11 Best Bamboo Spatulas

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Bamboo spatulas are a must-have tool in the kitchen. They are lightweight, heat-resistant, and extremely durable. It’s the perfect natural solution that is guaranteed to protect your non-stick cookware from scratches!

What are the best bamboo spatulas? An all-purpose spatula with a non-slotted design is a great place to start. It’s ideal for stirring, dividing, mixing, turning, and more. You can also go for angled or slotted bamboo spatulas to add more versatility to your style of cooking.  

Read below to learn more about bamboo spatulas, why they are great – and some excellent recommendations! 

Why Bamboo Spatulas?

When browsing through non-metallic spatulas, you will come across wood and bamboo spatulas. But aren’t both of these the same? Not quite!

Wood spatulas have many sub-types. You will commonly find spatulas made from either birch, aspen, maple, or bamboo. But not all of them are built equal.

Bamboo spatulas are known to be more heat-resistant, non-staining, and durable while generic wood spatulas may not have these qualities to the same degree.

Another great quality of bamboo spatulas is that they don’t retain the smell of food after they have been washed – and can discourage bacterial growth too.

In the case of wooden spatulas, you can use them for simple everyday-cooking scenarios but when you want to, let’s say, slow cook beans, stew beef, or make other food that require a lot of cooking time then you will have to use a different utensil for the job. 

Wood spatulas can hold more moisture and may be harder to clean than bamboo spatulas. They are also slightly less durable and may not be suitable for longer cooking sessions. 

If you are looking for a one-buy solution for all your cooking needs, then we recommend going with a simple bamboo spatula or a set of different spatulas to cover all bases – and since high-quality bamboo utensils are usually built using advanced manufacturing processes, they will be a fantastic long-term investment! 

Buyer’s Guide For Bamboo Spatulas

This quick buyer’s guide will help you pick the best spatula for your needs! 

Here is what you need to look out for:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Handle Length 
  3. Ladle Type

Build Quality

Even though bamboo spatulas are durable and superior to some wooden utensils, they can still let you down if you opt for something cheaper. 

Don’t get us wrong! Most bamboo spatulas are affordable – but you need to keep an eye out for the dollar spatulas that “look good” but can easily break or get damaged after short-term use. These spatulas may also be unsafe to use in some situations and can leak harmful substances when heated. 

Most well-built spatulas cost under $10 and if you want quality and value then we recommend staying between the $3-5 range for the best experience. This same strategy can also be applied when purchasing a spatula set.

Cheap spatula sets should be avoided at all costs. Sure, you might be getting some apparent value but these cheap spatulas are likely to come undone within just a few months! 

Quality spatula sets can cost anywhere from $10-30 – if you do require affordable bamboo sets then check out our on-sale recommendations below.

Handle Length 

Handle length and grip go hand-in-hand. Some spatulas have a long handle that makes it easy to use them with big pots.

If you are in the habit of slow cooking a lot of food in a deep pot then we recommend going for a longer handle spatula with a comfortable grip.

For everyday shallow pans and pots, try using a shorter handle as it will greatly increase your efficiency and make it comfortable to use the spatula too. 

We recommend assessing your needs before settling on a short or long handle spatula. In any case, a spatula with a handle length ranging from 12-15 inches is going to be an excellent starting point for all types of home chefs. 

Some serving spatulas are much shorter but are perfect for being on the front line!

They can be used to serve rice, thick gravies, or other types of food at the dinner table and will also help add a natural and homey aesthetic. – we’ll list down all the options below so that you can choose more accurately! 

Ladle Type

Spatulas come in many shapes and forms. You might be familiar with the flat blade design that is built to pick up food by sliding under – but there are other varieties that you can opt for as well. 

For frying food, we recommend a slotted spatula that can drain excess liquid as you pick up food. You can also go with a forked spatula that can help divide or turn pasta and other types of tricky food. 

