The 5 Best Ceramic Mixing Bowls

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No kitchen can ever be complete without a set of ceramic mixing bowls. Whether you are measuring and stirring ingredients, storing leftover food, or marinating meats for the grill – it is an essential tool that every home cook must have at their disposal.

Needless to say, if you love cooking, then you will find yourself using your mixing bowls time and again. 

So what is the best ceramic mixing bowl? A great ceramic mixing bowl must be large enough to hold all the ingredients you need to put in it. At the same time, it must be heavy and stable enough to remain steady on your counter as you stir and mix. Great ceramic mixing bowls also need to look nice as well.

Of course, finding the right bowl for your kitchen is easier said than done. After all, there is a myriad of choices out there.

Luckily, we’ve made things simpler by presenting our picks for the 5 best ceramic mixing bowls available today. So, be sure to keep reading so you can find one that best suits you.

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide variety of materials. However, it is undeniable that ceramic is one of the best options available to you. That said, the next question that comes to mind is: what makes a ceramic mixing bowl great?

To answer this question, we have prepared a succinct buying guide to help you better choose the right bowls. We’ve listed down some of the things you need to look into when searching for ceramic mixing bowls for your kitchen.

Design and Appearance

One of the best things about ceramic bowls is that they can also be decorative. This is because they have a distinct look that is both classic and modern.

Not only do they look great on your countertop, but they can also serve as décor for your kitchen shelves when not in use.  

It should go without saying that your mixing bowl should fit the aesthetic of your home and reflect your style. So, be sure to look at the different options available to you. After all, you are practically spoiled for choice when it comes to design.

For instance, if you are working with a more modern design then maybe you should opt for something minimalist and subtle. Of course, nothing is stopping you from going with a bolder design, if that is what you like. 

High-Fired vs Low-Fired Ceramic

Now, you may be surprised to know that there are also nuances that come with the different types of ceramic bowls. Specifically, you need to choose whether you want your mixing bowls to be low-fired or high-fired ceramics. 

For our purposes, it is also worth noting that high temperatures will affect their appearance.

Low-fire ceramic bowls often have brightly colored and intricate designs. This is made possible by the lower firing temperature. The opposite can be said for high fire ceramics as they often sport a more subtle look.

Aside from their appearance, the main difference between these two is the strength and durability of the bowls. In this regard, high-fired ceramic bowls are the clear winner. They are noticeably harder and stronger than their counterparts.  


We simply can’t overstate the importance of versatility when it comes to kitchen tools. The same rule applies to ceramic mixing bowls. That is why we highly recommend that you get a set that is easy to use.

Specifically, we recommend looking for bowls that are not only oven-safe and microwave-friendly, but dishwasher safe as well. After all, you want your user experience to be as convenient as possible. 

The 5 Best Ceramic Mixing Bowls for Your Kitchen

Now that we have covered some of the things you need to look for when shopping for ceramic bowls, it is time that we go over our top 5 picks for the best ceramic bowls around. 

RankCeramic Mixing BowlBest Feature
1.CIROA Ceramic Mixing Bowl Extremely durable, timeless embossed design
2.DeeCoo Ceramic Mixing BowlsThickened edge and double wall design
3.KooK Color Ceramic Mixing BowlsDistinctive design and vibrant colors
4.Rachael Ray Cityscapes Ceramic Mixing BowlsHeat resistant up to 500 degrees F
5.Mora Ceramic Mixing Bowls Made from paladin clay

1. CIROA Ceramic Mixing Bowl

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First,  we have a large ceramic bowl from CIROA. Quality – this succinctly captures what this product is all about.

The bowl features a classic white ceramic design with a fine gloss sheen that comes off as a white glaze.

It is both timeless and modern with the right mix of elements that give it a classic, yet contemporary look. 

Measuring 5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide, this bowl is large by all accounts. Its robust build should tell you everything you need to know about it.

For instance, its 2770ml capacity is designed to hold as much as 3 quarts or 12 cups’ worth of ingredients. This means that you should have no trouble even if you are using it to prepare large quantities of food. 

In addition to this, this large ceramic mixing bowl is incredibly durable. It is solidly built and designed to stand the test of time. This is because the ceramic was fired at high-temperatures – so increased longevity and toughness come should be expected. 

Aside from functioning as an essential tool in your kitchen, it will also serve as an interesting piece of décor. The bowl’s embossed design is undeniably unique. Needless to say, it can serve as the perfect conversation piece for your next dinner party. 

Finally, you would also be glad to know that this Ceramic bowl from CIROA is dishwasher-safe. This means that cleaning up after use is such a breeze. 

2. DeeCoo Ceramic Mixing Bowls

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Next, we have the 5 pcs. Ceramic Mixing Serving Bowls set from DeeCoo.

These bowls feature a thickened edge and a double wall design to ensure optimal grip.

This helps prevent any accidents from happening as the edge is much more secure and safe to use compared to other ceramic bowls.

Now, you have probably noticed that these bowls come in graduating sizes. Specifically, the set gives you 12, 20, 28, 42, and 64-ounce bowls.

Remember that the different size bowls serve a specific purpose. For instance, you can use the smaller bowls to prepare ingredients while cooking or as a serving bowl for snacks. Meanwhile, the larger bowls can be used for marinating and chilling ingredients.

The set works perfectly as the individual bowls complement each other. They are designed to make your cooking experience that much easier.

Notice how easily the different ceramic serving bowls in the set can be nested and stored. They are designed to maximize the cupboard space you have.

It is also worth noting that cleaning these bowls is incredibly easy. This primarily because of its smooth porcelain texture. At the same time, all of them are freezer-safe, microwave-friendly, and dishwasher-compatible.

3. KooK Color Ceramic Mixing Bowls

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Next, we have the set of 3 nesting Ceramic Mixing/Serving Bowls from KooK.

The first thing you will notice with these ceramic bowls is their distinctive design and vibrant colors that never fail to capture the eye.

Aside from being extremely functional, these bowls also serve as perfect eye candy.

If you are a home cook, then we guarantee that you will love these Nesting Bowls. They are simply delightful to use.

You can use the large bowl to mix ingredients as you make a batter. Then, once you are finished, you can serve your baked treats on your medium bowl for everyone to enjoy.

They are designed to ensure that your cooking experience is as simple as possible. They are simply stackable and can be stored neatly without much trouble.

4. Rachael Ray Cityscapes Ceramic Mixing Bowls

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Next, we have the ceramic mixing bowl set from Rachel Ray. A quick look at the ceramic bowl’s construction tells you a lot.

Minimalism played a major role in conceptualizing these bowls as the Nordic influences in its design are hard to miss.

Of course, there is more to these bowls that meet the eye. They have a high-quality, stain-resistant glaze that makes these bowls oven-safe, with a heat resistance of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Needless to say, these incredibly durable and versatile bowls would be perfect for any kitchen.

5. Mora Ceramic Mixing Bowls

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Finally, we have ceramic bowls from Mora. One of the standout features of these bowls is its incredibly durable build.

Made from paladin clay, these bowls are stronger and more robust than other ceramic bowls. 

Moreover, they can withstand extreme temperatures. For instance, not only are they oven and microwave-safe, but you can also put them in the freezer.

These bowls make the entire preparation and cooking process that much simpler. 

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