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7 Best Clear Pots And Pans

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Have you ever wanted to watch your food cook from the outside? Then you need to check out clear pots! 

Clear pots and pans have been around for quite some time but have recently been trending among home chefs as more and more people are opting to purchase these mesmerizing pots.

What are the best clear pots and pans? The best clear pots and pans fulfill a functional role instead of being all about visuals. We recommend going with borosilicate glass, ceramic glass, or other types of reinforced glass pots that can not only withstand heat but can also be used repeatedly without fail. 

Read below to learn more about this unique cookware, how to use it, some precautions, and our recommendations for the best clear pots and pans! 

Glass + Heat = Danger?

cooking shrimps in transparent glass pot

If there is one thing that most people inherently know is that the combination of glass and high heat doesn’t usually end well. 

But is there any truth to this household myth? Yes, and no! Let us explain why.

Glass pots are usually made from complex processes that add durability and heat resistance.

But back in the old days, glass pots were considered to be gimmicky cookware that was mostly focused on visuals instead of offering long-term use.

These pots were made from inferior glass-making processes that made them potentially dangerous and sensitive to prolonged exposure to heat. 

Some of these glass pots were so volatile that a hot-enough glass pot could even burst if it was tapped or relocated! 

This is why people feared using glass pots, and the sentiment stuck over the years, even though our manufacturing processes have greatly improved

But then came along glass top stoves — which significantly helped the case of glass cookware! Glass top stoves indirectly helped people understand the possibility of using glass cookware for everyday cooking. 

Glass top stoves use electrical heating elements that heat cookware through a layer of reinforced glass.

These cooking ranges use a thick layer of ceramic glass that is built to withstand high temperatures for prolonged periods.

Imagine having a pot made from the same type of material! This is where the era of borosilicate and ceramic glass pots begins.

Benefits Of Clear Pots And Pans

Risotto in glass pot

Not only are reinforced clear pots and pans great to look at, but they provide a lot of utility in everyday cooking too.

Most clear pots are designed to be non-stick and non-toxic — and they are said to be an even safer option than stainless steel or polished pots too. 

Glass pots are also extremely easy to clean — and most of them are designed to be dishwasher-safe, too! You just need a light detergent and a soft sponge to clean out most types of clear pots within seconds. 

Some clear pots may also be lighter, depending on the size and accessories on the pot. These pots may not be as light as aluminum pans, but they are certainly lighter than other heavy-bottomed pots or cast-iron pans. 

Clear pots can help you monitor food as it cooks too, which significantly reduces the chances of overspilling or burning.

If anything, watching something cook inside a clear pot is just mesmerizing and can help capture the imagination of young people too!

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Clear Pots And Pans

Assorted vegetables in glass pot on a napkin close up

Please go through this buyer’s guide before checking out our recommendations! 

Getting a great clear pot can be challenging, especially if you have never bought one before. So, we encourage you to use our guide to be more informed about usage and handling indications.

Here is what you need to look out for:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Size
  3. Handle Type

Build Quality

As mentioned above, please avoid purchasing cheaper clear pots just for the sake of visuals

Remember: cheaper glass pots are usually manufactured by cutting a lot of corners, which can affect not just the lifespan of the pot, but may also endanger you and your cooking range too! 

To be more specific, you should avoid purchasing anything that costs below $10. Most durable clear pots and pans start around $12, and depending on their size, brand, and quality, they can go up to $50 or more!

The best way to determine the right type of pot for your needs is to consider your daily routine in the kitchen. 

If you are someone who regularly sautés food, then we recommend getting a ceramic glass pan with a flat bottom. 

A flat-bottomed clear pan or pot can make full contact with electric stoves, which can greatly decrease the chances of cold spots. 

Don’t have an electric stove? Then make sure you pick a pot that can be used on gas stoves!

Our recommendation list below includes a variety of clear pots and pans that can be used with different cooking ranges. 

If you regularly cook gravies or other broth-based food, then we recommend that you look into borosilicate glass pots. 

These pots are way more durable than regular glass pots and can be used for stewing and rendering dense meat — even if it takes 2-3 hours!

Look out for added features, too. For example, some clear pots come equipped with pour spouts, which can make pouring hot liquid easy and safe.

Clear pots and pans can also come with clear lids with different designs. Some have a rounded handle, while others feature an inverted hook-like handle that can significantly decrease the chances of losing grip while handling a hot pot.

You can also go for colored or polished clear pots that add a layer of color or a subtle color gradient. These pots can easily complement the aesthetics of your kitchen!


Getting the right pot size can save you storage space and money! Glass pots come in various sizes, but you can expect most pots to have a capacity of around 1 liter. Several other larger pots can go up to 1.6 liters!

We recommend getting a pot that fits (at the very least) your usual serving size. Please keep in mind that bigger glass pots can be heavier, and they can be cumbersome to use for small-scale tasks. 

For the best experience, we suggest that you purchase two pot sizes to cover all bases. 

A 600ml pot is ideal for most cooking scenarios, while a larger, 1.2-1.5-liter pot can be used for parties or when you need to cook in large batches. 

For glass pans, you can go for a 26-ounce (0.7 liters) pan that can easily fit the contents of a can of soup! 

Handle Type

Most high-quality clear pots and pans have “cool-to-the-touch” glass handles that can help you grip the cookware even when it is hot.

Larger clear pots are usually designed with two small handles on the side of the pot. These handles are heat-resistant and may even have grooves for better gripping.

If you are not comfortable with small glass handles, then we highly recommend that you purchase a pot with larger, “U”-shaped handles.

