5 Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands

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Chocolate covered cherries, also called cherry cordials, are a traditional dessert confection most popular during the holidays. A combination of juicy cherries, sweet fondant, and creamy chocolate makes these candies a treat for all!

So, what are the best chocolate covered cherries brands? The best chocolate covered cherries brands deliver what they promise: a delicious sweet treat made with high-quality ingredients and an unparalleled taste.

Read on for a detailed buyer’s guide on the best chocolate covered cherries and our top picks of the 5 best ones:

Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands – Buyer’s Guide

Chocolate and cherries taste delicious together, which is why these sweet treats have always been a big part of the gift-giving tradition. 

Loved by people of all ages, chocolate covered cherries are the perfect candy dessert if you want to relive holiday memories from your childhood or simply are in the mood for something sweet and delicious.

From old brands to several new ones entering the market, there is a great variety of chocolate covered cherries brands.

The range of options means that there is a lot to choose from, often making it very difficult to know which ones are the best.

When choosing the best chocolate covered cherries brands, here are a few things you need to consider:

Dark Chocolate Or Milk Chocolate

There are several variations of chocolate covered cherries based on how they are made and the ingredients used. One of the main differences is the use of dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

When choosing the best chocolate covered cherries, the cherries come secondary when making the decision and it is usually the type of chocolate that is the determining factor for many.

The type of chocolate used has a greater impact on the overall flavor of the candies, which is why it is one of the most important considerations.

Dark chocolate is considered to be a healthier option and offers a variety of health benefits. It has a dominant flavor that can be a bit bitter depending on the percentage of cocoa present in it, which is usually 70%.

Milk chocolate has lower levels of cocoa and is extremely popular all over the world due to its smooth, mild, and creamy taste.

Dark chocolate has a stronger flavor and is healthier in general, whereas milk chocolate is sweeter and creamier, and you can choose either based on your preference.

Cherry Filling

Another important category that chocolate covered cherries are divided into is the type of cherry filling: liquid or solid.

A liquid center is what most people think of when talking about traditional chocolate covered cherries. They have a more artificial flavor and can be exactly what some people are looking for in their candies.

A solid center is a much simpler choice made by covering whole cherries with chocolate. They impart a more natural flavor and you can taste both the cherry and the quality of the chocolate.

Chocolate To Cherry Ratio

While this might not be an important consideration for some, it can either make or break the deal for many people.

Different brands and manufacturers will have a different chocolate to cherry ratio, with some using more chocolate and some using more cherry.

This will affect the overall taste and texture of the candy. If you want a crispier and more chocolate-y bite, opt for cherry cordials covered in more chocolate. We don’t see how extra chocolate can ever be bad. Yum!

Best Chocolate Covered Cherries Brands

Quite a few brands are making chocolate covered cherries, but not all of them hit the right chords. To enjoy the delicious flavors of chocolate and cherries, you need to pick the best brands that make quality products.

Here are 5 of the best chocolate covered cherries brands that make the best cherry cordials with the highest quality ingredients:

RankProductKey Features
1.Cella's Milk Chocolate Covered CherriesCombination of creamy milk chocolate with liquid-filled plump cherries
2.Cherry Republic Milk Chocolate Covered CherriesDelectable Michigan tart cherries paired with delicious milk chocolate
3.Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered CherriesDark chocolate covered cherries with no additional flavors or colorings
4.Cherry Bay Orchards Chocolate Covered CherriesMade with juicy, dried cherries covered in the richest dark chocolate
5.SweetGourmet Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Cordial CherrySugar-free treats made from whole, plump cherries smothered in dark chocolate

1. Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

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One of the most popular chocolate covered cherries brands on this list, Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries have over 5000 ratings on Amazon and are loved by everyone!

They have a distinct flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet, which is exactly something you would expect from these delicacies.

The cherries are first placed in a clear liquid before being coated in real milk chocolate to give them a classic “snap” when biting into them.

With a genuine taste that is reminiscent of sweet childhood days, the combination of creamy milk chocolate with liquid-filled plump cherries offers a unique experience.

The best thing about this brand is consistency, with most buyers praising it for retaining its taste and quality over the years.

2. Cherry Republic Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

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Cherry Republic is another great brand of chocolate covered cherries specializing in cherries and cherry-related products.

This is a premium quality product skillfully crafted with delectable Michigan tart cherries and paired with delicious milk chocolate.

They come in several different varieties including dark chocolate, 72% dark chocolate, imperial chocolate, and white chocolate.

The delicious combination of sweet milk chocolate and fruity and tart cherries make these high-end candies a great Valentine’s day, birthday, or Christmas gift for all chocolate and cherry lovers.

The chocolate layer that surrounds the cherries is perfectly thick and is in perfect proportion with the size of the cherry. The cherries are also big, which adds to the value you get for your money.

Described as perfectly sweet and tart, the chocolate coating stands out with its rich, chunky taste, and is the perfect end to a nice lunch or dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. 

3. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

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Trader Joe’s is a brand that prides itself in making quality goods since 1967, and their Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries are no different.

A simple product made with dark chocolate and cherries, these chocolate and cherry candies contain no additional flavors or colorings, as stated on the packaging.

A great choice for health-conscious individuals, these sweet treats are made with dark chocolate and are perfect for those who enjoy the pure cocoa flavor.

The flavor of the dark chocolate dominates the flavor of the cherry, making them a pure chocolate lovers’ dessert.

4. Cherry Bay Orchards Chocolate Covered Cherries

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Made with juicy, dried cherries covered in the richest dark chocolate you have ever tasted, these chocolate covered cherries by Cherry Bay Orchards make for the ideal sweet treat.

Perfect for giving around as a gift or keeping for yourself, these are made with only the plumpest and ripest real cherries drenched in the perfect amount of chocolate.

A natural and delicious snack that is perfect for everyone, Cherry Bay combines perfectly tart cherries with rich, dark chocolate. Even though the cherries are dried, they taste as fresh as ever!

With a melt-in-your-mouth texture and the sheer quality of its ingredients, it is truly one of the best chocolate covered cherries brands. An incredible snack or dessert, each little bite has a Star-D Kosher certification.

5. SweetGourmet Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Cordial Cherry

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Made from whole, plump cherries floating in a liquid cordial center and smothered in dark chocolate, these sugar-free chocolate covered cherries by SweetGourmet are not only for those watching their sugar intake but for anyone who wants to enjoy something sweet without feeling guilty.

They taste surprisingly good for a sugar-free treat and chances are that, compared to other candies with sugar, you won’t be able to tell the difference in terms of taste.

Despite being sugar-free, they do not contain any sickeningly sweet sugar alternatives and offer a perfectly balanced sweet flavor. The dark chocolate tastes rich and offers a more refined taste than cherries coated with milk chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, you are sure to find delicious chocolate covered cherries to suit your taste buds.

All the chocolate covered cherries brands listed here offer something unique in terms of taste and stand apart from the rest when it comes to quality.

Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries are one of our top choices, followed by Cherry Republic Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries.

A sweet treat should be perfect, and that is exactly what these brands have to offer. Whether you are looking for a nice present to give to someone or just want to satisfy your own sweet tooth, we’re sure these top brands won’t let you down.

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