Want even more versatility and durability? We recommend checking out silicone spatula blades attached to bamboo handles! These new types of spatulas are all the rage these days and can easily withstand wear and tear no matter what you use them for. 

If you are still confused between ladle types, then stick with spatula sets that offer you 2-3 options.

Best Bamboo Spatulas

Now that you know what makes a great bamboo spatula, it’s time to look at a few recommendations. Here are our picks for the best bamboo spatulas on the market! 

RankProductKey Features
1.Norpro Bamboo 12-Inch Spatula12-inch spatula – a classic design and a high-quality versatile tool that can be used for everyday cooking
2.Helen’s Asian Kitchen Stir Fry Spatula13-inch spatula with a slightly concave ladle. Perfect for stir-fry and general cooking scenarios
3.KitchenAid Universal Bamboo Solid Turner12-inch spatula built with KitchenAid’s uncompromising belief in quality and value
4.Oliva Italiana 7 Pc. Bamboo Set12-inch seven-piece spatula set, et all types of high-quality spatulas within one set
5.IMUSA USA 3-Piece Bamboo Set15-inch 3-piece bamboo spatula set, designed for all-purpose cooking
6.GEEKHOM Bamboo Spatulas13- inch spatulas. Set of 2 for all-purpose cooking, made from high-quality materials and a comfortable grip handle
7.3 Pieces Bamboo Spatula and Rice Paddle Set13-inch cooking and serving bamboo spatula set, contains two all-purpose, high-quality spatulas along with a smaller serving spatula
8.KitchenAid Classic Bamboo Spatula – Set of 215-inch silicone spatulas, built with precision and high quality in mind, perfect for everyday cooking
9.Ukissim Bamboo Wooden Spatula13- inch, simple and no-frill spatula that is designed to work in all cooking scenarios
10.Silicone Spatula Bamboo Handle12-inch durable and heat-resistant silicone spatulas with bamboo handles that can withstand breakage and damage
11.Classic Bamboo Wooden Spatula13.5-inch classic bamboo utensil, the best choice for people who are new to using non-metallic spatulas

1. Norpro Bamboo 12-Inch Spatula

Check Current Price on Amazon

We’re starting with a basic bamboo spatula that ticks all the boxes in our buyer’s guide above.

This is a classic option that you can use for a variety of cooking scenarios. It is made from high-quality bamboo and is designed to last a lifetime. 

It has a great grip and a very appropriate handle length that makes it easy to use this utensil in several pots and pans. It is heat-resistant and can also be washed by hand in a matter of minutes. If you are new to bamboo spatulas then this is surely an excellent place to start!

2. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Stir Fry Spatula

Check Current Price on Amazon

This 13-inch spatula is designed with quality and convenience in mind.

It has a slightly curved ladle that makes it a unique cross between a spatula and a spoon.

The concave shape of the ladle makes it easy to move and divide food when cooking.

Cook stir fry, gravies, soups, and more with just this one versatile spatula.

Made with high-quality bamboo, it is guaranteed to outlast other cheaper alternatives and is perhaps the best option for everyday cooking. 

3. KitchenAid Universal Bamboo Solid Turner

Check Current Price on Amazon

KitchenAid has been a trusted brand for many years and it continues to provide quality and value with its range of bamboo spatulas as well.

This spatula is made using extremely high-quality materials and precise manufacturing best practices. 

It is the perfect kitchen companion for several cooking scenarios and can be washed and cleaned without retaining any smell.

It has a wide blade at the end that makes it easier to slide under any type of food without scratching your pot or non-stick surfaces.

4. Oliva Italiana 7 Pc. Bamboo Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

Confused between spatula types? Then this set will be the answer to all your cooking needs.

This 7-piece spatula set has every type of niche spatula along with an all-purpose utensil as well. Cook multiple types of food more efficiently and with peace of mind using this high-quality spatula set.

It is made from premium materials and each bamboo spatula is precision-made which allows them all to have a superior level of uniformity and efficiency. 

