The 7 Best Apple Slicers Of 2023

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Apples are one of the easiest fruits to reach for when you want a snack but not everyone loves to take a bite out of the whole fruit.

Many, if not most of us, prefer to slice our apples before devouring them. Slicing and coring, however, takes all of the convenience out of the equation.

Luckily, apple slicers are available to bring most of the convenience back, providing you with the ability to slice and core your apple in seconds.

What are the best apple slicers? The best apple slicers are sharp enough to chop through and slice your apples quickly while still being easy to grip and use. Traditional slicers core and slice wedges at the same time, but other models like a mandoline are also useful.

The best apple slicers meet your needs specifically, whether you want thin slices for baking with or thick wedges for snacking. Some apple slicers are even adjustable.

In our collection of the 7 best apple slicers, we present you with the best apple slicers for thin and thick slices, commercial-grade slicers, adjustable and combination slicers, as well as flat slicing devices and even the best slicer for apple pie.

What is an Apple Slicer?

An apple slicer, also sometimes called an apple corer, apple cutter, or apple divider is a kitchen tool that is used to slice and core apples in one movement.

Gone are the days of laboriously slicing apples, piece by piece, laboring away just to make an apple pie!

These gadgets are as simple as pushing them down on top of an apple, giving you 8–16 evenly sliced pieces of apples in seconds, with the core ready to be composted instantly!

How Do You Use an Apple Slicer Corer?

There are a few different types of apple slicer corers, but the most common kitchen tool you’ll find is a circular device that has two sturdy handles along the outside and stainless steel blades welded to the inside.

There is a circular blade in the very center to core your apple, and from that center piece, there are blades going out to each end to cut between 8–16 slices of apple.

These blades are very sharp, so you always want to be careful to keep your fingers safely away from the sharp edges. 

To use an apple slicer corer, you want to place your apple on top of a cutting board, so the stem side is facing up. Take your slicing tool and place it over the apple so that the center core blade is directly above the stem, or where the stem would be.

Once you have a good grip on the slicer and it is placed well, simply press firmly down on the device with both hands so that it slices through your apple.

It will take a good amount of pressure, especially to get started, but it’s considerably quicker than coring and slicing each piece individually with a knife. 

Once you’ve pressed the apple slicer all the way down the cutting board, keep pushing and give a bit of a wiggle to allow all the slices to fall away from the center core. 

Depending on the style of the apple slicer, there may be a bottom piece that you can use to press through the small amount of apple peel left holding the fruit together, or you may want to pull each piece up and through the slicer, while still applying some pressure.

No matter what, always pull the apple up and away rather than trying to push against the blades with your fingers. Remember, those blades are sharp and with the apple juice, everything will be slightly slippery, so be safe around the blades.

How to Choose an Apple Slicer

Now that you know how an apple slicer works, you can probably guess for yourself what you need.

You’ll want something sharp and sturdy, with blades made of durable materials such as stainless steel.

You may also want a model with more comfortable or even ergonomic handles, especially if you’re prone to wrist pain.

How many slices you want is a matter of preference. If you like just a few juicy slices, you can opt for a simple 8 or 10 slice gadget. There are also models which slice a full 16 slices, which is nice if you want crispy slices for baking (or eating!).

The number of slices you have naturally affects how thick the apple pieces are, but some models are even adjustable, letting you decide each time what you need for your snack or cooking purposes.

Traditional Apple Slicer Vs Mandoline

If you’re not sure about a traditional apple slicer (or not sure about your wrist), you can also opt for a mandoline or similar multi-purpose slicer if you want something more versatile.

These create thin, even slices of all kinds of fruits and veggies. They allow for plenty of adjustments and are typically quite easy and comfortable to use.

We’ve included one on our list in case a traditional apple slicer isn’t right for you.

7 Best Apple Slicers

The best apple slicers are the ones that are sharp enough to easily cut through an apple and strong enough not to break in the process.

While that seems like an obvious requirement, many of the apple slicers we reviewed did not hold up under the pressure.

