11 Best Heat Diffusers For Glass Top Stoves

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Glass top stoves are convenient, versatile, and modern but they have limitations, especially when compared to gas top stoves.

One of the things that gas top stoves do better is that they diffuse heat evenly and provide precise and instant control, thereby heating and cooking food from every corner without you having to constantly move around or adjust the pot.

But there is a way that you can get the most out of glass top stoves! 

Glass top stoves can be combined with 3rd party accessories like heat diffusers to make them even more efficient.

What are the best heat diffusers for glass top stoves? The best diffusers will heat up fast and will also keep food warm – but more importantly, they will effectively heat liquids without boilovers.

Read below to learn more about the limitations of glass top stoves, some great tips, a buyer’s guide, and our picks for the best heat diffusers available right now!

Glass Top Stoves – The Good and the Bad

Glass top stoves have been all the rage in the US and other countries around the world. These stovetops came about with the modernization of kitchens and have become a mainstay in domestic homes.

Homeowners no longer demand large, clunky, and difficult to clean cooking ranges. Instead, they require sleek, compact, and convenient cooking solutions. 

Glass or ceramic cooking ranges are made from a single piece of plain glass that sits on top of the stove. All the heating elements are located directly beneath the glass which gives the top an extremely smooth and even surface. 

This type of stove works via induction. In simple terms, induction is the indirect heat transfer between two surfaces. 

Instead of a direct flame, the glass top stove will efficiently heat a surface area making it hot enough to transfer energy to another surface, i.e., a pot. 

This design has many pros but a few cons as well. 

The Pros of Glass Top Stoves

Firstly, the flat top allows for an efficient heat transfer between other flat surfaces.

In fact, in some cases, where the bottom surface of the pot is the same size as the induction area, the glass top stove will transfer heat more efficiently and consistently compared to gas stoves. 

This small change will translate into better cooking times and more evenly cooked food too.

Another advantage of glass top stoves is that they are very easy to maintain and clean. The top of the stove consists of a surface made using ceramic and glass.

The resulting material looks and feels like glass but can withstand much more heat than glass or ceramic alone.

In extreme cases, a high-quality glass top stove can withstand up to 1200F. That’s way more than even what most gas stoves can achieve at full capacity. 

This makes glass top stoves highly reliable, consistent, and efficient, especially when compared to gas stoves that can vary in quality and consistency depending on the gas pressure, ambient wind, and even the quality and cleanliness of the burner/diffuser. 

The Cons of Glass Top Stoves

The glass top stove is no stranger to flaws. 

Their biggest disadvantage is that they only work best with flat surfaces. This means that cooking with, let’s say, a wok will pose a challenge.

While we don’t mean that it is impossible to use concave surfaces on glass top stoves, the design and nature of the induction area make much more sense with flat surfaces than curved ones. 

This problem is usually tackled by using a flat surface wok or any other cooking pot, but if you wish for the heat to reach the sides of the pot evenly, then that would be nearly impossible on a glass top stove UNLESS you use an auxiliary accessory to remedy this issue.

Another con for glass top stoves is that they scratch easily. This problem is even more prominent in darker-colored cooking ranges.

Any movement over the surface of the glass top while it is heated or off may result in faint and at times, deep scratches and grooves. 

While not common, sudden movements or using heavy pans (like cast iron) may also result in cracks. This is possible in certain scenarios and may even be common in inferior quality cooking ranges. 

Also, glass stoves are notorious for cooling down slowly. They are designed to heat up very quickly.

Some cooking ranges even have a “fast boil” option, where the induction plate can reach several degrees within minutes.

But once heated, the glass stove will remain hot for quite some time. This means that you will have to be careful and you will also have to remove the pot from the induction area or the food may potentially burn if left unattended. 

Finally, in addition to requiring completely flat surfaces, glass top stoves are only fully efficient when the base of the pot matches the induction area. 

This means that any leftover area around the induction plate will result in a waste of energy and heat. On the other hand, if the area is a perfect fit, then there might be too much heat.

Additionally, because glass top stoves take some time to cool down, you may have to constantly move around the pot to keep the food from burning until the temperature is eventually lowered. 

This can result in disaster when you want to cook heat-sensitive food like rice, oatmeal, eggs, milk, and more.

Liquids fare the worst on glass top induction ranges because they can boil at a moment’s notice.

For example, it is not uncommon for milk to boil over and spill on an induction plate due to the consistent build-up of heat that is very hard to control compared to gas stoves where the change is almost instant.

But is there any way to fix this? Well, it turns out that there is a way that you can make glass top stoves more efficient and durable.

What are Heat Diffusers?

