7 Best Chopsticks For Kids [Updated 2023]

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It is a great idea to teach your kids to learn how to use chopsticks from young. They will more than likely pick it up in no time, and not have to struggle to learn as an adult like many of us have.

You cannot give your child regular adult chopsticks to use, they will need chopsticks that are designed for smaller hands, and that are easy to learn with.

What are the best chopsticks for kids? The best chopsticks for kids are small enough for little hands to use comfortably with both chopsticks connected to make maneuvering easy. It is also a good idea to get chopsticks with cute designs to make kids more excited to use them.

We won’t judge you if you want to try some of these out yourself!

Below we have gathered all of the best chopsticks for your kids to use, and how to choose the right chopsticks for your child!

Buyer’s Guide – Chopsticks For Kids

When choosing chopsticks for kids, there are some similar considerations you would keep in mind when you are choosing chopsticks for adults, and then some extra factors to consider.

Here is how to choose the right chopsticks for kids:


There are three main styles of chopsticks to choose between, which are Chinese-style chopsticks, Japanese-style chopsticks, and traditional Korean-style chopsticks.

You would need to consider which style you prefer when buying adult chopsticks, but it is not as important for kid’s chopsticks.

Most beginner or kid-style chopsticks are fairly cylindrical and taper off to round ends. Most are not squared off, so the chopsticks allow for easy eating of different types of foods.


Bamboo and hardwood are the most popular choice for chopsticks, due to their great properties of being smooth and comfortable to hold, but they are not necessarily the best for kids. Likewise fiberglass chopsticks, though beautiful, may not be the easiest for children to learn on.

Chopsticks for kids are best when made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic. This is still easy for kids to hold, and they can be washed quickly to be used again. Most chopsticks for kids will have attachments to keep the chopsticks together, and these can also be made from food-grade plastic or silicone. 

Some flexibility to the chopsticks also makes them more convenient for little hands to use as well.

Whatever the material, just make sure that it is safe to use when eating.


The texture of the chopsticks should not be slippery, or else your kid will have a really hard time using them. 

Make sure that the texture is not too slick, or offers some grip, so that it creates a comfortable, easy hold for your child. It will be really difficult for them to learn how to use chopsticks if they can’t get a good grip on them!


The thickness of the chopsticks is important to consider. The chopsticks should not be too thick, so that they do not fit into small hands, but also not too small that they find it difficult to hold.

A medium thickness would be best for them to learn with, and they can then move on to thicker or thinner chopsticks once they have mastered the skill.

This will probably depend on your child as well as their age. What fits a three-year-old’s hands comfortably may not be ideal for your seven-year-old!

Tip Style

Thicker tips are easier to pick up food and scoop food into the mouth, which is what you would want for your kids. They do not need to be so precise with their food-picking yet, and the thicker tips are easier to learn with.

Some beginner chopsticks, or chopsticks for kids, come with grooved tips, which help to make gripping noodles, rice, and vegetables easier. It helps to build up their confidence at first, so all the food won’t doesn’t just slip away.


Shorter chopsticks allow for better control, and for smaller hands, shorter chopsticks are better anyway.

Longer chopsticks allow for more reach, but for kids, control is more important. If a chopstick is too long, it might be overwhelming or too difficult for little kids to use.


Chopsticks for kids should have attachments at the top which hold the two chopsticks together. These keep the chopsticks attached so they do not fall apart when in use, making it easier to learn.

Some also come with finger holds and placers, which show where their fingers should be placed for the best grip. These should be removable so that once your child learns how to use chopsticks, they can just use the sticks.

7 Best Chopsticks For Kids

Keeping all the above considerations in mind, here are the 7 best chopsticks for kids. These are all great options for kids to use and learn with!

RankProductKey Features
1.Genuine Fred Munchtime ChopsticksEasy to use, BPA-free, 7.75"
2.PandaEar Kids Training ChopsticksDishwasher safe, 2-pack, 6.5"
3.Plum Garden Children's Training ChopsticksFinger guides, 3-pack, 9.3"
4.SINGARE Training ChopsticksSqueeze and hold, 5 fun pairs, 10.4"
5.Goryeo Baby Training ChopsticksToddler-friendly, gripped tips, 8.1"
6.MOTZU Training ChopsticksFinger guides, silicone, 5.9"
7.Monsters University Mike & Sully ChopsticksFinger guides, right-handed, 5.5"

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Genuine Fred Munchtime Chopsticks

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These fun and functional chopsticks are ideal for little hands to use at mealtime and are some of the best chopsticks to learn with.

With a clever design that kids will love, the unicorn holding the sticks together open and closes its mouth as the chopsticks are squeezed and used. The two sticks are hinged together, making them easy-to-use and offering a quick way to master the basics of using chopsticks.

Even the fussiest of eaters will love the fun these chopsticks bring. For peace of mind, the chopsticks are made from durable, food-safe ABS plastic. They are completely reusable and can be easily washed before being used again.

If unicorns aren’t your child’s favorite, there are 5 other styles to choose from, these include T-Rex, Dinosaur Skull, Toucan, Crocodile, and Shark – there is a pair of chopsticks for every taste!

2. PandaEar Kids Training Chopsticks

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You will get 2 pairs of training chopsticks, one with a pink handle, and one with a green, both of which measure 6.5-inches.

These simple chopsticks are ideal for kids to learn the basics of how to use chopsticks, and they will have some fun doing so!

The soft and washable food-safe material is reusable and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. They can be used time and time again with very little wear.

Placed near the top of the chopsticks is a thumb positioner to help guide your child on where to place their fingers for the best use of the chopsticks. Both left and right-handed beginners can use the chopsticks.