We were able to find 7 that stood out from their competitors for various reasons:

1.Progressive Prepworks Thin Apple Slicer & CorerThin slicer
2.Savorling Apple Slicer - UpgradedMetal slicer
3.Fullstar Mandoline SlicerFlat slicer
4.New Star Foodservice Commercial Apple Corer & DividerCommercial slicer
5.Amco Dial-A-Slice Apple Corer & SlicerAdjustable slicer
6.GIPTIME Apple Corer & SlicerErgonomic slicer
7.Newness Apple Slicer CorerSlicer for apple pie

Whether you want your slices thin or thick, or if you use your apple slicer once a year or once a day, we’ve rounded up the 7 best apple slicers and presented all their best and worst features for you to make the most informed purchasing decision possible. 

1. Progressive Prepworks Thin Apple Slicer & Corer

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If you’ve ever used an apple slicer and corer before, you’ve probably noticed that the downward momentum gets the job done about 99%. That last 1% of the peel requires you to push the apple out from the bottom.

This design is innovative in that the base that protects your slicer in the drawer for storage also finishes that last 1% of the job, keeping your fingers far away from the sharp metal at all times. It’s a simple, yet brilliant design.

This unit creates 16 beautiful, thin slices but if you’d like thicker wedges, Prepworks by Progressive also offers an 8-slice Wedge and Pop Apple and Pear Slicer option.

Key Features:

  • Best thin apple slicer
  • Innovative design with built-in safety cover and base
  • Reliable brand with 40 years and a complete portfolio of kitchen prep products

Biggest Drawback: This unit creates 16 slices to the standard 8 slices, which does require more force to press through the apple. The result is perfect for baking with or for people who simply prefer thinner slices, but it does take a noticeable amount of extra effort.

2. Savorling Apple Corer and Cutter – Upgraded

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This stainless steel corer and cutter is sleek and beautiful to look at and of extremely high quality. This is an upgraded version with 4 additional points where the blades have been welded, making it very sturdy.

While the vast majority of slicers create 8 wedges, this unit will easily press through an apple to give you 12 even slices perfect for snacking or baking. Yum!

Key Features:

  • Best metal apple slicer
  • Incredibly high quality makes it strong and durable
  • Very sharp blades make slicing easy and come with a cleaning brush for safe cleaning

Biggest Drawback: This product is an upgraded version after the blades broke off of the outer unit for many users.

From one perspective, it is concerning that a poor quality product was released. On the other hand, this does show that the manufacturer is listening to feedback and works on improving their products, which is great.

3. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer

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A mandoline is not technically an apple slicer, but it can easily be used for slicing apples very thinly and evenly. You would have to first core the apple, which you can do simply by cutting the apple in half vertically and scooping out the core in semicircles on either half.

But beyond that, a mandoline generally requires much less force or effort to create thin full-apple round slices. It also tends to be easier on the wrist and hands. While some wrist movement is necessary, very little pressure is needed.

As an added benefit, it can also be used on a variety of other fruits and vegetables with 6 unique blades for various slicing thicknesses and grating potentials.

Key Features:

  • Best flat apple slicer
  • Includes 6 stainless steel blades and a sealable large glass collection container with a drain basked and a slip-resistant silicone mat for added stability
  • You can make and bake your apple crisp right in the glass collection container!

Biggest Drawback: It’s best to hand-wash this unit to prevent rusting inside or around the blades or any food getting stuck and missed by a dishwasher. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a brush for cleaning, but you will want to protect your fingers from the sharp blades and hand-wash carefully.

4. New Star Foodservice Commercial Apple Corer & Divider

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New Star Foodservice is a brand that focuses on making kitchen products for the everyday consumer that are tough and resilient enough to stand up to a commercial foodservice environment.

This stainless steel slicer sure won’t break down on you either; you can count on its reliable presence in your kitchen – at home or at work! – for years to come. If you’re running a busy household (or small business) and need to slice apple after apple all day long, this is the corer for you!

Key Features:

  • Best commercial apple slicer
  • Large, oversized handles for extra control and comfort
  • Stainless steel blades with a non-stick finish slice cleaning and are dishwasher safe

Biggest Drawback: This is not as large as some of the other slicers on our list, which makes it a bit easier to handle and gives you more power as you slice through your apples.

However, it also means it doesn’t fit around some larger apples, which can be a major drawback, especially if you’re a fan of the larger varieties like Honeycrisp apples.