In essence, a heat diffuser is a cooking utensil that sits on top of either gas stoves or induction plates. The job of the diffuser is to regulate temperature and shield pots from direct heat. 

Why is this necessary? 

Well, in the case of gas stoves, a diffuser literally diffuses heat by passing it through multiple perforations, thereby increasing the area of effect and directing the heat into multiple places around a surface instead of being just uni-directional. 

Heat diffusers for glass stoves work the same way. They are placed over the induction plate to shield both the glass surface and the pot. 

This is great for when you want to protect your cooking range from scratches and you don’t want the pot to be exposed to a lot of heat.  

These heat diffusers don’t increase or “focus” heat on one spot. They simply regulate the temperature so that it is much easier for you to control how the food cooks. 

For example, in the case of making coffee or heating milk, these diffusers will perform a much better job than if you were to expose the food to direct heat from the induction stove. 

But in some cases, the diffuser will also efficiently transfer heat to and from the induction plate to any other pot, and depending on the shape of the diffuser, you may even be able to use slightly concave pots.

Using a diffuser will keep the glass top safe from unintended scratches and will also keep the pots safe from overheating. 

Remember, induction stoves can easily reach maximum temperatures of around 550F. This means that the diffusers will take the bulk of this heat and distribute it across the surface without damaging either surface.

There are many types of diffusers for glass top stoves. For example, some may be made using a different type of material while others will have a different design for dissipating heat. 

Either way, any mediating diffuser will work great if the goal is to increase the life of the cooking range and keep it from developing cracks and scratches.

How to Use Heat Diffusers

Using a heat diffuser is extremely easy. All you need is to put it directly over the induction area while the stove is turned off. 

Align the induction area (marked as a circle on the glass top) and the diffuser. Once in place, put the pot on the diffuser and crank up the heat and wait for it to get hot.

The heat will transfer from the heating element, through the glass to the diffuser where it will distribute evenly and then finally transfer into the pot. 

Another thing to note here is that by using a diffuser, you will effectively be saving the food from burning from the middle. 

This is because, in some old glass stoves, that have worn down parts, the heat on the induction plate may not be as efficient. This means that the heating element or coil may not heat up evenly. 

This will result in cold spots and more commonly, in “focused” heating spots which can affect how the food cooks, especially when you want to sauté onions. 

Keep in mind that shallow frying and general cooking require an even heating surface or you might end up with overcooked and undercooked spots in your food. 

This is where diffusers come in! They regulate and effectively distribute heat across the diffuser, making it bypass the cold spots on the cooking surface. 

Of course, this doesn’t completely fix the problem of problematic stoves but it does easily make it much better.

Types of Heat Diffusers

As mentioned, there are several types of heat diffusers for glass stoves and while every type may work with your cooking range, you may benefit more if you use the right diffuser for your particular use.

Heat diffusers come in various sizes, shapes, and forms. Some are made from solid material and are equipped with a grip while others are simply rounded surfaces that can easily be placed and removed from the stove once it is cool.

There are even some diffusers that resemble gas top diffusers. They have small outlets that are designed to allow the flame to exit and transfer heat more efficiently. 

So, what is the best heat diffuser for your needs?

If your use is limited to everyday cooking where you only prepare simple and easy meals for your family then any stainless steel or aluminized steel surface will work great.

However, if you avidly prepare coffee, desserts, or other delicate food then you have to invest in a thicker diffuser.

Heat-sensitive food is known to burn within seconds of being on high heat and with glass top stoves, this is a very common occurrence. 

This is why any thin heat diffuser can be used for general cooking purposes while either a thin or slightly thick diffuser may be used for heating liquids and other purposes too. 

Also, if you plan to keep the diffuser on the stove for longer, then you must invest in a discreet and durable diffuser that can sit on the glass top indefinitely.

Meanwhile, a specific-purpose diffuser can be used to heat milk, sauces, soups, and other types of liquids. These diffusers also come with a handy grip handle that you can use to move the utensil around. 

The handle also makes it very easy to control the temperature as you can simply remove the diffuser and place the pot directly on the glass top to increase the heat – and vice versa!

Heat Diffusers for Glass Top Stoves – Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you pick the best diffuser for your needs. 

Almost every diffuser is built with the same purpose in mind: to diffuse, spread and regulate heat – but they are also made using different designs to make them either more efficient or more convenient. 

If you don’t know where to start with a heat diffuser for your glass top stove then please go through this guide before moving on to our recommendations below.

This guide is divided into multiple sections, each section will discuss an important feature that any good heat diffuser must have to increase the efficiency and longevity of your cooking range.

Here is what you need to look out for:

  1. Build Quality.
  2. Size.
  3. Design.

Build Quality 

A heat diffuser is only ever effective when it is built using high-quality materials. 