5. IMUSA USA 3-Piece Bamboo Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

Costing just under $12, this is going to be the best value-purchase decision for you. 

The IMUSA 3-piece bamboo spatula set offers all the classic options that can help you cook everyday meals with ease.

These bamboo spatulas are made with high-quality materials and are guaranteed to outlast typical wooden spatulas. 

The best thing about this set is that it features 15-inch spatulas. You can use the long handles to cook in deep pots and due to their unique flat shape, they can even be used in shallow pans as well. 

Each spatula comes with an easy-grip handle along with a small loop that you can use to hang the utensils when not in use. 

6. GEEKHOM Bamboo Spatulas

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you only have room for just 2 spatulas in the kitchen then we can’t recommend this set enough.

It comes with a simple flat and slotted spatula design that makes it easy to flip, turn and move food around without leaving scratches on the cooking surface.

It is made from high-quality bamboo which is designed to be safe for long-term use.

These bamboo spatulas can be hand washed and are great at resisting bacterial growth too. 

Thanks to the smooth finishing on these spatulas, they won’t retain as much moisture as wooden utensils – and you can say goodbye to smelly spatulas too! 

7. 3 Pieces Bamboo Spatula and Rice Paddle Set

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for a set of cooking and serving bamboo spatulas? 

This set contains three high-quality spatulas that are made from premium and sustainably sourced bamboo.

It is the best way to get the best of both worlds. You get two versatile bamboo spatulas purely for cooking purposes and one shorter spatula mainly for serving food! 

Each spatula has a slightly different design: you get a simple flat blade, an angled blade, and a paddle blade for scooping up rice or even thick gravies. 

All the spatulas in this set are hand-washable and will not retain any smell no matter what you cook. Just use your normal dishwasher soap or a light detergent to thoroughly clean them within minutes.

8. KitchenAid Classic Bamboo Spatula – Set of 2

Check Current Price on Amazon

KitchenAid brings yet another quality product! This time, you get a set of two high-quality silicone spatulas that are attached to bamboo handles.

The handles are extremely durable and are rated to last much longer than wooden handles.

These spatulas are built for everyday use and can withstand high temperatures as well. You have less of a chance of burning or staining them even if you leave the spatulas inside the pot while the food cooks. 

Cleaning them is a breeze too! A simple wipe with a soft detergent is all it takes to bring this set back to its original condition.

9. Ukissim Bamboo Wooden Spatula

Check Current Price on Amazon

This affordable and all-purpose spatula is going to help you cook all your meals with ease.

Don’t want to invest in a lot of different spatulas and save space? Then try out this highly durable spatula that is made with high-quality bamboo. 

It is the best spatula in its category and has an appropriately long handle that is also made from the same durable material.

It is designed to be lightweight and has an extremely smooth finishing all around. 

10. Silicone Spatula with Bamboo Handle

Check Current Price on Amazon

Many consider silicone spatulas to be the future of cooking. They are highly resistant to heat and general wear and tear.

Made from a mix of high-quality silicone and bamboo, this spatula is available in three different styles. 

You get a wide blade, a small blade, and a spoon spatula – all in one set!

This set is rated to be BPA-free and is also FDA-approved, giving you peace of mind! The silicone base has a navy-blue color that resists staining and can be washed in a matter of seconds. 

All it takes is just a quick dry or wet wipe and you can begin re-using this spatula to make a completely different dish! 

11. Classic Bamboo Wooden Spatula

Check Current Price on Amazon

We’re ending the list with not just a classic, but a statement piece!

This spatula is the result of precision building and meticulous crafting. It is perfectly shaped and designed for all-purpose use. 

If there is one spatula that you need to purchase from our list, it is this one. It’s safe to use with every non-stick pan or typical cooking pot. 

It’s super easy to clean and will not stain or carry any odor from your previous meal either. The spatula is designed to have an excellent feel and is very easy to move around thanks to its well-designed grip. 

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