 

This traditional-looking copper jam pot has a diameter of 15 inches and good size for everyday use. The handles are made of copper too, enhancing its durable construction. 

The manufacturer notes that this copper jam pot is oven-safe. Thus, if you ever need to use it in the oven, doing it will cause no issues. 

Hand wash this copper jam pot, clean it regularly with a polishing paste, and it will certainly serve you for a long time. 

3. DEMMEX Hammered Copper Jam Pan

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This new DEMMEX copper jam pan with a hammered finish is different from regular copper jam pots in terms of its shape. 

Unlike traditional copper jam pots with flared sides, the sides of this copper pan are slightly slanted but also rounded. This means that the liquid in the pan will not evaporate as quickly as it does in pans with flared edges. But it will surely evaporate quicker than in regular straight-sided copper pots. 

This pure copper jam pan also seems to be on the smaller side, with dimensions measuring 14x12x5.2 inches and a capacity of 11.6 quarts.  

4. DEMMEX Unlined Copper Pan (With Handle)

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Here is another pure copper pan from Demmex that you can buy to make jams, candy, and sugar sauces in. 

This unlined copper pan with a hammered finish is not a pot specifically designed for jam. It has straight edges and a long handle which is something we never see on jam pots.

But the good thing about this pan is that it is extremely versatile. It may take you a little longer to evaporate the liquid from the jam. However, this is compensated by the fact that you can use this pan for sugar syrups, sauces, and anything during the candy-making process. 

5. Old Dutch Copper Hammered Preserve Pan 

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If making fruit preserves in big batches is not what you need a copper jam pot for, then consider buying this 10-quart pan from the Old Dutch Store as it is smaller than some of the options on the list.

The two riveted brass handles are convenient for lifting the pot whenever there is jam or other preserves in it. 

The slanted sides with curved edges and hammered finish not only make this copper pot look nice but also promote quick evaporation, allowing you to enjoy homemade jam and jelly with notes of fresh fruit. 

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