Strong materials like stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminized steel are excellent for efficiently transferring heat from the surface of the glass top to any other pot. 

Lower-quality diffusers are known to damage not only the glass top but may even irrevocably damage your pots too. This is especially true for lightweight materials like hard plastics or other inferior composite materials. 

You should always opt for high-grade diffusers. Don’t worry about the price too much.

The truth is, most diffusers don’t cost that much so it is better to get one that will last you a lifetime instead of purchasing a diffuser that ends up damaging your cooking range and utensils. 

On average, most diffusers will never need any maintenance or cleaning, unless you spill something on them. 

These high-quality diffusers are designed to stay on the glass top indefinitely, which means that you can put them over the glass top once and then forget about it.

How to Tell If Your Diffuser Is Good Quality

An easy way to check is to inspect it after subjecting the diffuser to maximum heat for at least 15-25 minutes or longer. 

In other words, just inspect the diffuser after you are done cooking a large meal and only when it has cooled down. Please never pick up or move around a hot diffuser as it may damage the surface and cause serious burn injuries. 

A sign of a diffuser that has been built using high-quality materials is when it resists any deformity or change under high temperatures and typical weight.

Once the diffuser has cooled down, you may check for cracks, grooves, or burn marks. 

Fortunately, all of our product recommendations below are listed with quality in mind. So, you can purchase any option with peace of mind.


The size of the diffuser is just as important as anything. As stated above, a smaller diffuser on a larger induction surface will result in energy and heat loss. 

The best way to avoid this issue is to proactively plan and take measurements for your particular cooking range before you make a purchase decision.

Typically, manufacturers will try to make “universally-sized” diffuser tops that can easily fit on any cooking range. 

However, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that you purchase a diffuser that is specifically sized for your glass stove for maximum heat transfer. 

Another thing to take into account is the handle grip that comes attached to some diffusers. 

These grips, although handy, increase the required storage space. Go for a simple no-frill diffuser or a utensil with a detachable handle, if you don’t plan on moving the diffuser around from the glass stove. 

But if you have the storage space and don’t mind a grip handle on the diffuser then you can just purchase any appropriately-sized high-quality stainless-steel diffuser with a heat-resistant handle.


A plain surface design with medium thickness is perfect when you want to regulate heat, especially when cooking with liquids that are prone to boil-over. 

Meanwhile, a thin and “perforated” design is usually great for everyday cooking and can also similarly be used to cook heat-sensitive food. 

There are a few additional things to keep in mind too.

For example, a cast-iron or thick diffuser is not only great to reduce the impact of direct heat on the food, but it can also be used to keep food warm for longer. 

Think of a cold winter morning: you make soup for your family and put it on the diffuser to keep the liquid from boiling over or burning from the center. 

In this scenario, you can also use the diffuser to keep the soup warm without letting it overcook, as the diffuser will stay heated even after the power has been turned off. Yet, it won’t generate enough heat to cause the food to spill over or burn! 

Speaking of cold mornings, here are the best tea kettles for glass top stoves, to keep you toasty warm with a steaming beverage.

11 Best Heat Diffusers for Glass Top Stove 

We’ve discussed everything there is about heat diffusers! 

So, it is time that you pick a diffuser from our recommendations below. These products have been hand-picked and filtered using our buyer’s guide above.

Here are our best picks: 

RankProductBest Feature
1.Cast Iron Heat Diffuser for Glass TopsDurable, convenient, and highly effective heat diffuser.
2.Weatherbee Tamer and Heat DiffuserSolid aluminum, tear-drop-shaped diffuser for everyday use.
3.Norpro Heat DiffuserPerforated diffuser with easy-grip handle.
4.Tescoma Induction Heat DiffuserStraightforward design with removable handle. Excellent for everyday use.
5.Bialetti Stainless Steel Heat DiffuserHigh-quality and durable induction heat diffuser. Excellent for all types of glass top stoves.
6.Ilsa Cast Iron Heat DiffuserBalanced cast iron diffuser, made for everyday cooking.
7.Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer/DiffuserPrecise, convenient, and sleek. Minimalist design and great for any glass top stove.
8.Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat DiffuserMetal diffuser, perfect for simmering and cooking food evenly.
9.HIC Harold Import Co. Heat DiffuserFoldable handle, perforated surface. Excellent for cooking baking-related goods.
10.9.45inch Stainless Steel Heat DiffuserStainless steel, easy-grip handle, and a thick surface that can withstand and distribute heat evenly.
11.Fast Conducting Heat DiffuserSimple, fast conducting heat diffuser. Equipped with an anti-scald handle.

1. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser for Glass Tops

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This heat diffuser is built for people who are looking for a one-purchase solution.

If you want a product that will last a lifetime then we highly recommend that you invest in this high-quality cast iron heat diffuser.

It comes with a convenient handle on the side that you can use to move the diffuser on and off the heat without damaging the surface of the pot.

The diffuser will remain warm even after you turn off the heat but will never cause any spill-over or scorching. 

This is why this diffuser is perfect for not just preparing heat-sensitive food but also keeping it warm for longer!

2. Weatherbee Tamer and Heat Diffuser

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What makes this diffuser so great is that you can leave it on your glass top stove without ever tinkering with it. 

Built with high-quality aluminum and sporting a unique and eye-catching teardrop design, this diffuser is the perfect way to heat and cook food without applying a lot of direct heat. 

It looks great and is highly durable too! 

3. Norpro Heat Diffuser

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The Norpro heat diffuser is made with convenience and quality in mind.

This heat diffuser has perforations on its surface which allow for efficient heat transfer and distribution. 

This means that you can cook any type of food – even heat-sensitive ingredients without worrying about anything.

The easy-grip handle is extremely convenient as it allows you to take the pot on and off the induction area with ease. 

To increase heat, just pick up and set aside the diffuser and put the pot back on when you want to carefully and slowly heat the food!

4. Tescoma Induction Heat Diffuser

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We love this diffuser for two reasons.

First, it is excellent for everyday use and is barely noticeable because of its minimalistic design and compact profile.

The second reason why this diffuser makes the list is that it has a detachable handle. 

This makes it very easy to grip the diffuser even when it is hot without frantically moving it around and causing scratches!

Just set the diffuser on the stove once and forget that it is even there! 

5. Bialetti Stainless Steel Heat Diffuser

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking for a universal option for your glass top stove? Then we have the perfect product! 

The Bialetti heat diffuser is made from high-grade stainless steel that is built to last a lifetime.

The diffuser also features a convenient grip that you can use to adjust or remove the diffuser from the glass top without damaging either surface.

The thickness of this diffuser is just right and it will prove its worth when you make sauces, soups, eggs, and more! 

6. Ilsa Cast Iron Heat Diffuser

Check Current Price on Amazon

Balance is key when picking a heat diffuser and this product delivers on that – and then some.

Made using high-quality cast iron, this diffuser is lightweight yet highly durable and can easily fit on any glass top and even gas stoves! 

It is designed to distribute heat evenly and will even protect your food from scorching or boiling over!

7. Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer/Diffuser

Check Current Price on Amazon

Got an 8-inch induction area on your glass top stove? Then this diffuser is built precisely for your cooking range!

Made using high-quality steel and coated with a non-stick coat, this diffuser has it all.

From a minimalistic design to ease of use – just leave this diffuser on the induction area and forget that it is even there! 

It retains heat much better than other materials and is incredibly easy to maintain and store due to its compact design. 

8. Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

Check Current Price on Amazon

Perfect for simmering and cooking sauces over low heat, this little utensil provides huge benefits! 

It is made from durable steel and is highly effective at retaining and transferring heat to other surfaces. 

Just leave it over the induction plate and this diffuser will heat up with it within seconds instead of 15-20 minutes.

Next time you want to cook things over a simmer, use this convenient heat diffuser and notice the difference it makes. 

9. HIC Harold Import Co. Heat Diffuser

Check Current Price on Amazon

Want to heat chocolate without seizing it? How about cooking soup with a thick broth without making it boil over? 

This heat diffuser is the answer to all your glass stove heating problems. It eliminates virtually all instances of boilovers and protects the food from getting unevenly cooked thanks to its flat top and simple design.

If you dislike handles because of storage issues, then this product may interest you since it has a foldable handle that can be folded into the diffuser with one quick turn. 

10. 9.45inch Stainless Steel Heat Diffuser

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We can’t recommend this diffuser enough.

It is made using high-quality stainless steel and is in accordance with everything that we have discussed in our buyer’s guide above.

This heat diffuser is built with durability and flexibility in mind. It can be used on both gas and glass top stoves with ease and can evenly distribute heat without causing boil-overs! 

It can also easily prevent scorching and is an excellent option for people who are looking for a long-term solution.  

11. Fast Conducting Heat Diffuser

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Cooking with diffusers may seem cumbersome but with the right product, you can achieve so much more when using a glass top stove! 

This fast-conducting heat diffuser is built from stainless steel and also features an anti-scalding detachable handle that can get out of the way with a simple tug. 

While you may have to be a bit careful using this heat diffuser as it doesn’t have a heat-resistant grip, it is perfect for home chefs looking for a compact solution that can keep up with their demands and the heat! 

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