These handles are designed for people who require added safety and a convenient way of holding the pot while draining hot liquids or performing other tasks. 

In the case of pans, you can go with any elongated handle!

Most clear pans have glass handles but you may be able to find pans with wooden or plastic handles too. These handles are specifically designed to stay cool and can provide leverage when you want to lift a pan full of hot liquid.

Best Clear Pots And Pans

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best clear pots and pans on the market! This list includes a variety of glass cookware that are chosen according to our buyer’s guide.

Again, please go through the details of each cookware to determine its usage indications and safety information before making a purchase decision. 

RankProductBest Features
1Small Glass Saucepan With Cover1.6-liter, glass pot with a compact design. Perfect for cooking a range of recipes on electric stoves.
2Luminary Vitro Blooming Glass Pot1.5-liter, amber-colored pot with extended glass handle. Perfect for everyday cooking on any cooking range.
3Swimsuit Glass Saucepan With Cover1.3-liter, clear saucepan designed for gas stoves. Features an easy-grip handle too!
4Kitchen Craft 900ml SaucepanA great compact saucepan for small-scale microwave tasks.
5Heat-Resistant Glass Stovetop Pot900ml, beautifully designed all-purpose glass pot that can work with any cooking range.
6Small Glass Saucepan For Tea And Milk350ml, glass pot designed for heating milk, tea, and other food on any cooking range.
7Cabilock Glass Clear Pot With Wooden Handle600ml, glass saucepan with a one-piece wooden handle. Features a pour spout too! Suitable with all cooking ranges.

1. Small Glass Saucepan With Cover 

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Whether you’re cooking pasta, making soup, or preparing 2-3-hour broth recipes — this clear saucepan is just what you need!

It’s made from reinforced high-borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures for an extended period. 

Although this glass pot is only designed to work with electric stoves, it has a uniformly flat bottom that can make full contact with the heating element of any electric cooking range. 

This means that the pot will heat more efficiently and you can cook evenly without worrying about cold spots around the bottom of the pot.

With a 1.6-liter capacity, we think that this is the perfect long-term investment for home chefs that require versatile cookware. Oh, and this pot is also dishwasher-safe

2. Luminary Vitro Blooming Glass Pot 

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The Luminary glass pot is not only functional, but it is also very pretty to look at!

Unlike other ultra-clear glass pots, this one has a unique amber color that maintains clarity and provides a visually pleasing appearance. 

This pot is designed to complement the aesthetics of modern kitchens, and you can even use it as a serving pot at the dinner table too!

It’s made from high-grade ceramic glass that can easily withstand high temperatures — and yes, it can also be used with gas stoves too.

If you don’t have a traditional gas stove, then you can use this pot with electric stoves too! It has a flat bottom which allows for full contact and even heat distribution.

The best part? You can cook, freeze, and then reheat food — all using one pot

3. Swimsuit Glass Saucepan With Cover 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Love making pasta? Then try out this durable glass pot that is specifically designed for boiling and heating food.

This 1.3-liter clear pot is made from reinforced borosilicate glass that can easily be used over gas stoves — even with a blazing open flame! 

The pot has a convenient easy-grip handle on the side and you also get a matching clear lid too. It is non-stick, easy to clean, and does not leak any toxic materials! 

4. Kitchen Craft 900ml Saucepan 

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for a simple clear pot for everyday cooking tasks? Then here’s a great 900ml glass pot that is designed to work with microwaves! 

This type of pot will prove to be an excellent addition for people who don’t own a traditional cooking range. 

If all you have is a microwave to heat and cook food, then we highly recommend that you invest in this simple clear pot.

It is made with durable, high-grade glass that can withstand high temperatures. The pot is also designed to be completely safe and you can clean it within seconds thanks to its non-stick surface!

5. Heat-Resistant Glass Stovetop Pot 

Check Current Price on Amazon

This heat-resistant glass pot is designed with durability and longevity in mind.

It is perhaps one of the toughest pots on our list and is rated to work with any type of cooking range — even an open flame!

The pot is made from durable, high-grade borosilicate glass that is reinforced using advanced glass-making techniques.

It also has a unique, cool-blue gradient with gold-colored handles on the side that add a pleasant finish. 

You can boil liquids, cook food, and even freeze food in the same pot. It is completely dishwasher-friendly and comes with a matching clear lid with a convenient handle too!

6. Small Glass Saucepan For Tea And Milk

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Here’s a small, 350ml clear pot that is specifically designed for tea enthusiasts. 

If you love serving tea in ornate cups, then we recommend that you brew tea in this lovely glass pot!

It is made with high-quality borosilicate glass and is rated to be both heat- and cold-resistant. 

It can easily boil milk and reduce sauces — you can even use it for making pasta or other foods too!

The pot is attached with a classy wooden handle and you can use the conveniently located pour spout around the rim to pour out liquids without worrying about spills or accidents.  

7. Cabilock Glass Clear Pot With Wooden Handle 

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If you are someone who loves simplicity but lacks enough storage space, then we suggest that you look into this high-quality clear pot. 

This Cabilock clear pot is made with reinforced, food-safe borosilicate glass that is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Since this pot is designed for small-scale use, it doesn’t come with a lid — but you do get a convenient pour spout that can help you pour out hot liquids straight from the pot! It also features an elongated one-piece wooden handle that is attached to the side.

Just like the other options on our list, you can use this pot with any type of cooking range — and once you’re done cooking, you can leave the leftovers in the pot and store it in the freezer! 

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