The tips of the sticks are wide and slightly textured, to make picking up food much easier. The size, length, and design of the chopsticks help with the development of fine-motor skills and can be adjusted as your child’s hand grows.

The perfect size for small hands, lightweight and dishwasher-safe, these are two great pairs of chopsticks for your child to use at mealtime!

3. Plum Garden Children’s Training Chopsticks

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This 4 pack of chopsticks will be an absolute hit with your kid. Each pair of chopsticks have a different animal, which are a panda, an elephant, a giraffe, and a flamingo, all in their own bright color.

Made with an ergonomic design, these chopsticks are incredibly easy to use for small hands and come with special finger positioners to help little ones learn where to place their fingers for the best grip. You can slowly drop these finger guides as your child progresses with their chopstick skills, so they don’t have to outgrow them too soon.

When it comes to washing time, the animals and the finger placements can be removed from the stick and all can be washed with warm water and soap.

The sticks have a skin-like texture and are flexible but still strong. This texture not only makes them comfortable to hold but gives a better grip for both fingers and food.

Suitable for ages 3 to 8 years, the chopsticks are not too large and not too thick, and can be adjusted to last a good few years as your kid’s favorite mealtime accessory at home.

To make food time extra fun, the animals can be swapped and changed with the 4 different color pairs of chopsticks! 

4. SINGARE Training Chopsticks

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These chopsticks have been specially designed to help kids learn how to use chopsticks, and to master the technique early.

There are 5 different designs in the kit, including a green frog, a red monkey, a blue owl, a purple swan, and a yellow lion, so whether you have one or more kids, there will be a favorite for everyone!

The animal characters at the top of the sticks help to bend and hinge to allow for the easy maneuvering of the chopsticks, and each can be removed and placed on different color sticks for some extra fun at dinner time.

Made from melamine, the chopsticks are strong and durable and can be washed in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Fun and colorful, and perfect for learning how to use chopsticks, this is the ideal set for kids of all ages!

5. Goryeo Baby Training Chopsticks

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If you are wanting to start chopstick training from a young age, then the Goryeo Baby Training Chopsticks set is just what you need.

The set includes the training chopsticks, and one portable case to keep the chopsticks safe in.

Made from 100% food-grade silicone material, the chopsticks are completely safe for babies to use. It is free from PVC, BPA, and phthalates. 

The chopsticks are designed to meet the needs of small hands and have a multi-angle adjustable silicone ring to help with finger placement, as well as an anti-dislocation buckle. These help your baby learn how to self-feed from a young age.

In a cute pink chicken design, this kit will encourage your little one to self-feed, and the carry case helps to take the chopsticks with wherever you go, so they never have to miss out on practicing their chopstick skills at mealtime!

6. Motzu Training Chopsticks

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The easy-grip design of these chopsticks makes them ideal for little hands to hold, and have soft silicone grips to ensure that they do not slip and slide while your little one is learning how to use them.

The set features a green pair and a pink pair, which can both be cleaned easily and reused time and time again when your kid is learning to use chopsticks.

With a hinge feature at the top of the sticks, the two sticks are connected together but can be opened and closed with the right finger movements, which helps kids learn the basics of chopstick movements.

To further help, there are silicone rings and finger placement marks to help them keep the correct grip when using the chopsticks so that they learn the proper technique from an early age.

The silicone finger grips and finger placements can be removed so that the sticks and the attachment can be washed easily, and then put back together when it is mealtime.

Perfect for soft handling and just the right size, these are great chopsticks for kids to learn with, and they can be used for quite some time. The silicone rings can easily be removed when they have begun to master the technique.

7. Monsters University Mike & Sully Chopsticks

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If you have a Monsters Inc or Monsters University fan at home, then this is the perfect set to get! The set includes both Mike and Sully. On each pair one is sitting at the top of the chopsticks, ready and waiting to help your kids to learn how to properly use them!

Made from high-quality and durable silicone and ABS, you can say goodbye to disposable chopsticks. They are BPA-free and non-toxic and are completely safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

Each pair features 3 finger brackets which help to place and hold the thumb, the index finger, and the middle finger, to help stabilize the grip and learn proper placement.

The end of the chopsticks features large and flat tips which help to pick up food easily, and prevent the food from slipping out back into the plate.

These chopsticks can be used by complete beginners who have never used chopsticks before and can help them learn all the basics in next to no time. They are fun to eat with, easy to use, and easy to wash – a parent’s dream!

Related Questions

At What Age Can Children Use Chopsticks?

The best age to introduce chopsticks to your kids is around 4 or 5 years old. At this age, they should be able to use chopsticks to some degree and learn the basics of the skill.

By the age of 6, children can be confident in the use of chopsticks if they have had the chance to practice.

However, children have differing levels of dexterity. Use these training chopsticks for those who haven’t yet had the fun of using chopsticks or who are still learning!

What Material is Best For Chopsticks?

For chopsticks used by adults, and those who know how to properly use them, wood chopsticks are considered the best. They are a low conductor of heat and have a good texture and grip for holding and for picking up food.

You can either choose between reusable chopsticks which are covered in lacquer or disposable chopsticks which can’t be used more than once.

Should You Buy Metal Chopsticks?

Metal chopsticks are popular to use as they are considered more hygienic, and are easier to clean at a higher temperature. 

Metal chopsticks are also ideal to use to pick up and eat hot meat from a grill in a Korean BBQ.

The Best Chopsticks For Kids – Review

The above chopsticks are all great choices for kids who want to learn how to use chopsticks. They offer the right grip and size to be easy to use and easy to learn with.

Fun colors and cute characters will make any of the above pairs a favorite of your kids, and encourage them to use them at each meal.

You can trust that the above chopsticks will all help encourage proper grip and technique and help them master the basics quickly.

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