5. Amco Dial-A-Slice Apple Corer and Slicer

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Apple slicers are almost all the same, but this innovative design gives you the ability to adjust your unit to create either 8 wedges, perfect for snacking, or 16 thinner slices, ideal for baking with. 

We also like that compared to some models with thinner handles, these look nice, soft, and curved, which may be easier and more comfortable for some users.

Key Features:

  • Best adjustable apple slicer, with the option of slicing either 8 wedges or 16 thin slices
  • Large handles provide a comfortable grip with plenty of control
  • Made from plastic and stainless steel that is dishwasher safe (top-rack)

Biggest Drawback: Most apple slicers leave a little section at the bottom that doesn’t cut completely through the apple. This one, because of the design, leaves a bit more than average, making it a bit more difficult to get your apple slices clean away from the unit. 

6. GIPTIME Apple Corer and Slicer

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This apple corer and slicer is not just fun to look at, it’s highly multi-functional. The stackable unit comes with a convenient base that not only stores the blades when you’re not using it but also makes it easier to release your fruit after slicing.

There are also 3 separate blade units, giving you the ability to core and slice apples and mangoes, and also create wedges from coreless fruits like oranges and tomatoes.

Key Features:

  • Best apple slicer combo
  • Comes with 3 blades, for apples, mangoes, and coreless fruits like tomatoes, and a base
  • Uniquely serrated blade reduces juicing and bruising of your fruit

Biggest Drawback: The mango slicing option adds a huge amount of the appeal to this combination, but it’s the least reliable of all the blades on this list.

Mangoes can be tricky fruits with unpredictable cores, so coming up with a perfect solution isn’t easy, however. This is a promising slicer, but far from perfect.

7. Newness Apple Slicer Corer

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This 16 slice apple corer and slicer is marketed as also being useful for potatoes and onions and other, more dense vegetables and fruits. The simple beauty of this design is the silicone grips on the handles.

Not only do you have more control, but because you have to exert more pressure for the additional slices and possible harder fruits, it’s much more comfortable to use and gives you a better grip.

Key Features:

  • Best apple slicer for pie, creating 16 even and thin slices
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip, and comfortable handles
  • Includes instructions for easy release of fruit

Biggest Drawback: As with the other 16-slice option on our list, the extra slices translate to a considerable amount of extra pressure needed to get through the apple. While the silicone grips make it much easier on your hands and give you better control, the pressure still may end up bruising the top of your apple as you slice.

Related Questions

Should I Peel Apples Before Slicing?

When you’re using an apple slicer and corer you do not have to peel your apple ahead of time, however, it will reduce the effort required to slice your apple clean through.

Whether you peel it before or after is a matter of preference. Some think it’s simpler to just get the peeling out of the way, but others find it much easier to just peel off each wedge quickly, as the shape is more conducive to quick peeling.

How Do You Keep Apple Slices From Turning Brown?

Our favorite easy solution to keeping apple slices from turning brown is to place the slices into a bowl of cold water, ideally with a splash of lemon juice or a dash of salt added to it. 

Apples turn brown because of oxidation that happens when the inner flesh is exposed to air. If the slices are immediately immersed in water, they aren’t exposed to air and therefore won’t oxidize. You can store them a little longer.

If storing or serving your apple slices in water isn’t an option, lemon juice alone will solve your problem.

Toss your apple slices with a small amount of real, pure lemon juice will prevent your slices from browning, but it’s not as foolproof. If any part of the apple slice doesn’t get its coat of lemon, it may start to oxidize.

Also, lemon juice won’t protect your apples forever. It’s easier to just eat your apple slices as soon after they’re sliced as possible.

Of course, it’s fine to eat them a little brown! Waiting a few hours after you cut your apple to eat it won’t hurt you or the slices at all.

How Thick Should Apple Slices Be For Pie?

For baking a pie, ¼ inch – ½ inch apple slices are ideal. This is most easily achieved using the traditional sharp knife and cutting board approach.

If you’re in a rush or not confident in your knife skills, using an apple slicer that creates 16 slices is your best best.

Depending on the size of your apple, your slices cut with a gadget will be between ¼ inch and 1 inch thick but, more importantly, they’ll be evenly sliced which means they’ll bake at the same speed.

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